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Updated 6/15/11
1. Read the Descriptions of Available Items 2. Register 3. Download the Software

Waterski Computers.  Preconfigured video-capable computers available for sale.  For details click the link above.  For owners of units shipped in previous years, a 2011 season update module should be available on the Waterski Computers website by mid-June 2011.

WSTIMS Release 3.58, updated for the remainder of the 2011 ski year, and which also includes the control tables for the 2012 ski year, is now available.   IMPORTANT -- there are significant compatibility issues for WSTIMS with the 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and Windows Vista.  If you have a computer with either of these versions of Windows, or are contemplating the purchase of such a machine on which you would intend to run DOS WSTIMS, then see the 64-bit Windows Vista & Windows 7 Caution information below before finalizing such a purchase.

PLEASE NOTE -- the new WSTIMS for Windows scoring program, which has been under development for the past two years, has recently been approved by the AWSA Board of Directors for official use for AWSA tournaments beginning spring 2011.  WSTIMS for Windows is also available for download from AWSAEAST -- see the link in the panel to the right.  So those with computers having Windows XP, or Windows Vista, or Windows 7, should plan to start using this new scoring program at their earliest convenience.

IMPORTANT -- for those choosing to continue to use DOS WSTIMS, there are significant compatibility issues for DOS WSTIMS with the 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7.  If you have a computer with either of these Windows versions, or are contemplating the purchase of such a machine on which you would intend to run DOS WSTIMS, then see the 64-bit Windows Vista & Windows 7 Caution information below, before finalizing such a purchase.

See details below on both of these recently-revised resources.

WSTIMS -- Release 3.58 as of June 7, 2011 -- Updated for the 2011 and 2012 Ski Years.

Water Ski Tournament Information Management System -- for NCWSA and AWSA Traditional 3-event competitions.

Please read the WSTIMS installation instructions before installing.  If desired, print a printer-friendly copy from your browser, for later offline reference.

For use outside the USA, see the section on the Host Federation Code in the new User's Guide, and also the file FEDTABLE.TXT, which you can find in the \WSTIMS\WSDOCS\ folder, once you've installed the software.

The expanded navigable WSTIMS User's Guide explains the many new features and capabilities of this latest version.  The What's New material is now presented as a section within this resource.  Even experienced WSTIMS users will benefit from a quick review of this vital information for 2011 and 2012.


64-bit Windows Vista & Windows 7 Cautions
WSTIMS will run comfortably on any version of Microsoft Windows up to and including Windows XP.  Those include Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 Server, and Windows XP.

But with respect to the most recent versions -- Windows Vista and Windows 7 -- you need to be aware of several important issues --

  • If you have the 32-Bit version of Vista or Windows 7, then WSTIMS should run successfully, just like any other application.  With one caution for Vista, however -- Vista needs to be at Service Pack level 1 or higher; the original release of Vista had a bug that prevented WSTIMS from operating correctly.  That bug was corrected in Vista Service Pack 1.
  • If you have the 64-bit version of Vista or Windows 7, then DOS WSTIMS cannot be run like other applications on your machine.  However, Microsoft has provided an add-on facility for Vista and Windows 7 that they call "Virtual XP", and 16-bit applications such as WSTIMS can be run under Virtual XP on 64-bit versions of Vista and Windows 7.  But then another caution -- Virtual XP is only available with Vista or Windows 7 Professional, and requires a processor in the computer that supports "Virtualization Mode".  And it appears that the processors in most low-price consumer laptops available at major electronics retailers do not have that capability.  This approach -- ie Virtual XP -- can only be suggested for those PC users who are comfortable with installation and configuration of advanced software tools such as this.  Not for the faint-hearted, in other words ;-)

The following additional Software and Technical Support tools are also available here:

  • vjdiagrm.exe A conceptual introduction for those just getting started, along with some overview on the issues of equipment and site planning.  Self expanding files in Microsoft Powerpoint format.  Requires Microsoft Powerpoint or free Powerpoint viewer available for download from
  • vjtools.exe Self expanding file. Additional contents as of 5/30/2002. Now contains --  
    • readvjt.txt - brief overview of package contents. Each tool contains it's own specific instructions.
    • CVJSetup.doc overview outline and layout diagrams on planning and setting up a Corson Video Jump installation.
    • CVJStart.doc detailed instructions on launching and operating the latest versions of the Corson Video jump measurement programs, including the latest capture and frame selection features.
    • CVJSt100.doc detailed instructions on launching and operating the Corson Video Jump program when using a Creative Labs SE100 video overlay card.
    • vjgrid11.wks - vjgrid11.wks -- spreadsheet tool for grid measurement at local tournaments.  Accepts taped measurements between reference grid points and jump ramp, and derives required CVJ reference coordinates therefrom.  Alternative to formal survey which is required for Record capability.
    • vjgrid11.doc - diagram and measurement recording form for use with above spreadsheet tool.
    • vjview16.wks - replaces former vjview15.wks -- definitive CVJ view planning and/or verification spreadsheet tool, supports all tournament classes.  Use for planning CVJ setup at a new site, or for verifying an actual CVJ setup for record capability homologation purposes.
  • vj97tst1.exe CVJ Marking Exercise.  Contains real data and images from a pair of complete real-world tournaments, and provides a practical hands-on walk thru in setting up and running the Video Jump program, including the reference grid setup, as well as in measuring actual landing images.  A good introduction to CVJ with minimal investment.  Requires CVJ software available below, and Windows display driver configured for at least 256 colors, but may be run without a Video Capture Card.
  • Corson Video Software --
    • Jump Distance Measurement
    • Video Trick Timing
    • Slalom Boat path Monitoring
    • Slalom Record Verification
    Download Here  Latest Corson Video software information and program updates are made available by Terry Jones on the Canadian Waterski Pages.
  • wssurv35.exe -- Release 3.50
    Comprehensive Survey Aids package for water ski sites.  Revised 6/09/2008 - Now presented as Excel .XLS format templates, in place of the Lotus 1-2-3 .WKS format used in the past.  Includes the Slalom Course "Adjustment Planner", which makes adjusting problem courses easy.  Self expanding file.  Includes: 
    • srvinstr.htm -- detailed instructions on the various individual spreadsheet templates.  includes a "what's new" section, for those who're already familiar with the survey package, providing a succinct summary on latest changes.
    • installation templates -- assists in the layout and installation of slalom and/or jump courses.  Single-station EDM and two-station cross-sighting methods.  Detailed instructions.
    • verification templates -- slalom and jump templates for three-point, two-point, and one-point (with EDM) methods. Includes meter station, & CVJ reference grid coordinate reduction.  Detailed instructions.
  • wsjump27.exe  Standalone Jump Measurement Program, for use with Johnson Jump Meters.  Self extracting file.  Program calculates jump distances only.  No scoring functions.



