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WATERSKI NEWS 2009 - 2011

Updated 4/7/12

Headlines June 2009 - May 2011, Details and Archives

Note: News on this page is posted with the latest at the top and the earliest at the bottom. This is an archive page that will store everything originally posted on the home page and provide additional detail when needed.

5/17/11 Junior Development clinic at Oakham, MA
Thurs/Fri before the MA States tournament, July 7 and 8. Coach is Mike Kusiak. Please contact Chris Goodhue with interest.
5/17/11 Lake Lou seeking skiers and campers
Lake Lou was sold to the local power company last year. Local skiers negotiated with the power company and have secured a lease for that site. They are seeking skiers who might be interested in camping and skiing at this lake. Please forward this to interested parties. Interest will help them to maintain this site as a ski lake. Contact Mike Sturdevant of Vienna Ski club in MD at this email or call by phone 410-490-2410.
5/12/11 Kristen C. Tilton, W2, creates awareness about Leukemia
Kristen and family (husband Matt Jablonski, father Mike M5, sister Katie W1, and mom Denise) have been raising money as Tilton Ski Team for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) via the Light the Night (LTN) Walk in Worcester Massachusetts. Check out their team web page and Facebook page!
5/12/11 May 14, Pat Burns is holding a safety clinic at Pangaea, 9 a.m.
John and Kim Rubin will hold a CPR/AED training in the Afternoon. Please contact George Vosburgh if interested.
3/24/11 WSTIMS for Windows approved and available!
3/6/11 Guidebook Posted
3/6/11 Regionals information posted on Pangaea website
2/19/11 Proposed Legislation in Maine Harmful to Slalom Courses
Greg Tevanian reports that Maine may have a potentially serious problem affecting tournament water skiing. A representative in Lisbon Maine has introduced a bill, LD 284, to prohibit water ski courses in ponds in Maine under 100 acres. This bill would shut down tournament skiing in most desirable locations in Maine including #1 Pond, the site where the Pine Tree State tournament has been held, as well as past Regionals. "We are looking for info/help on the best way to combat the bill. There is a hearing this Wed Feb 23rd at 1pm in Augusta. Support from the water ski community is needed to help protect our precious ski sites!" The details can be viewed at Any helpful input, as well as support at the hearing in Augusta, is appreciated. Please contact Greg by email or phone, (207) 831-9500.
1/20/11 House in West Palm Beach, Weekly Rental, Available to Skiers
15 minutes from Okeheelee, on the same canal as the Hilton, 5 min by water. It is 10 minutes from the airport just off Forest Hill Blvd. Ski conveniently with Palm Beach Water Sports or at Okeheelee. Contact Al SanFanandre at 570-704-7932 and/or Chip Debus at PBWS 561-478-7878. (Also posted in Classifieds)
1/7/11 Tournament draft schedule updated, guidebook deadline
Send additional tournaments and updates to Bill Fosbenner. Sanctions must be complete by Jan. 30 which is also the guidebook deadline.
12/8/10 Notice of Eastern Region 2011 Winter Meeting
12/8/10 Bill Fosbenner requests 2011 tournament dates, start sanctioning
10/7/10 Danny Zeisler sets pending National Record at the Sunset Lakes Fall Classic
Per and provided by Dave Robbins: "The Sunset Lakes Fall Classic was held this past weekend and had some excellent performances turned in by all of the competitors on a beautiful fall weekend in Groveland. Danny Zeisler from Oxford, CT, who just moved into the Men 4 division came down to enjoy the conditions and attempt to set a new Jump record during his visit. On Saturday he eclipsed the current record of 169' set by Rusty Rothenberg in 2003, with a Jump of 170'. He said he thought he had more left and on a beautiful fall Sunday morning shattered his new pending record with a Jump of 179'." Congrats are in order !!!!
10/3/10 Trick Videos from Nationals posted
This is a good resource for trick skiers and officials. Roger Hammel notes, "They do take a couple of minutes to load each pass, (12 MB files) but are great for practicing calling higher end runs. If the screen stays black but with the skiers name at the bottom once you click on a score for a pass to load it, it is probably loading. if there is a large white area in middle, I could not get these to load."
8/19/10 Regionals photos provided by Chris Goodhue
8/4/10 Regionals final scores
7/25/10 Regionals Class L update
The option to ski class "L" has been expanded to all divisions, not just B2-M4 and G2-W4, due to the IWWF requirement being changed for ranking list for Sr's to class "L".
7/4/10 Lou Abel passed away on Monday, June 29,2010
4/28/10 WSTIMS For Windows Update
4/23/10 Updated WSTIMS 3.57
Last week's release incorporated a revised Towboat Utilization report template, updated to reflect the recent revision in Towboat policy, allowing use of certain boats back thru model year 2007, along with the new Correct Craft 200 which was recently approved. We just realized that the Jump event startup needs to identify the particular towboat being utilized, and those offerings needed to have the CC200 added. So this latest revision today rectifies that oversight.
4/18/10 Updated WSTIMS 3.57
4/18/10 Gene Davis, AWSA President, announces Windows Scoring Program taskforce...
... to help with the development of the Windows Scoring Program by Dave Allen. Review goals and members of taskforce.
3/24/10 Updated WSTIMS 3.57
2/1/10 Updated (eased) tournament towboat requirements
12/03/09 Officials who are interested in working Regionals and Nationals in 2010, contact Pat Byrne
