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WATERSKI NEWS 2004 - 2005

Updated 11/6/06

Headlines Spring 2004 - May 2005, Details and Archives

Note: News on this page is posted with the latest at the top and the earliest at the bottom. This is an archive page that will store everything originally posted on the home page and provide additional detail when needed.

5/23/05 Never Mind (item immediately below)!
Jennifer Frederick-Kelly has all the tournament results and will send them in again
5/21/05 Missing Tournament Results at headquarters
Please check to see if you are on this list, even if you sent your results in.
5/20/05 Software Update
For those that have purchased a preconfigured video-capable waterski computer through Dave Clark, the 2005 season update module for units shipped in 2003 or 2004 is now available.
5/18/05 WSDA Nationals seeks donations to assist with venue chg
The Lakeland Water Ski Club came forward on short notice to organize and host the 2005 WSDA Nationals at the new lake at AWSEF and USAWS Headquarters.
5/17/05 Pangaea Puddle Opportunities
Ski site in upstate NY seeking skiers, vacationers. Accommodations and coaching available.
5/15/05 Notes from the EVP, Headquarters Lake Status, Scholarship Opportunities
5/15/05 World WaterSki Pros Makes History with the 2005 MasterCraft Pro Championships at Flushing Meadows
4/11/05 Fritz Hasler Receives 2005 AIAA Barry Goldwater Award
4/7/05 Camp Winadu for Boys is seeking a summer waterski director
Located in western Massachusetts, we have 4 Malibu Sunsetter XLs on our 3 1/2 mile long lake in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains. A qualified director will oversee 8 college age ski staff and direct waterski, wakeboard and barefoot activities.
This position runs from mid-June through mid-August and includes a
salary starting at $6500, plus travel, room and board. Family
accommodations are available. View our program. Email for more information, or call 877-694-7463.
4/1/05 Dube's Pond tournament in NH moved from 8/20 to 8/27
3/30/05 A few additional updates made to Regional Standings
3/30/05 2005 Eastern Region Junior Development Waterski Team Posted
3/30/05 2004 NH State Champs
Guidebook error, corrected page posted on website
3/24/05 2004 Regional Results Posted
A Guidebook error resulted in year-old scores being published. Review Regional Standings and Regional Results on the website.
3/23/05 Notes from the EVP
Published in winter issues of Water Skier.
2005 Regionals Officials Announced
Eastern Region Council approved the appointed officials for the 2005 Eastern Regionals at Lake Holly in Sparta, VA, 7/21-24/05. They are as follows.
Chief Judge: Jerry Stansberry (VA)
Assistant Chief Judge: Sara Roach (VA)
Appointed Judges: Dave Robbins (ME), Ed Nichols (DE), Roger Hammel (VA), Bill Baker (PA), Bill Cooper (NJ), & Jean Giove (MD)
Chief Scorer: Ann Lohr (VA)
Assistant Chief Scorer: Mark Dingeman (VT)
Appointed Scorers: Leslie Carr (MD) & Rebecca Bartlett (NH)
Chief Driver: Rusty Coffin (DE)
Assistant Chief Driver: Ralph Hall (VA)
Appointed Drivers: Marie Fields (VA), Jonathan Thacher (VA), & Tom Hinman (CT)
Safety Director: Kathy Roach (VA)
Assistant Safety: Dave Knight (CT)
Chief Announcer: Rick Stansberry (VA)
Assistant Announcer: Bill Mahan (VA)
Technical Controller: Chip Shand (VA)
2005 Nationals Officials Announced
Chief Judge: Steve Lohr (VA)
Appointed Judges: Roger Hammel (VA)
Ed Nichols (DE)
Bill Baker (PA)
David Robbins (ME)
Bill Cooper (NJ)
Appointed Scorer: Ann Lohr (VA)
Appointed Drivers: Doug Robbins (PA)
Rusty Coffin (DE)
Appointed Announcer: Bill Mahan (VA)
Congratulations Jamie
Congratulations to Jamie Harris, of Frederickburg, VA., who won the Women's Slalom, Trick, Jump, and Overall titles at the 2004 NCWSA Collegiate Nationals in division two last fall.
3/19/05, Ski Lakes, Please update your Information (form is temporarily disabled, 11/6/06)
We have varying levels of information from each lake. Let's update, show people what we all have to offer, and get new people interested in tournament skiing. New online form will remind you of what to provide.
Please Complete Tournament Sanctions
Just a reminder to everybody that the Region fee has to be paid and the online sanction form filled out by Jan. 31st for tournament adds to be listed in the guidebook. Not all information such as officials,etc. has to be filled in, just the required info. You will be able to add/change some info later with your edit code. Please don't wait until Jan.30th to do this as I have to review and forward these to the public site. Without payment they won't be there. Also I don't need safety forms unless you want me to forward your National checks to headquarters. Stand alone "FUN" tournaments only have to pay $65 for the guidebook,all others $125. Doug M.
2/27/05, National Junior and Junior Development Ski Teams for 2005
Top junior water ski athletes from across the nation have been selected to the National Junior Water Ski Team and the National Junior Development Water Ski Team for 2005. More info.
3/7/05, Website Structure and Page Layout Changes Being Made
Deadline Approaching for Submission of Junior Development Info
Please send in your Junior Development information by Tuesday, Jan. 25th. More info.
2005 Regionals Information
The Lake Holly website contains considerable information for the 2005 Regionals. The website includes a comprehensive listing of most the local lodging and indicates those facilities that the club has made arrangements with to hold in excess of 70 rooms at a discounted rate.

