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Bear Lake

File Date 5/8/2003

Spotsylvania Virginia

Bear Lake is located adjacent to Jennings Pond, a converted grist mill pond developed in Colonial times. The lake, nestled down off Robert E Lee Highway, is close to Spotsylvania Court House and the famous Civil War Battlefield. In fact, located on the property is an authentic Civil War graveyard.  A confederate hospital was located 300 yards from the entrance gate. JP homeowners Dr. John Howell and Ken Potter spearheaded the Bear lake project by purchasing the 119 acres from a tree farming company. JP Tucker was hired to perform the excavation of a beautiful tournament ski lake. The location was selected off an existing stream, an off- shoot of the Po River and the dimensions were scoped to provide for a top caliber ski lake. A record capable course was set prior to letting it fill. In the last 8 years all the sub-divided lots have sold to aspiring skiers and homeowners looking to get away from the crowded cities. Bear Lake holds the annual Pete Johnson Memorial Fun tournament, junior development clinics, State Championships, and currently popular, 3 round slalom Class C events. With the water conditions being among the best you will find the skiing awesome.  Even with the two lakes located next to each other you will find the skiing is completely different than Jennings Pond. Jennings is much more mature and the water is slow. Bear lake is a bit deeper and faster with plenty of setup room for tricks and jumping.

Directions - I 95 , exit 126 Massaponax, North on Route 1 two miles, left on Court House Road (208) 7 miles to dead end, turn right on Brock Rd (613) , go 0.5 miles; left on Robert E. Lee Dr. (608). Go 3.7 miles left on Jennings Rd.

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