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Jamie Marsh
Ashley Robbins
JJ Paulovich

taken by Chris Goodhue
APF Photography

at 2009-2011 Eastern Regionals
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2006 Eastern Region Junior Development Waterski Team

Updated 5/16/06

Boys 1........Boys 2 ........Boys 3........Girls 1........Girls 2........Girls 3

Chad Meny
Chad Meny....B1
Zachery Adams
Zachery Adams....B2
Blake Alessandroni
Blake Alessandroni....B2
Hi, I'm Blake. I'm in the 8th grade. I'm really excited to get back out on the water skiing. In 2005 I placed 1st overall at Eastern Regionals and 8th overall at Nationals. I hope to do even better this season and look forward to competing at Nationals in California. I also enjoy playing hockey and lacrosse, and am a Jr. black belt in karate. Special thanks to Bob McGraw, Sam, Becky Bartlett, Chip Jones, Abenaki Ski Club and my parents. Hope everyone here in the East has a great year!
Matthew Cole
Matthew Cole....B2
Wyatt Haines
Wyatt Haines....B2
Eric Kronenwetter
Eric Kronenwetter....B2
Colin Pottbecker
Colin Pottbecker....B2
Tim Reinken....B2  
Tyler Tworzydlo
Tyler Tworzydlo....B2
Eddie Whitlock
Eddie Whitlock....B2
Tommy Wiley
Tommy Wiley....B2
Wynn Berns
Wynn Berns....B3
Randy Cole
Randy Cole....B3
Keith Corkery
Keith Corkery....B3
Tyler Dawson
Tyler Dawson....B3
Chris Driggers
Chris Driggers....B3
Keegan George....B3  
David Mahoney
David Mahoney....B3
Sam Massa
Sam Massa....B3
YO! I'm Sam Massa. I live in Clifton Virginia. I dont really know how long I've been skiing.... so I guess you'll have to guess :-) I go to the New School of Northern Virginia. Its cool... im in the 10th grade. This summer I will be working at Cobles in NC. I just submitted paperwork for USAWS level 1 coaching certification. For last season, thanks to My dad, the Driggers, Lohrs and Coble's for all the help. I was 1 foot short of Nationals in jump and I'm not going to let that happen again this season. I'll ski y'all later
Alex Monahan
Alex Monahan....B3
Jon Paulovich
Jon Paulovich....B3
Ben Spear
Ben Spear....B3
Neal Williams
Neal Williams....B3
I'm 15 years old and a freshman in high school, where I participate on the Great Bridge Crew Team. I'll look forward to skiing with you all this year.
Rachel Fosbenner
Rachel Fosbenner....G1
I am in third grade, love horses, water and snow skiing, like to read, enjoy scrapbooking, writing and drawing, watching car races with Dad and loving baby Zach. I am thankful for the great coaching of "Mr Rick" (Taylor)and my family encourgement. I am sponsored by my Dad. Kristi Overton Johnson is my favorite skier-role model. I hope to qualify for my first nationals this year.
Julian Haines....G1 Hi my name is Julian. I am in 4th grade at Pine Grove School. I am 9 years old and ski in girls 1. I like playing soccer and basketball. My goals are to practice a little harder and to make 28 miles per hour skiing this year.
Roxanne Toussaint
Roxanne Toussaint....G1
Caroline Cooper
Caroline Cooper....G2
Randolph Cooper
Randolph Cooper....G2
Haley Haines
Haley Haines....G2
Brittney Jackson
Brittney Jackson....G2
Danielle Loving
Danielle Loving....G2
Rachel McNealey
Rachel McNealey....G2
Hi, my name is Rachel McNealey. I am 11 years old. Last year was my first year of competition. I play the piano and I dance - during the OFF-Season, but skiing is basically my life. I have one little sister, two cats and one dog. I hope everyone has a great season and skis well.
Julia Monahan
Julia Monahan....G2
Kaylee Ware
Kaylee Ware....G2
Ellie Whitlock
Ellie Whitlock....G2
Kaitlyn Zuzulock
Kaitlyn Zuzulock....G2
My name is Kaitlyn and I am in 5th grade at National Park Elementary School. Besides waterskiing, I enjoy cheerleading, soccer and rock climbing. I would like to thank my Dad, the Taylor sisters and all of my other ski friends from the South Jersey Ski Club and the No Hassle Ski Club for helping me with my skiing.
Taylor Berns
Taylor Berns....G3
Michaela Cooper
Michaela Cooper....G3
Suzanne Cooper
Suzanne Cooper....G3
Alex Lauretano
Alex Lauretano....G3
Abbey Roarke
Abbey Roarke....G3
Hi! I'm Abbey. I'm a Junior at West Springfield High School in West Springfield, MA and I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL SUMMER! I enjoy water skiing at Avon Old Farms Waterski Club in Avon,CT. Besides waterskiing, my other hobbies include art, field hockey, track, snow skiing and snowboarding, playing the piano, and singing. I'd like to thank ALL of my family and friends at Avon for all their help, support, and encouragement; especially MATT BYRNE and Mr. Byrne!
Lisa Roarke
Lisa Roarke....G3
Lindsay Taylor
Lindsay Taylor....G3
Katie Tilton
Katie Tilton....G3

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