Judges, Scorers, Drivers, Safety Directors, Technical Controllers, and Announcers are needed for the 2005 Eastern Regionals at Lake Holly, in Sparta, VA., and the 2005 Nationals at Okeeheelee Park in West Palm Beach, FL.

The Eastern Regionals will be held Thursday, July 21, 2005 through Sunday, July 24, 2005. The U.S. Nationals will be held Tuesday, August 2, 2005 through Saturday, August 6, 2005.

Anyone who can volunteer to serve as an appointed official at either or both of those events, please contact Doug Robbins by Friday, December 31, 2004 by email or call 877-770-5102.

Chief Judge: Jerry Stansberry (VA)
Asst. Chief Judge: Sara Roach (VA)
Chief Driver: Rusty Coffin (DE)
Chief Scorer: Ann Lohr (VA)
Safety Director: Kathy Roach (VA)
Technical Controller: Chip Shand (VA)
Chief Announcer: Rick Stansberry (VA)
Please complete all sanctions for 2005 Tournaments on or before Saturday, January 1, 2005 to ensure listing in the 2005 Guidebook. Sanctions can be completed on line at Send Regional sanction fees and completed Safety Checklists to your regional council representative for submission to ERTC Doug Milner at the Winter Meeting.
The 2005 AWSA National Senior Judge's Clinic will be held in the Eastern Region. The clinic will take place February 26 & 27, 2005 at the Mariott in Herndon, VA. Hotel reservations need to be made by Feb 3, 2005. Detail page updated with driving directions and links to agenda and registration form. More info to follow.
2005 Nationals Poll
The EVP requested input on nationals dates, reported at Winter meeting, poll removed from website.
2005 Can Am Challenge
The International Activities Committee is actively seeking an outstanding site that would be interested in hosting the 2005 CAN AM Challenge on Labor Day 2005. More detail.
2005 Tournament Calendar
Clubs interested in hosting tournaments in 2005, please submit your dates, rounds, events, and locations to Eastern Region Tournament Coordinator, Doug Milner. Contact him by email or call (302) 629-4019 by December 1, 2004.
2005 Winter Meeting
The 2005 Eastern Region Winter Meeting and clinics will be held in King of Prussia, PA., on January 8-9, 2005. Location and details were published in the Fall Newsletter, and here.
The Eastern Region proudly extends congratulations to some special folks for their achievements. Congratulations to Jennifer Frederick Kelly of Elma, NY., for being selected for the Mary Jo Power Award at the 2004 Nationals as the tournaments outstanding scorer. Congratulations to Alex Lauretano of Morris, CT., for her outstanding performance at the 2004 Junior Worlds where she finished 17th in Slalom, 5th in Jump, 4th in Tricks, and 5th Overall. Lastly, congratulations to Steve Lohr of Sparta, VA., for his selection as Chief Judge of the 2005 Nationals at Okeeheelee Park.
Officials Needed
Officials are needed for the 2005 Eastern Regional Championships at Lake Holly, in Sparta, VA., and the 2005 Nationals at Okeeheelee Park in West Palm Beach, FL. Anyone interested, able and willing to serve as an appointed Judge, Scorer, Driver, Safety Director, Tech Controller, or Announcer for either or both of those events, please notify Doug Robbins at (724) 816-1995 or via email.
Guidebook Advertisements Available
Advertisements for the 2005 Eastern Region Tournament Guidebook are available. Interested businesses and parties please contact Guidebook Coordinator, Leslie Carr at (410) 729-4039 or via email for pricing and details by January 7, 2005.
Regional Competitors, Book Lodging Early for 2005 Regionals
Book lodging early for the 2005 Eastern Regional Championships at Lake Holly as the July 21 - 24, 2005, dates will overlap with the annual Boy Scout Jamboree at Fort A.P. Hill. The annual Boy Scout Jamboree brings 40,000 - 50,000 visitors to the area. See the Lake Holly website also.
Judges and Scorers Clinic
There will be a clinic November 7th in Marlboro, MA. Any Judge / Scorer that needs a clinic ( every 4 years for regular & seniors or needed also for upgrade ) should attend this year - there was one two years ago and probably won't be one next year. Contact Dave Robbins to sign-up or for more information.
New Webmaster, Site Email Addresses
Due to the size of this site, the number of people that have helped over the course of time, and some possible technical changes in the near future, it may take some time to locate and change all the email links on the site to send to appropriate people. Please be patient, and if you send an email and it doesn't get answered, please verify the address and send again or contact the person by another means. Please also send a note to the webmaster of the email address not working and the page where you found it. Click here for the webmaster email address for Darlene.
New Webmaster
The AWSA East website is now managed by Darlene McCormick. AWSA East officials and volunteers thank Mike Shepard for his time and effort managing the site and adding quality content.
Send in your tournament scores - address changed
New Ski Club in Pennsylvania
WSTIMS 3.44 for Traditional 3-Event Scoring is now available
WSTIMS release 3.44 introduces new features for the Fall 2004 NCWSA and AWSA traditional competitions

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