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Junior Development Program

Updated 2/19/06
Winter Meeting Minutes (Not Sure What Year ??)

As always, there will be instructional clinics this summer. The Virginia Federation will be holding 3  1-day clinics for its skiers under age 11 and taking its skiers over age 11 to Coble Ski School. This decision came about due to the increased # of skiers in Virginia. I assure you that other clubs will be hosting clinics this summer and I will keep you updated as I receive their information.

The Region is entertaining the idea of a traveling collegiate coach. He/She will visit 3-4 sites throughout the Region and offer 1 or 2 day clinics at each site. We are working closely with Phil Chase, the collegiate contact at AWSA, to develop a list of interested collegiate athletes. We will need hosting sites/clubs for this to happen. Please contact me if your club is interested. This program is made possible due to the overwhelming response and financial support given during the auction/raffle at the regional banquet in Avon, Ct. But again, it cannot happen without volunteer support from the Region.

Here is a list of Junior development team skiers separated by state: 19 in VA, MA/NJ each had 5, CT 4, NH 3, NY/PA each had 2, and ME/DE each had 1.

Three clinics were held in 2003— in May there was a clinic for 6 skiers; in June there were 2 clinics- 1 for 7 skiers and the other with 4 skiers; in July the Sparta clinic trained 22 skiers.


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