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at 2009-2011 Eastern Regionals
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Updated 01/23/2021
12/5/13 Looking for officials for 2014 Regionals and Nationals
Looking for senior officials from VA to ME to judge, drive, safety and score at the 2014 Regionals and Nationals. Throw some names in the hat. Send via Facebook or email Tonya. Also, if you have never worked a Regionals or Nationals, don't be shy... we want you!! Consider attending the winter meeting as well.
11/25/13 Applications to host Regionals posted
11/6/13 2014 NOPS Tables Now Available in WSTIMS For Window
A new version of WSTIMS For Windows was released on Novermber 5th 2013 that includes the 2014 NOPS tables.
10/29/13 2014 Winter Meeting Announced
10/1/13 The 2014 NOPS Tables Are Not Available At This Time
The 2014 NOPS tables are still not available. The Seeding representatives are accepting tournament ZIP files and uploading them to the system to keep the Ranking List functioning for the skiers performances. When we get the new tables, you will need to rerun your Performance data file and the two scorebooks and re-submit them so that the posted scorebooks and the Ranking List Overall scores will match and the posted scorebook results for your tournament will be official according to the Rule book. Only 3 event tournaments that need to take any action.
9/13/13 Rob Clark Passed Away
Rob Clark, M4 skier from NY state, passed away on August 26 of melanoma cancer. He fought a long battle and will be deeply missed. Read obituary. See NY Stated Fed Facebook page.
8/22/13 Regionals Bids Needed
Alert: currently we do not have an official bid for regionals next year. If your club/ski team are interested in bidding or would like more information on what it takes please contact Tonya Maurer, EVP or one of our Regional Search & Site Committee members: John Davis, Bill Putnam and Bill Harris.
8/22/13 Eastern Region Skiers Honored after Nationals
Please see the attched AWSA 2013 U.S. NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS PERPETUAL AWARDS AND SCHOLARSHIPS. Several Eastern Region skiers were honored with awards including Jonathan Pullano (B2 Slalom) and Quinn Haines (B2 Trick) as most improved since last year in their divisions and Mike McNealey as the outstanding Announcer at the AWSA Nationals. Congrats to all! You can view all the Nationals results here.
8/22/13 Records have been updated, please review
7/18/13 Nationals Officials Volunteers Needed
7/13/13 AWSA East has a YouTube channel
Let's make use of it. Let webmaster know of other good waterski channels out there.
7/12/13 Clarification Regarding AWSA Records
According to Richelle Matli, Rules Committee chairperson for the American Water Ski Association, effective July 11, 2013 and going forward, the following rules interpretation will be used regarding submission of national records. This interpretation will follow the stipulations of AWSA Rule 1.07.
AWSA 14.01: Only skiers with U.S. citizenship may set records; this includes those with dual citizenship. However, a competitor who skis in international competition for another federation shall not be eligible to set a record for two years following their performance in that international competition.
5/21/13 ZeroOff presentation noted by Al Harris
There is excellent new material on ZeroOff Rev R now on the USAWS 3 Event website under "Towboats & Speed Control." The material includes a clinic presentation on ZO that is the best ever, plus info on the new Nautique screen interface and other useful stuff. Credit to Will Bush for the highly excellent clinic presentation.
2/15/13 Mass. WaterSki Association seeking historical info
Attention all Massachusetts skiers and former Massachusetts skiers. Mike Tilton and Dave Allen are undergoing an effort to compile, post, and maintain state records for slalom, trick and jump. Unfortunately this has not been done in many, many years and all previous data was lost. We are starting with scores from the past 10 years as provided by the AWSA Ranking List that gives us a good start and we are looking to supplement this information with scores from past regional guide standings and submissions from folks that have reliable memories. Also, our data from the last 10 years only includes skiers that are currently registered as Massachusetts USAWS members, therefore if anyone has a score they would like to submit from a skier not currently a Mass resident but was at the time of the score that would be acceptable. Scores can be submitted to Dave Allen or Mike Tilton.
2/15/13 Tournament Scores page updated
Although scores are no longer posted here (see USA WaterSki), live scoring, score recaps, and trick videos are now posted at different resources accessible from the tournament scores page.
2/9/13 Q&Ps Posted For U.S. Water Ski Teams
The qualifications and procedures for selecting respective U.S. water ski teams competing in international tournaments in 2013 and 2014 are now available in the Athletes' Resources section (located on the left-side menu of the USA Water Ski Web site).
1/23/13 Drivers
USA Water Ski Trained Boat Drivers and Sport Discipline-rated Drivers Who Received Their Driver Rating before April 1, 2012: Beginning 1/1/2013, all drivers who received their rating prior to April 1, 2012, must submit to and pass a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Review before 12/31/2013, and every two (2) years thereafter, as part of their quantitative requirements to renew their driver rating. USA Water Ski will send an e-mail reminder to all affected drivers in 2013. Drivers who wish to complete their MVR Review prior to being notified may follow the instructions provided here.
1/22/13 2013 Tournament Schedule posted
12/13/12 Officials Needed for Regionals and Nationals
OFFICIALS -- PLEASE NOTE -- If you are interested in and willing to work at Regionals and/or Nationals, please e-mail Pat Byrne to express your interest. The Officials who work at Regionals and who represent the Eastern Region at Nationals will be selected at the winter meeting.
