Attention: Overall Skiers


NOPS Scoring Revision

Part 1


Overall Skiers please note that a revision has been made to the NOPS calculations.  This revision was the result of an in depth study initiated by the Skiers Rating Committee with input and support of the Rules Committee.  With the approval of the Board of Directors, this revision becomes effective with the commenment of the 2002 US Nationals.


The purpose of the revision was to provide uniformity and comparability of performances across all three events and across divisions as well.  Following is the new rule”


5.03 Overall Scoring

(a)    Overall scoring will change effective with the commencement of the 2002 National Tournament.  Accordingly, paragraph (1) will remain in effect until that date, at which time it will expire and paragraph (2) will become effective.


(2)    National Overall Performance Scoring (NOPS).  In scoring for overall positions within each division, each competitor's NOPS for an event shall be calculated from his performance in that event, relative to the rating levels for that event, according to the following table:



NOPS Score



First Class








National Record (NR)




The exact NOPS value for raw performances that fall between any two rating levels in the table will be computed by linear interpolation between those levels in this table.  The NOPS value for performances that exceed the national record level will be computed by linear extrapolation from that final range (EP to NR level).  The exact equation to calculate NOPS values for any division and event is:


NOPS = LRN+((HRN-LRN)*(P- LRP)/(HRP-LRP)) where:


LRN - The NOPS corresponding to the lower rating (200, 400, 600, etc)

HRN - The NOPS corresponding to the higher rating

P - The skier's raw performance,

LRP - The Performance Standard for the lower rating, and

HRP - The Performance Standard for the higher rating


The prefixes LR and HR refer to the lower and higher rating entries in the table, on either side of the specific skier performance score for which the NOPS is to be calculated.  In the event the skier's score is above the NR level, then these two levels will be the EP and NR. Open Men and Open Women divisions will use the performance standards from Men 1and Women 1, respectively, for the rating levels from first class to EP. 


For example, a division for which the Trick performance standards are 2000 points for a Masters rating and 2800 points for an EP rating, and where the National Record is 5000.  A skier in this division whose raw trick performance is 2200 points would then earn a NOPS of 600+((800-600)*(2200-2000)/(2800-2000))=650.   Another skier with a raw trick performance of 3400 would then earn a NOPS of 800+((1500-800)*(3400-2800)/(5000-2800))= 991.


Given this normalization of NOPS values to rating levels, the performance qualification for a NOPS EP rating (2 EP's and 1 Masters) will become a uniform 2200 points for all age divisions.  See rule 4.02(c).


If a tie still results when the scores are carried to the first decimal, the overall winner will be decided by the highest single event NOPS score. The second highest event NOPS score will be used if a tie continues to exist.


Run-offs of ties are used solely to determine placement in an event and are not used for any other purpose such as scoring overall, setting records, or achieving ratings higher than Expert.


Tournament Sponsors, Chief Officials and 3-Event Skiers, please communicate this announcement to your fellow skiers!