7/13/09 CourseWork available by Ed Brazil
Installations, checking, fixing: Slalom, Jump, Trick, & Special Applications. Technical Controller for nearly all original Pro Tour events. Developed the methods for certifying courses. Some 500 courses in 36+ states and 5 foreign countries over the years. Contact: Ed Brazil, PO Box 6475, Laconia, NH  03247. Phone: (603) 524-5756. (Also posted in Classifieds)
7/7/09 Announcing the pilot release of WSTIMS For Windows
12/15/09 Clubs, please start sanctioning your tournaments on the new sanction system
12/03/09 Bid Document from Hidden Pass, 2010 Eastern Regional Tournament
The planned dates for this event are Thursday, July 29, 2010 through Sunday, August 1, 2010. The National Tournament begins the following Sunday, August 8, 2010. Please review this document. We will discuss it at our Regional Meeting on January 9, 2010. If you have any questions or concerns, please share them now with our entire council or me. Pat Byrne
12/03/09 Officials who are interested in working Regionals and Nationals in 2010, contact Pat Byrne
12/03/09 Notice of Eastern Region Winter Meeting
11/17/09 Prep for Region Winter Meeting
Marie Baker is meeting with the hotels in Pennsylvania this week to make the arrangements for our Winter Meeting. Marie will check on January 9th (1st choice) and January 16th (2nd choice). 1) Please let Pat Byrne know this week by November 20th if you will be attending the meeting. 2) The Region will pay for lunch and Pat needs a head count for the number of people who will attend. 3) Also, let Pat know if you are interested in attending any clinics at the Winter Meeting and what clinic you need. 4) Lastly, let Pat know if you are interested in working in an official capacity at Regionals and/or Nationals in 2010 and what position you are interested in working. Please send response(s) to Pat Byrne.
10/24/09 Do not do 2010 sanctions yet
USA WaterSki is requesting that we wait until at least mid-November to do sanctions for next year's tournaments. They are implementing a new database system. We will be notified when complete. Check back here later.
10/24/09 Eastern Region received check of $750 from Massachusetts
The Eastern Region of USA Waterski has the honor once again this year having received a check of well over $750 for shirts sold at this years' Massachusetts state tournament. The entire amount was donated to our Junior Dev. program. Many thanks to Steve Karras at Kaleidoscope Imprints of Cape Cod and his crew for a job well done. (They also did the shirts for the Jr. Dev. at the Regionals at Hidden Pass) The shirts were a big hit this year, especially being long sleeved. Thanks again for all your support. Sincerely, Paul Tee and family
9/22/09 Rules Clarification passed along by EVP and Scott Snape, chair of AWSA Rules Committee
Some tournament sponsors have allowed skiers to ski more than one classification of tournament at a time, which is violation of Rule 1.02 Rule 1.02: "...A skier may not ski in more than one class in the same event in the same round at one tournament and may not ski more than three rounds in an event at a tournament..."
Examples include but are not limited to: 1) Skiing a round class C, in slalom until they miss and then letting them continue that round under class F. 2) Skiing a round class C, and if the skier does not like their score, then switching the classification for that round to class F.
It is the intention that a skier declares which class he is skiing for that round before he takes the water. Changes after the fact will not be allowed.
9/11/09 Nationals and other photos posted
9/2/09 A bunch more scores posted
8/23/09 Regionals photos posted
7/30/09 Regionals Scores posted
7/30/09 Recent tournament photos posted
7/13/09 CourseWork available by Ed Brazil
Installations, checking, fixing: Slalom, Jump, Trick, & Special Applications. Technical Controller for nearly all original Pro Tour events. Developed the methods for certifying courses. Some 500 courses in 36+ states and 5 foreign countries over the years. Contact: Ed Brazil, PO Box 6475, Laconia, NH  03247. Phone: (603) 524-5756. (Also posted on Classifieds)
7/13/09 Reminder: Three Junior clinics offered, update on Hidden Pass
7/9/09 Boys 1 and Girls 2 Slalom Skiers Swap Starting Times at Nationals
There has been a change in the starting times for Boys 1 and Girls 2 slalom at the AWSA National Tournament. Both groups are scheduled to ski on the Turnpike Slalom Lake on Wednesday morning, 12 August 09 in West Palm Beach, FL. The Girls 2 group will now be the first off the dock at 8:00 a.m. followed by the Boys 1 group. It had been scheduled in reverse. There is the possibility that some of the Boy 1 slalom skiers may be jumping in Boys 2 which is scheduled early the same morning. This change will resolve any possible conflicts. Please spread the word to any who might be affected by this change. See revised schedule.
7/7/09 Congratulations are in order for Alex Lauretano
On the strength of her performance last weekend at the United States Team Trials for Water Skiing, she will represent our country as a member of the Elite Team at the World Championships of Water Skiing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. With this achievement, Alex has attained the highest level of the water skiing sport. The Elite Team is a six-member team that represents our Country in the World Championship competition. After spending nearly a week analyzing the results of the competition that was held last week, the folks who choose the team members made this announcement late yesterday. The World Championship event will be held during July.

