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Website Structure and Page Layout Changes Being Made

Updated 12/13/06

12/13/06—The Forum is not being used. Additionally, the membership form is being spammed daily with fake registrants hoping to market their products. Please consider whether we want this as a tool, let your council and presidents know, and we will make a decision at winter meeting whether to continue or remove it.

The move of to a new server is complete. (There has been no change to Junior development registration and funding poll working again.

11/6/06— being moved to new server. Some polls and website inquiry forms temporarily disabled (just to save the work if they're no longer used).

3/19/05—Continue to add page structure and links to pages that don't have them yet. Getting ski sites updated.

3/9/05—Some of the outdated pages cleaned up today include:

  • Removed those federation pages that simply had (outdated) presidents and council. That information (current) can already be found on the Officers page. If you do not see an entry for your name or state, please provide it to Doug Robbins and myself. (If you only provide it to me, it will be overwritten the next time Doug provides me an updated database.)

A request for your help in updating the ski sites map, if you are the responsible party, please contact me. If you are not the responsible party but know how to contact them directly, please do (and save me the time).

  • Cedar Lake, MA, Paul Girouard unreachable at specified email address
  • Removed several other broken links to sites

A few other notes/observations:

  • is expiring 13-Mar-2005. Admin contact on registration is unreachable, donbm@JAVANET.COM, Barry...

3/7/05—I've worked on a layout that includes navigation to all major sections of the site on every page and sub-navigation within sections to eliminate the majority of clicking "back" to the home page to get to other pages. As in any major change, applying this to all pages will take some time.

Your input is welcome. All major categories should be included in the upper left. If something is missing, let me know. In some sections, there will be navigation to other section pages (sub-nav) in the upper right. I will attempt to include all archived pages that are currently linked. Again, if you see something disappear, please let me know. This task is only partially finished.


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Please support the maintenance of this website by placing your business ad.