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AWSA Seeks Bids For 2010 Nationals

Updated 3/10/09

The American Water Ski Association (AWSA) is seeking bids from clubs interested in hosting the 2010 AWSA Nationals. Unlike previous years in which a three-lake (minimum) site was required, AWSA has modified this contractual stipulation and will now consider bids from two-lake sites.

A joint statement from each of the five AWSA executive vice presidents is below.

"AWSA Nationals in 2010 – Dare we say it - on 2 lakes?

Can't be done – too long! And so the comments went when we shifted from a
four- to a three-lake site for the AWSA National Tournament in 2006 and 2007. There were no other options because there were no other bids. But we did it; and it only took one extra day – a sixth. Now here we are at another crossroads. AWSA currently has no bids for the 2010 Nationals.

Oh no, a two-lake site...can't be done; way too long! But it can be done. The
numbers were crunched, and the areas where time can be saved were noted. The tournament can be completed in seven days. It just takes some concentration on eliminating "gap" times and making some other managerial tweaks that show great potential.

Do you have a knack for some adventure? Do you live on a two-lake site that is accessible? Are there nice hotels nearby? Is there a center levee from which the activities can be directed? Bidding is an e-mail exercise and you start by contacting Brandon Wolf.

This can be done and your club could become legendary as the first site to host the AWSA Nationals on a two-lake site in the 21st century! You can do it; talk it up!"




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