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2004 Eastern Region Junior Development Teams

Updated 1/16/04

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Wyatt Haines Wyatt Haines....B1
I am in 3rd grade at Pinegrove School in Avon, CT. I ski with my family at the pond in Avon. Last year I won the regionals in slalom and set a Connecticut record. I also like to go to ski school in Florida with my dad. I like to snow ski and snowboard.  
Tommy Wiley Tommy Wiley....B2
I am in fourth grade this year and also compete in soccer, snowski racing, and lacrosse. I train at Twin Lakes Monroe, NY. I have gone to the Nationals for the last three years.
Eddie Whitlock Eddie Whitlock....B2
I had fun competing for the first time in 2003. It was awesome getting to ski at Nationals. I move up to Boys 2 this year, so I’m working really hard to be ready. I got a PB at Ski Paradise in Acapulco on New Years Day and Gordon let me sign a bottle for his wall of fame. I’m really enjoying tricks and slalom. I also like wrestling, skateboarding, basketball, singing with my sisters and playing drums. I want to thank Steve and Ann Lohr, Gordon Rathbun and Chet Raley for helping me.
Eric Kronenwetter Eric Kronenwetter....B2
Hi, my name is Eric Kronenwetter. I'm a sixth grader at St. Patrick school in Fredericksburg, Va. I like to play basketball, football, lacrosse, and hang out with my friends. This is my second year in boys two. This year I hope to make it to nationals in jump and slalom. I would like to thank my parents and Lake of the Woods ski club. Water skiing rocks!
Neal Williams Neal Williams....B2
Missing Bio 
Blake Alessandroni Blake Alessandroni....B2
Hi, I'm in the 6th grade. I ski with the Abenaki Ski Club in Wolfeboro, NH. I enjoy competing in all 3 events and hope to make it to the Regionals and Nationals this year. I love all water sports in the summer, hockey in the winter and Lacrosse in the spring. I would like to especially thank Becky Bartlett, my mom and dad, the Abenaki skiers and everyone at Jack Travers for there help and support. I look forward to 2004 in B2.
Justin Gotthardt Justin Gotthardt....B2
Missing Bio
Alex Monahan Alex Monahan....B2
Hi, I'm Alexander Monahan and I am 12 and in 7th grade at Fredericksburg Academy. This is my first year on the Jr. Dev. Team. My greatest skiing accomplishment was making Regionals and placing 6th. I also enjoy soccer and swimming. This year I want to make it to Nationals but most of all I want to have fun. I would like to thank the Driggers, the Lohr's and most of all my parents. Ski You Later!
Tyler Dawson Tyler Dawson....B2
HI! My name is Tyler Dawson. I live in Woodbridge Virgina and attend Rippon Middle School. I am 12 years old. This year I am going to regionals and nationals in boys 2. My goal for this year is to run my 28 off pass. I would like to thank my mom and dad , Bill, Kyle, Lindsay, Julie Mahan and everyone at Lake Holly Ski Club for a Great 2003 ski season.
Keegan George Keegan George....B3
Hi my name is Keegan I'm 13 and in the eighth Grade. This is my first year in B3 and my goal is to qualify in all three events this year at regionals. I want to thank My Dad, Mr. and Mrs. Lohr and Mr. Driggers for there help last year. I am also involved in swimming, soccer, wrestling, track, Virginia Civil Air Patrol and hope to be a pilot someday.

