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WATERSKI NEWS 2005 - 2006

Updated 1/5/07

Headlines June 2005 - May 2006, Details and Archives

Note: News on this page is posted with the latest at the top and the earliest at the bottom. This is an archive page that will store everything originally posted on the home page and provide additional detail when needed.

5/30/06 Kd ranges on DBW boats...
...are typically 24-30, different than on non-DBW boats. Drivers, judges and trickers should familiarize themselves with the details.
5/16/06 Proposed change for Nationals qualification
5/16/06 Eastern Region Tournament Guidebooks Available
Guidebooks were mailed in March to all active AWSA members in the Eastern Region. If anyone did not receive theirs or if it arrived damaged, additional copies are available. EVP, Doug Robbins, has a limited number of copies available for distribution. Please contact Doug via email or call (724) 816-1995 if you need a copy.
5/16/06 PerfectPass software glitch in jump mode
All drivers / promo boat owners should be aware of this. If you enter the "New Jumper" part of the software and enter a speed which is different than the current set speed, PerfectPass will continue to run at the old baseline setting for the new speed. Until a new chip is provided, if you are running a jump event and the speed in between skiers is changing, change the speed first on the main screen and then go to "New Jumper." Over the next two weeks, PerfectPass will be mailing a new chip to all tournament boats owners which will have this corrected along with some other minor tweaks.
5/16/06 Junior 2006 Team posted
5/15/06 The Eastern Region Forum is available for registered member use
5/15/06 Scores have begun being posted
5/15/06 Independents Can Register For World Senior Trophy
The U.S. Veteran Water Ski Team that will compete in the 2006 World Senior Trophy has already been selected, but independents can also compete in the biennial event which is scheduled for Oct. 23-29 in Durban, South Africa. For registration information, visit or contact Gus Johnson.
4/20/06 WSTIMS 3.51 is now available
3/29/06 AWSA Eastern Region Forums
We have begun using a forum, also known as a bulletin board, for the distribution of some information. This is a communication tool that allows registered members to post relevant information. Contact webmaster if you'd like to moderate a particular topic or have a topic added. Please register first, though.
3/21/06 2006 Regionals - Tournament class clarification
The 2006 Eastern Region Tournament Guidebook states in the ad for the 2006 Eastern Regionals that tournament class will mirror the Nationals.
In other word if a division / event is run class L at Nationals, it will be run the same at the Regionals.
To clarify this announcement, each division / event at the Regionals will be run class E, with the skier option to ski up to class L or in some cases R if the same division will be run under those classes at the Nationals. Each skier will have the option to ski class E, or to ski at their own risk under class L or in some cases R rules.
This skier option is consistent with past Regionals. Regardless of choice of tournament class and rules, all skiers in the division will be placed based on their performance results.
Skiers who ski in divisions where a choice is available will select the tournament class they wish to ski when they register.
Any questions regarding the divisions, events, and or rules differences may direct them to Chief Judge John Harris prior to or at the tournament.
3/15/06 WSTIMS release 3.46 is now obsolete
and is NOT to be used for 2006 events. The replacement version should be available about April 1st -- and this new WSTIMS 3.50 IS to be used for ALL events this season. In the meantime, anyone with clinics or events coming up in the next few weeks should contact Dave Clark directly and he'll make sure you have what you need.
2/19/06 Alex Lauretano is #1 in the World in Junior Women's Jump
2/19/06 Preliminary Summary of Winter Meetings Posted
2/19/06 Website Pages converted to PHP
.. for improved ability to update sections globally, etc. Please report any bad links to webmaster. If you have bookmarked any pages, change the last three letters of the URL from .htm to .php to get to the corresponding page.
12/13/05 Any officials in need of clinic credit or upgrade testing at the Winter Meeting, please contact Doug Robbins, (724) 816-1995.
12/13/05 Please renew your USAWS membership by 12/31/06
So that you will be included in any database output generated by USAWS.
12/5/05 EVP Posts Fall Newsletter
As determined at the 2005 Summer Meeting by membership direction and council vote, the newsletter will be posted on line and distributed via e-mail, not sent out in hard copy form to AWSA members in Eastern Region states as in the past. Please inform other AWSA members.
Highlights: 1) The Winter Meeting & Clinics will take place on Saturday & Sunday 1/7 & 1/8/06 at the Middletown Courtyard by Mariott in Middletown, NY. Thanks to John Corkery for his efforts in finding the site for the meeting & clinics. 2) Officials are needed for the 2006 Regionals & Nationals. 3) Tournament sanctions are due Jan. 1, 2006. 4) Perfect Pass displays and system menus are revised for 2006. Speed Control clinic Sunday morning will cover and demonstrate.
