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WATERSKI NEWS 2006 - 2007

Updated 1/22/08

Headlines June 2006 - May 2007, Details and Archives

Note: News on this page is posted with the latest at the top and the earliest at the bottom. This is an archive page that will store everything originally posted on the home page and provide additional detail when needed.

5/23/07 WSTIMS 3.53 updated for Spring 2007 is now available.
5/11/07 Maracossic Fun Fest June 9 and Trick Fest July 28 are cancelled.
Local county ordinance will not give approval to hold the events, Bowling Green, VA.
5/7/07 Safety Clinic at Given's Pond 5/19
Instructor Suzan Andrews, Registration - Hunter & Tracey Phillips
5/3/07 Notes from the EVP
Technical Controller needed for Nationals; Extra Regional Guidebooks Available; 2007 Nationals Officials Announced; 2007 Eastern Regionals Officials Update; Eastern Region Contact List Update—There has been an update to the Eastern Region Contact List since the 2007 Eastern Region Tournament Guidebook was published. Please see updated list.
4/23/07 (updated 8/10/07) Remembering Alan Rossi
Friend to many in the water-skiing community, Alan Rossi passed away suddenly on Saturday, 4/21. View the news story and obituary. See page on Green Mountain Water Skiers website (this link added 8/10/07).
4/2/07 Note on upcoming WSTIMS changes
4/2/07 Fact sheet for the Junior U.S. Open
The fact sheet includes qualification and procedures, registration and accommodation information. Thank you for your help with this event. Please fell free to contact the competition department with any questions.
3/28/07 Dave Robbins notes that parameters for Perfect Pass in the new guidebook are incorrect
Does not include the change in when Kd can be changed. The new rulebook page 92 is correct. Trickers can change Kd (firmness of pull) before each pass now as opposed to just initially at the starting dock. This allows trickers to have a different firmness of pull for hands vs. toes.
3/28/07 Tournament schedule error in the guide book
The Mass State Championship is listed on the correct date on the schedule list on page 36 but is showing the wrong date on the detail on page 63. The Mass State Championship is being held July 14-15. View unofficial schedule, and official schedule.
3/8/07 Judge's Clinic in Sparta, VA April 22. Please hold that date open.
Please contact Roger Hammel with your FIRM signups. Still working on a scorers clinic. Nothing firm yet. Will advise soon.
3/3/07 Rule changes make WSTIMS 3.52 obsolete, update
3/3/07 EVP writes slalom timing and rule change, please forward to tournament officials and sponsors
2/23/07 Sunset Lakes Academy announcement
2/23/07 Seeking Collegiate Skiers
2/23/07 Note from EVP about Boating in New Jersey
1/18/07 Agenda for 2007 Winter Meeting Posted
1/18/07 EVP announces 2006 Eastern Region Ranking List Champions
1/18/07 Minutes for 2006 Summer Regional Meeting Posted
1/12/07 Richard Love, 1944 - 2006
1/10/07 Weighting Tournament Performance for Rankings, please complete survey (removed).
EVP would like your input. Should class E/L/R tournament performances be weighted?
1/5/07 2007 Tournament Sanction Deadline Approaches, Details...
Please complete all sanctions for 2007 Tournaments on or before Monday, January 15, 2007 to ensure listing in the 2007 Guidebook. Sanctions can be completed on line at Please note payment option changes, more details...