12/9/12 2013 Winter Meeting Announced
12/3/12 — Bill Fosbenner requests that we start sanctioning our tournaments ASAP
9/28/12 — Mark Rossi passed away
Mark Rossi, father of Chris and Tony, and brother of Alan (deceased), passed away Saturday with family at his side. Mark was a pioneer in establishing tournament water skiing in Vermont and had a lasting impact on our sport. He was a devoted family man and a friend to all. Mark's obituary can be viewed here. His life will be remembered and celebrated tomorrow, Sept. 29, at 11 a.m.. in the East Barre Congregational Church. There are no calling hours. Be in touch if you need directions.
9/28/12 — Update on Congratulations to Quinn Haines!
Quinn won the under 13 jump event with a 127' jump! He was 6th in trick, 3rd in slalom, and #2 overall at the Pan Am Championships. Following is the link to the results & video clips...
9/12/12 — Congratulations to Quinn Haines!
Quinn won slalom and jump titles at the 2012 Can Am Championships in a winning effort for United States under 13 team. Article and results of the tournament:
8/16/12 — Russell Cole passed away
Russ Cole died suddenly and unexpectedly on Friday, August 10. He is survived by his beloved wife of 26 years, Elizabeth "DeeDee" (Hillard) Cole and his son, Randy Cole, M1 competitor. Russ was from Holden, MA, and was a M5 slalom and trick competitor. In addition to enjoying free-skiing at Long Pond in Rutland, MA, he spent much time at Adams Pond in Oakham, MA and at Pangaea in NY skiing and helping in countless ways. He will be sorely missed by the many people whose lives he touched. Obituary.
8/8/12 — 2012 Eastern Regionals Scorebook
8/5/12 — Pat Byrne offers thanks
Thanks again to everyone for making the 2012 Eastern Regional Championship Tournament a fantastic and most memorable event. The Organizing Committee and their army of volunteers did a fantastic job of preparing for the event and reacting as needed during the event. The Officials did a great job in executing the tournament and muscling through any and all technical issues to deliver the end result. George's passion and love for his paradise is evident everywhere you look and in everything you experience while you are at the site. Great, great, great job everyone. Thank you!
NEW 8/5/12 — Chris Rossi 2nd at Malibu Open
7/31/12 — 100th Tournament Celebration at John's Lake
A plaque was given to John Autore and his family for the many years of dedication to waterskiing and their 100 waterski tournaments at John's Lake. See photo.
7/19/12 — Safety Clinic at Pangaea Regionals 8/3
Safety Clinic to be offered by Pat Byrne on Friday, August 3rd at Pangaea Regionals in Canajoharie. He can hold it at the end of the ski day or fit it in during the competition day. Please contact Pat with your interest and what time of day your preference would be. Cell: 860-205-4182.
7/19/12 — New Judging Rule related to minimum speed and qualification
7/19/12 — Skier Clinic at Pangaea 7/20
Mike Shelhamer has coordinated a clinic with Karen Stevens (Mark Stevens daughter, Mark was our pan am judge from Canada last year). Karen is skiing the pro tour and is ranked top 10 internationally, she's proven to be great with kids. The clinic will occur on Friday (7/20) with the Pre Regional Tournament happening that weekend - so this is a great opportunity to get some coaching then hit the water for the tournament! Price will be $40 for kids and $50 for old kids. Contact Mike.
7/11/12 — AWSA President
AWSA is open for nominations for President. Term for the new President will be effective on August 13, 2012. The Chairman of the Board and the President must be current Directors who have served for at least one year; past Directors who have served at least three years; or Honorary National Directors. Any interested candidates please contact AWSA President Gene Davis at as soon as possible, and copy AWSA VP Barry Young at as well.
7/11/12 — AWSA Treasurer
AWSA is in immediate need of a Treasurer. Financial and/or accounting experience is required for this position. The Treasurer is the chief financial officer of AWSA and shall be responsible for the control of AWSA funds and the maintenance of appropriate records. The Treasurer shall be a member of the AWSA Executive Committee. Any interested candidates please contact AWSA President Gene Davis at as soon as possible.
6/21/12 — Cameron Davis Decision
A USA Water Ski hearing panel has granted the appeal of Cameron Davis and ordered that Cameron's Girls 1 tricks score of 40 points be reinstated as her official score from the 2011 GOODE Water Ski National Championships in Wilmington, Ill. The official scorebook has been revised to reflect this correction. Cameron, age 3, becomes the youngest competitor ever to ski at the Water Ski National Championships.
6/8/12 — Recommended Scoring Action For Men 3-6 Slalom Skiers Seeking OPEN MEN Qualification
Important Notice For All Officials and Skiers From AWSA Rules Committee. Richelle Matli, Chair of the AWSA Rules Committee, has issued a ruling and work around for Men 3-6 Slalom skiers seeking Open Men qualifications. Summary available here. The complete details are in the Judges section for the Chief Scorers to use at tournaments and the information of the membership.
6/7/12 — Lucky Lowe Clinic at Dube's July 8
Lucky Lowe will be doing a clinic on July 8th at 12:00. $ 45.00 per set. If anyone is interested please email or call Susan Merck at 978-375-1684. This clinic will be at Dube's Pond in Hookset, NH.
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