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Zach Davis Zach Davis....B3
Hey! I'm Zach Davis. I am 13 years old. This is my first year in B3. I'm looking forward to skiing this year. I placed 3rd in 2003 regionals. I also placed 17th in the my 1st nationals. I play other sports like baseball, and snowboard, and snow ski. Have a good season.
Sam Massa Sam Massa....B3
Hello, My name is Sam Massa. I live in Clifton Virginia. My favorite sports are Water Skiing and Rock climbing. My goal this year is to make it to regionals again. I also enjoy being a DJ with my company TechnFX.
Kevin Jack Kevin Jack....B3
Hi. My name is Kevin Jack, I'm 17 years old and am going into my senior year at Cheverus High. I've been water skiing competitively for three years now. I also play baseball and hockey. I can't wait for this summer, and good luck to everyone. Special thanks to my parents, Dave Robbins and the Highland Lake Skiers, and Bob Mcgraw. See you this summer!
Wynn Berns Wynn Berns....B3
Hi, I'm Wynn Berns and this will be my second year in Boys 3. Last year I got 3rd at Eastern Regionals. I hope to go to National's this year.  I live in New London, NH and I am in 9th grade at Proctor Academy. I am on their ski team and soccer team. I also love to wakeboard.
Ben Spear Ben Spear....B3
Hey everyone! I'm so happy that its summer and am glad that I finally get to ski again. Umm I don't know what else to write. I will be a junior at PFHs. I like surfing, snowboarding, wrestling, playing the drums, and skiing. I would like to thank Timberlake Ski Club, Curtis Sheers, Marc Bedsole, Chet Raley, The hammels, the Hinmans, dana (for letting me live with him), and everyone else who has helped me out over the years. HI MOM
Eddie Wiley Eddie Wiley....B3
I am a freshman in high school and compete in snow ski racing and lacrosse. I train at Twin Lakes in Monroe, NY. I have made it to the Nationals since I was 9 and hope to again this year.
Jon Paulovich Jon Paulovich....B3
HI, my name is Jon Jon, In 2003 as a first year boys 3 skier I finished 1st in Slalom, 1st in Trick, 5th in Jump and 1st Overall at the Avon Regionals. I also competed in slalom and trick at the Nationals. My goal for 2004 is to compete in all 3 events at the 04 Nationals in West Palm Beach, Fl. 
Keith Corkery Keith Corkery....B3
Hey. I’m Keith Corkery and I am a freshman at Paramus Catholic High School in Paramus, N.J. My interests are playing guitar, playing my drum set, soccer, and snowboarding. I would like to thank all of my coaches who helped me last year and I look forward for the upcoming season.
Steven Bender Steven Bender....B3
I'm Steven Bender, a junior at Algonquin Regional High School in Northborough MA. I ski with the Fort Meadow Ski Club. I want to thank Dave Allen for his coaching, his patience, and his Malibu. I'd also like to thank the Goodhues for hosting our state tournaments. In the off season I play varsity and club soccer as well as varsity hockey. 
Jason Driggers Jason Driggers....B3
Jason is 16 years old and attends Faith Baptist School in Fredericksburg VA. He would like to thank the Lohr family for the use of their pond and all their help the past few years. He also wants to encourage more skiers from Lake of the Woods to compete this year.