It is important for us to be able to contact users who download these programs -- for alerts, updates and tips about the programs.  The information you receive by spending a minute to register your download now, may save you hours of frustration later.  So - before you proceed - Please send an Email with "Download Registration" in the subject area.  Include:

Email Address:
Program(s) downloaded:

You may copy the above lines and paste them into your Email message to create a framework, then fill in those details. 

Click Here to pop up a pre-addressed Email message form.  NOTE if you accessed the internet via Compuserve, AOL, Prodigy, or other major service you may have to modify the address to suit your particular Email system.  The default address should work fine for anyone accessing via broadband and independant local access providers. 


After registering by Email, please click on the name of the file you want below.  Your browser should offer you the option to save the file.  Save it with the same name, to the folder of your choice.


1.  The download will fail if you don't use the "Save to disk" option.  If your browser is set to automatically execute files, you will have to change your browser setting to enable the Save File option.

2.  Three different WSTIMS installation modules are now available.  Be sure you get the proper version for your particular computer and situation.  See the notes with each version listed.

3.  For MS-DOS or Windows 3.1 users:  You do not want to have the wstims35.exe installation file try to install itself onto a floppy disk, or whatever other external removable media device you might bring the installation module in on.  It must be installed to your hard drive, in order to run properly later.  You can use a floppy or other removable external member device to transfer the installation file from one computer to another, but your hard drive must be the default drive when the installation file is actually being run.  One way you can accomplish that is by copying the installation file onto your hard drive (anywhere is OK) and then running it from there.  Alternatively, you can open a DOS C:\> prompt, and then run it from the external device (floppy or whatever) with the command A:\WSTIMS35 (or substitute the applicable drive ID letter for A.  just remember that you must keep the hard drive (C:\) as the default (prompt) drive when you do so.  The same guideline applies to the installation of any of the other self-expanding .exe files that you may download from this section.

4.  The above caution does not apply to the wstims-full-358.exe or wstims-358-pt1/pt2.exe installation modules (for Windows 95 or later) -- these versions can be executed from anywhere:  local hard drive; CD ROM drive; floppy disk; or other external removable memory device.

5.  Once you have the file(s) - check the file size(s).  You should find each to be identical to the exact size (in bytes) listed below.  Double click, run, or execute the downloaded files to expand/install them, following the cautions noted above.

  • wstims-full-358.exe  Release 3.58 - for Windows 95 and later  (1,722,713)  Last revised 06/07/2011.
    Windows Installer version, for installation on PC's running Windows 95 or later -- contains program, tutorials, and a newly updated navigable User's Guide.   IMPORTANT !!  The above-referenced single installation module has grown to a size that is now too big to fit onto a standard 3.5" floppy disk.  Consequently, if the process you will go through to install WSTIMS on your intended destination machine involves transfer via floppy disk, then you will need to use the following two-step installation alternative instead.  Each of these two following modules will fit onto a separate floppy disk; then install these as two separate items, one after the other --
  • wstims35.exe  Release 3.58 - for MS-DOS and/or Windows 3.1  (1,460,524)  Last revised 06/07/2011.
    Self expanding file, only for PC's running MS-DOS or Windows 3.1 -- or for those with company-supplied computers running Windows XP, that do not include administrator rights for software installations -- contains program, tutorials, and a Navigable User's Guide for those with an Internet Browser.
  • vjdiagrm.exe  (49,309)
  • vjtools.exe  (90,946) - self-extracting file.  Last revised 3/20/2004.
  • vj97tst1.exe  (1,047,866) CVJ marking exercise. Self extracting file with complete instructions.  Does require  CVJ software, but does not require a video capture card to run.
  • wssurv35.exe  (281,068) - Release 3.50  Last revised 6/09/2008.
    Comprehensive Survey Aids package for installing and/or certifying water ski sites.  Excel Spreadsheet Templates.  Instructions.  Self-extracting file.
  • wsjump27.exe  (31,259) Standalone Jump Measurement Program, for use with the Johnson sighting meter and protractor system.  Calculates jump distances only.  No scoring functions.

Please report any download problems to Dave Clark.


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