12/29/06 Room Rate for Winter Meeting Reduced
The Valley Forge Suites Hotel has reduced the rate for sleeping rooms for the Winter Meeting & Clinics. Rather than the amounts published in the Newsletter, and posted on the web site, the rate for meeting and clinic attendees is now $95.00 for a single occupancy room, and $105.00 for a quad. Please be sure to mention that you are with the USA Water Ski room block. So please book now by calling (610) 647-6700. We have a full and information packed weekend planned.
12/13/06 Eastern Region Fall Newsletter Posted
Contents: Announcement for 2007 Winter Meeting & Clinics, dates later than normal, 1/20-21/07 (and published incorrectly in Water Skier mag). Eastern Regional dates, request for officials, chief officials announced. Tournament sponsors reminder, preliminary schedule. Junior Development News. Officials and Council, please also see note from EVP.
12/13/06 Note from Webmaster
The Forum is not being used. Additionally, the membership form is being spammed daily with fake registrants hoping to market their products. Please consider whether we want this as a tool, let your council and presidents know, and we will make a decision at winter meeting whether to continue or remove it.
10/30/06 Attention 2007 Tournament Sponsors
The Eastern Region has a new Tournament Coordinator. Please submit your tournament dates for 2007 to Bill Fosbenner at 609-432-6233. Dates must be submitted by Thursday, December 1, 2006.
10/30/06 Officials Needed
Senior and Regular rated officials are needed to serve as appointed officials for the 2007 Eastern Regionals at Twin Lakes, in Monroe, NY. The Regionals will take place Thursday 8/2/07, through Saturday 8/4/07. Sunday 8/5 will be available as a weather day if necessary. Senior rated officials are also needed to serve as appointed officials for the 2007 Nationals at Ski West Village in Bakersfield, CA. The Nationals will take place Monday, 8/13/07 and end on Saturday 8/18/07. Please notify Doug Robbins at (724) 816-1995, if you can serve as an appointed official at either or both of these tournaments.
10/10/06 Scores updated, Regionals photos posted
10/10/06 Alex Lauretano Strikes Gold in Mexico at the Pan Am
9/5/06 Alex Lauretano Concludes Her Junior Water Ski Career as National Overall Champion
9/4/06 New record pending in Women 8
set by Loretta Morris who scored three buoys at 32 off the line at Trophy Lake in Charleston, SC. Current record is one buoy at 32 off. Bob Morris reports that he believes this is her seventh record breaking performance!
8/18 and 8/28/06 Junior Development Fundraising by Mass. WaterSki Assoc.
Steve Karras, owner of Kaleidoscope Imprints of West Yarmouth, MA, has for 6 of the last 7 years donated a supply of Mass State Championship t-shirts. These t-shirts are provided to all junior competitors in the Mass. State Championship at Oakham, and the remainder are sold by the juniors with all revenue donated to the Eastern Region Junior Development program. The primary sales agents over the past several years have been Jennifer and Stephanie Tee who each year have been extraordinary in their efforts. Dave Allen reports that "Steve Karras has never asked for anything for his generous contribution year after year but I would say that he is quite deserving of recognition for his efforts." Paul Tee reports that "Rui Afonso will either present a check or at least mention it at the Natls. while he is there." If a club, organization, or individual is interested in quality waterski event shirts, custom printed for your event, please contact Steve directly at or give him a call at 508-778-1228.
8/15/06 WSTIMS release 3.52 re-posted, please download the latest
8/11/06 WSTIMS release 3.52 updated for Fall 2006 is now available
8/11/06 Expect travel check-in delays to Nationals
Notified by Dave Robbins and confirmed by his travel agent that check-in delays of 3 hours are to be anticipated nationwide due to recent suspicious activity. Binding lube and other questionable items should be packed in checked luggage.
8/7/06 Regionals complete scores posted. People are welcome to send webmaster photos
2 megs max., 10 megs per email max., or ask me for an FTP site
7/25/06 Sneak preview, PowerPoint presentation of new rankings system
Melanie McKeen Hanson of USA WaterSki will be presenting at the general membership meeting at Nationals. "As everyone is heading into their state and regional tournaments it is a great chance to explain how the rankings system will work. I have found so far at tournaments that most skiers have heard about the rankings system but do not understand exactly how it will work as far as national qualifications esepcially in the area of cutoff dates, cutoff averages, and last chance qualifying methods."
7/24/06 The Green Mountain Water Skiers are hosting a slalom clinic with Jamie Beauschesne
at Waterbury Reservoir, VT on Aug. 1st and possibly the 2nd. If interested, email Bruce Epstein (if space available).
7/24/06 A "Sunday Morning Almanac" video clip
7/15/06 Please provide your response to this poll on Regionals entry fee and banquet
Poll is disabled until further notice, email EVP if necessary.
7/15/06 Competition Task Force Proposal may be reviewed on
The CTF has completed its work and addressed all the issues brought forward at the January BOD and then some. You are one major form of communication from the CTF to the public.
7/15/06 2006 Eastern Region Winter Minutes posted
6/15/06 New email address for Jennifer Frederick-Kelly
"Scores" address to right updated to her new address, too.
6/15/06 Check out
...a great site to buy, sell or find ski equipment. It's easy to get connected with buyers and sellers across the country.
6/7/06 Alex Lauretano ties Eastern Region and National Jump record...
...held by Susie Lohr by jumping 151' (46.0 meters) at the 2006 Junior US Open last weekend.

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