Chris Driggers Chris Driggers....B3
This will be Chris's second year in Boys 3. He really likes to jump and slalom. Thanks to Steve and Ann Lohr for the use of the lake last year and all their coaching expertise. He skis regularly with the Lake of the Woods ski club which has great volunteers like Dan Sutphin and Tim Murphy. Thanks everyone!!
Zachary Rudy Zachary Rudy....B3
Hi, I'm Zak. I am in the 8th grade at Baytrail Middle School in Penfield NY. I have been competing in water skiing for 7 years. Besides water skiing I enjoy boy scouts, football, and playing my trumpet. I slalom, trick, and jump and also enjoy going out for a wakeboard ride. Thanks to all for your support and have a great year!! -Zak
Randy Cole Randy Cole....B3
I am looking forward to the 2004 season and hope to qualify for regionals.
I enjoy snowboarding and playing the guitar.
Caroline Cooper Caroline Cooper....G1
Missing Bio 
Ellie Whitlock Ellie Whitlock....G1
2003 was my first year competing and I was so excited to make it to Nationals. I'll be in Girls 1 again and my goal is to get to Nationals again and improve my performance in tricks and slalom. When I'm not skiing, I like singing with my brother and sister, piano, violin, gymnastics, basketball and tubing. Thanks to Steve and Ann Lohr, Gordon Rathbun, and Chet Raley for all the help.
Kaitlyn Zuzulock Kaitlyn Zuzulock....G1
My name is Kaitlyn Zuzulock and I am in third grade at National Park Elementary School. This was my first Regionals and I had a very good time.
Other than water skiing, I enjoy soccer, softball, basketball and rock climbing. I would like to thank my Dad, the Taylors, Hunter and Tracy Phillips and everyone at the South Jersey Ski Club for their help and support. I look forward to skiing again in G1 and hopefully bringing some new friends with me.
Haley Haines Haley Haines....G2
I am in 5th grade at Pinegrove school in Avon, CT I ski at the pond in Avon with my whole family. I like to slalom, trick and sometimes jump. Last year I placed 1st in tricks and 2nd in slalom at the regionals. This year I moved up to Girls 2. My goal for 2004 is to ski in the Nationals. I also like to snow ski, knit and sing karaoke.
Jenny Crofton Jenny Crofton....G2
I am now  10 and in the 4th grade at Portsmouth Christian School.  I ski on the Nansemond River and I have a Black Lab who is also named Nansemond.   This was my 2nd year competing and my first year at the regionals.  I also enjoy piano, softball and basketball.  I can't wait until the next Jr. Development Clinic.  That was so much fun!
Julia Monahan Julia Monahan....G2
Hi! I'm Julia Monahan and this will be my second year water-skiing competitively. I am eleven and going into the seventh grade this fall at Fredericksburg Academy. This will be my 1st year in G2. Last year I really enjoyed Jr. Development camp and I'm really looking forward to it again. In 2003, I got 1st in slalom at Regionals and 13th overall in Nationals. I would like to thank the Lohrs, Driggers and Jr. Development for all their help. See ya on the water!
Samantha Rudy Samantha Rudy....G2
Hi I'm Sam. I am in G2 for the coming year. I am in 5th grade at Harris Hill elementary school in Penfield NY. I ski at hidden pass (Rochester, NY). Besides being a skier, I enjoy soccer, dancer, scouts, and playing the cello. I would like to thank my Dad for all his good coaching. Good luck to all the skiers this coming year.
Katie Tilton Katie Tilton....G2
Hello, my name is Katie Tilton and I live in Natick, MA.  I am 14 years old and go to Wilson Middle School.  I live and practice on lake Cochituate with my father and my older sister Kristen.  This year I placed fourth in the Eastern Regionals.  In my spare time I play Soccer, Softball, and basketball.  I also Snow Board and Snowmobile.
Taylor Adams Taylor Adams....G2
Hi! This is my last year in girls two and I plan to make the best of it. I got one Leg of my slalom EP done in the fall and am hoping to get the second one early in the season. Looking forward to see all my ski friends again this summer. Best of luck to all!
Taylor Berns Taylor Berns....G2
Hi, my name is Taylor Berns, I am in 7th grade and this is my 3rd year of girls 2. I enjoy a lot of sports such as, soccer, lacrosse, tennis, gymnastics, and I'm on the freestyle skiing team at Mt. Sunapee. I hope to do well and go to nationals this year!
Randolph Cooper Randolph Cooper....G2
Missing Bio
Lindsay Taylor Lindsay Taylor....G2
Hi! My name is Lindsay Taylor. I live in Langhorne, Pa. I am in the 7th grade in Neshaminy Middle School. Besides water skiing, my other hobbies include softball, soccer, field hockey, and snow skiing. I enjoy skiing at the South Jersey Ski Club. I'd like to thank my Dad for all his help.
Rachel Shepard Rachel Shepard....G3
Hey! My name is Rachel and I'm 13 years old. I am in the 7th grade at Nysmith School. This is my first year in g3. My last ski season went great. I got 10th at nationals in slalom and 6th in tricks. 32mph was the max speed for me last year and I started at 34 after the nationals. I hope to qualify for nationals this year in slalom. I would like to thank mom, dad, chet raley, the cobles, russell and marc.
Leanna Spear Leanna Spear....G3
I am a rising freshman at Potomac Falls High School. I am 14 years old. Besides skiing, I like to act, model, dance, shop and IM my friends. I am looking forward to a fun season and can't wait for warm weather and Nationals at Okaheelee. Thanks to Marc Bedsole,Chet Raley, Curtis Sheers,Brett Patton, my summer sister, Natalie Hammel, my brother Ben, the Hinmans and Roarkes and my parents.
Alex Lauretano Alex Lauretano....G3
Hey, I'm Alex and I'm 16. I ski at The Pond
in CT. Last year at Natioanls I placed 3rd in trick/jump and at the Jr US Open I placed 2nd overall. I'm on the JR US Water Ski Team and hold the eastern region ski fly record and co-hold the slalom record for G3. I would like to thank my coaches: Curtis,Jack,Chet,the Hinmans,Brenda, Brandi,Rhoni,Kreg,Brett and my parents. And anyone else I forgot--THANK YOU. I'm capt. of my school's field hockey team and I snow ski. Good Luck to everyone this year.
Abbey Roarke Abbey Roarke....G3
Hi! I'm Abbey. I'm 15 years old and enjoy water skiing at Avon Old Farms Waterski Club in Avon,CT. When I'm not skiing, I enjoy Art, playing field hockey, snow skiing and snowboarding, playing the piano and hanging out with my friends. I'd like to thank everyone at Avon for all their help and encouragement, especially the Hinmans, Curtis and Emma Sheers, Jaki, and Mr. Byrne. I can't wait to see everyone in the summer and wish you all the best of luck in 2004!
Courtney Swift Courtney Swift....G3
Missing Bio 
Michaela Cooper Michaela Cooper....G3
Hi! My name is Michaela Cooper. I am 14 years old and I live and ski at Smith Mountain Lake Virginia. Other than skiing I also enjoy playing the guitar, soccer and basketball. I want to thank my family, the Coble family and Rusty Richardson for all the help and support they give me.
Suzanne Cooper Suzanne Cooper....G3
Missing Bio

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