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NY/NJ Champions Show Off Their Stuff!!

For the first time ever in recent history, NY and NJ held a joint State Championship competition to build on the skills and assets of each state to create a truly unique event!! The event was held at Twin Lakes in Monroe NY on July 29 & 30. An excellent site with record capable facilities was provided by Twin Lakes Ski Club, and fun and enthusiasm was provided by all!! OK, the NY judges didn't initially know what the towers were there for but still did an excellent job from their lawn chairs.

Reflecting the Skier Values of Old, the NY upstaters showed up with tents and campers and made themselves comfortable (thanks to the Peckham's for their great hybachi breakfast). There seemed to be some debate as to whether upstaters brought the rain or whether the rain belonged to Twin Lakes! In reality, while the rain did dampen sneakers it was unable to dampen the spirit of the event.

The kids were great in their spirit and enthusiasm and truly enjoyed the awards banquet. I am sure many a student will be showing up in class this week to explain that they are the Champion of the State!

Coors Light Maneuver of the day would have to go to Bob Corson for his jump crash. Much of the balance of the weekend was spent talking about who saw it and who missed it, what the consensus was on the probably root cause, and asking Bob to count how many fingers you were holding up. Shaken but not stirred, he luckily skated without major injury.

Observations by Dean Rudy

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Level 2 Coaches Clinic
September 15, 16 and 17, 2000
Sparta, Virginia

USA Water Ski is offering a Level 2 water ski coaches clinic at Lohr's Lake, Sparta, Virginia on September 15-17, 2000. This is a unique opportunity for Level 1 Coaches to earn Level 2 coaching certification in only one weekend. All classroom and on the water requirements will be covered at this clinic. To attend, you need to be a USA Water Ski active member and certified by USA Water Ski as a Level 1 instructor/coach. Enrollment is limited, so please contact Chris Prunty at USA Water Ski ( or Steve Lohr ( for additional details and to register.
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Barefoot News

June 3 Safety clinic in Sparta, NJ contact Suzan
June 19-23 Barefoot clinics with World Team Member Keith St Onge A few spots remain Contact Rich
June 24+25 3 event Barefoot Tournaments in Pa Contact:
Rich or Suzan
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Level III Coaches
The level 3 coaches clinic will take place October 26-29 at International Tournament Skiing (ITS), Sunset Lakes, in Okahumpka, Florida.  The clinic is open to all Level 2 coaches and is an opportunity to earn the level 3 certification in one weekend. 
This clinic is a USOC marker, and certifying coaches will help the level of competition in our sport to grow, as well as increase our chances of receiving bonus funding from the USOC by meeting pre-set goals. 
Any level 2 certified coach interested in attending this clinic should contact Chris Prunty or Craig Macchi (or 800-533-2972) at USA Water Ski for more details.  Also, updated information will appear on our website if you want to have a link to our news section.
We also need skiers for the clinic.  This is also an opportunity for any EP rated skiers (all disciplines) to receive free coaching and skiing at a world class ski site.  Once again please ask anyone interested in skiing to contact myself or Craig.
Chris Prunty
Athlete Programs and Competition Coordinator
Level III Coaches

5 Eastern members attended the Level 3 Coaches clinic at Jack Travers International Tournament Skiing, Oct 26 - 29.
Roger Hammel, Ann Lohr, John Paulovich, Jenna Hinman, Bill Fosbenner.
Course instructors: Nancy Cummings- sports medicine, Rhonie Barton- Slalom, Rex Hunt- Tricks, Jack Travers- Jump, Dave Benzel- coaching theory.
Included classroom sessions, on-water practical evaluation and written evaluation.

report by Bill Fosbenner

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Level 2 Coaches' Clinic at Lohr's Lake
Combined NY NJ State Championships
Level III Coaches Clinic Offered
5 attend Level III Coaches Clinic

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