Interestingly, with her appointment to the Elite Team, Alex has also achieved a very unique position. Like the game of basketball, where people like Shaq are known by one name, the Elite Skiers in the world are typically known by single names. The Team is made up of people who don't need any last name. They are Regina, April, Rhoni, Freddy, Jimmy, and now, Alex. (Forwarded by Pat Byrne.)
7/7/09 Announcing the pilot release of WSTIMS For Windows
7/7/09 2009 Eastern Regionals Banquet August 1st on site at Hiddenpass
If you will be at the Eastern Regionals Saturday night Aug 1st, you won't want to miss the on-site banquet. If you forgot to request tickets when you registered, they are now available on the website at: Adults $12, Children under 10 free.
7/6/09 Read Summary of 3 Clinics
Two below, adult day added at Oakham, also 3-lake clinic in Sparta, VA
6/25/09 JD clinic being held July 15,16 at Hiddenpass
On-line registration is now available for the Junior Development Clinic being held at Hiddenpass. Todd Ristorcelli, Editor Waterski Magazine, Pro Tour Competitor and co-producer of the Edge In Water Videos, is coming to Hiddenpass on July 15 and 16 to coach Eastern Region Juniors. This is a great opportunity if you will be attending the Pre-Regionals Tournament to come out a day or two early and get some coaching. For more information go to
6/17/09 2009 Water Ski Nationals
6/15/09 Junior's clinic scheduled in Oakham, MA on July 15th - 17th
Mike Kusiak will provide coaching. Please contact Chris Goodhue with your interest and to learn of details.
6/15/09 John O'Neill, 54, of Livonia, NY died 6/7 in a skiing accident
Blog Posting News Story Obituary and Guest Book
6/15/09 Bids requested for 2010 AWSA Eastern Regional Tournament
We would like to have bids to consider at the Eastern Regional Meeting this Summer from clubs / sites that are interested in hosting the 2010 AWSA Eastern Regional Tournament. Now is the time to get in touch with John Davis to express your interest in hosting the tournament next year. You can reach John at 724-443-0587. Please share this message with others who might have an interest in hosting the tournament. Pat Byrne.
6/15/09 Junior U.S. Open Results
6/4/09 Bill Fosbenner requests tournament directors to...
check to see if everything is ok for their sanction. Many are missing HQ safety forms
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