12/5/05 National Junior & Junior Development Water Ski Teams, 2006
Top junior water ski athletes from across the nation have been selected to the National Junior Water Ski Team and the National Junior Development Water Ski Team for 2006. More info.
11/18/05 Draft of tournament schedule for 2006, updated 11/20, 12/5, 12/23, 2/27/06 and possibly later.
10/13/05 Email List to facilitate Jr Dev communication
An email list is being created for communication throughout the winter and ongoing to bring everyone up to speed with whats happening with Jr. Development. All interested juniors, parents and others, please send your email address to Hutch Haines.
10/3/05 Alex Lauretano sets new Eastern Region records...
in slalom, trick and overall, at both the CanAm and Jack Travers' Record.
9/26/05 Scores updated again. (Photos, too.)
If you do not see your scores here, please request the chief scorer from the tournament to send them in. Seeding needs LZH file, webmaster needs HTM file. Email address sends to both of us. If scores were recorded manually, an Excel or other electronic file is fine for website.
8/31/05 USA Waterski new "real-time" national rankings list.
8/29/05 Hartford Courant story about Wyatt Haines.
8/28/05 Winter meeting minutes added.
8/14/05 WSTIMS 3.46 was released on Aug. 10, posted.
8/14/05 New Ski Year has begun, Note to Scorers and Tournament Officials
Please remember to download new entry list templates. Do not re-use entry list templates from an '05 event. Some skiers have changed divisions after Nationals and you will be helping our seeding officials greatly if you provide the correct information. WSTIMS 3.46 release
7/27/05 Junior Development Reports & Announcements at the 2005 Eastern Regionals
All Star Team Members and Recipients of Most Improved Awards,
The Pond in Avon Connecticut is Getting Serious about Junior Development,
Junior Development Report for the 2005 Eastern Regional Summer Meeting
7/25/05 Complete scores from Regionals posted.
7/19/05 Classified section now online.
7/19/05 Tonight is the deadline for website postings prior to regionals
7/13/05 Alex Lauretano on 2005 Junior Team
7/11/05 Junior Development Funds Raised at Mass. State Champs
Kaleidoscope Imprints of Cape Cod, owned by Steve Karras, donated t-shirts for this year's Mass. State Championship tournament. The ENTIRE cost of the shirts (shirts, printing, shipping, layout, etc.) was donated by Steve's company, Kaleidoscope. Some enthusiastic juniors including Stephanie and Jennifer Tee participated in the sale of the t-shirts, raising almost $700 to-date, slated for the Junior Development Fund. If a club or tournament is interested in these fine quality shirts for their own club or tournament please contact Steve directly at or 508-778-1228.
7/8/05 Remembering Scott Worthington
7/8/05 Junior Development Needs Your Help
Lack of funds from the USOC this year, proposing additional Junior Development donation added to the 2006 National entry fee.
7/6/05 Young Expressions Magazine Feature Story on Alex Lauretano
Good press for Alex and water skiing exposure to a different group of teens.
7/1/05 Volunteer(s) needed for Junior Development Auction
A volunteer is needed to coordinate and run the Junior Development auction at the 2005 Eastern Regional Water Ski Championships. Contact Pat Byrne for details…
6/29/05 Regional Tournament Guidebook POLL -- completed
Would you prefer to receive future Regional Tournament Guidebooks in electronic or paper form?
6/29/05 Help Requested in order to hold a Tournament at Sanford, ME
Date is August 14th (Sunday). If there is enough interest, then maybe the 13th also. Possibly 2 sanctions / 2 tournaments. Needed: Chief Driver, Safety Director, Chief Scorer, One more Regular Judge, Another Driver would help, Somebody to set up jump measuring (we don't have video, but would welcome it), BOATS!!!!!!! If able to help, please contact Dave Robbins
6/28/05 Jennifer Frederick-Kelly baby news, photo of McKenzie Elizabeth
Our Eastern Region seeding person had a baby Wednesday, 6/22, 7 lbs.
6/26/05 2005 Tournament Scores are starting to come in
Please be sure you are sending them to the current email address. This will ensure they get to both Jennifer Frederick-Kelly and the webmaster.
6/8/05 Attention Out-of-Region Skiers at Regionals
Any skiers wishing to ski out of region at the 2005 Eastern Regionals, or any Eastern Regional skiers wishing to ski in another region need to obtain approval from EVP’s of both affected regions prior to the tournament. This is in accordance with AWSA Rules. Additionally participation in a Regional championship tournament is required to ski Nationals.
Cellular telephone service is unavailable at Lake Holly, the site of the 2005 Eastern Regionals, so communication will not be available once the Regional tournament begins. Skiers who have not obtained prior approval to ski out of region or wait until after the start of the regional tournament to obtain approval, risk being unable to participate in the Regional tournament they have entered.
Doug Robbins, EVP - Eastern Region, 724-816-1995

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