New York Federation

President: Ron Stephens
Vice President: Glennn Snyder
Secretary/Treasurer: Jennifer Frederick
Council Representatives: Alan Frederick, Dean Rudy

New York State has long been known for its beautiful recreational lakes which offer an endless variety of activities for boaters and skiers. From the numerous lakes available in the Adirondack region, the Thousand Island area, the Finger Lakes of Central New York, and the Allegheny (Kinzua) Reservoir, and Chautauqua Lake, you could ski a different lake each day all summer long and never run out of sites.

If you are into competitive skiing, New York State boasts the largest number of ski sites and largest number of AWSA members of any state in the Eastern Region. One of the first-state water ski federations was organized in the early sixties by Hank Miner (past AWSA President), Maurice Switzer, and other skiers in the area. For the 1996 season, we are offering 18 tournaments at 9 different locations. In addition to class "C' meets, there will be Record Capability, Novice, and Jr. Development Clinics held throughout the year.

Our competitive roots began back at public sites such as Balston Lake and Oneida Lake and then evolved into one of the first private man made sites in the country at Jud Spencer's Lake. In fact, the very first Water Ski National were held at Jones' Beach off Long Island way back in 1939. Today, NYS is home to some of the best private sites available. They include JARS Pond in Lima, Pangaea Puddle in Canajoharie, Peck's Pond in Cato, Twin Lakes in Monroe, Bowen's Pond in Auburn, Hank's Pond in Central Square, Harkie's Lake in Sheldon, and of course Spencer's Training Camp in Owego. Schwan's Pond in Conesus is on the drawing board and has begun some preliminary digging so we hope to add this site to our list in the near future.

Twin Lakes in Monroe is one of our best 3 event sites and has been selected as the site of the 1999 Eastern Regionals. There is a lot of enthusiasm in the state over new sites, the emergence of talented junior skiers helped in much part by the clinics held at Peck's Pond, and by the community of skiers who each weekend during the summer put their energies into making New York State tournaments some of the best in the country!

Alan Frederick