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2005 Junior Development Report for the 2005 Eastern Regional Summer Meeting

Posted 7/27/05

1. Thanks to Lake Holly for hosting the 2005 Eastern Regional Tournament.

2. Thanks to Pitts Pond for a great Junior Development Party.

3. All Regional Competitors in the Junior Divisions have completed Information Forms providing contact information for the Junior Skiers and their families. Junior Development State Coordinators should reach out to other skiers who did not attend the Regional Tournament to collect the same information.

4. Photos have been taken of all Junior Competitors at the Eastern Regional Tournament. These photos will be used in preparing the Junior Development Team section of the 2006 Eastern Region Tournament Guide.

5. With no auction of any significance to support Junior Development Fund Raising this year, the Junior Development Regional Coordinators have initiated two 50 – 50 Raffles – one for the Boys and one for the Girls. This concept has generated excitement and enthusiasm among the Junior Skiers in selling tickets for the raffle. The final results include $276 raised by the boys and $454 raised by the girls.

6. The Eastern Region Junior Development Committee presented each Junior Competitor at the Regional Tournament with a towel and a sweatshirt. Both were big hits with the recipients.

7. A petition is being circulated seeking support for Fund Raising efforts for Junior Development Programs at the National level. Please support the 50 – 50 Raffle for National Junior Development Programs.

8. The Eastern Region Junior Development bank account includes a balance of approximately $6,700. Of that amount, $1,950 has been spent on the towels and sweatshirts that were distributed to each Junior Competitor at the Regional Tournament. Fund Raising efforts at the 2005 Eastern Regional Tournament and the 2005 Massachusetts State Championship Tournament raised approximately $1,900, so the bank account balance will not change significantly. $705 was raised by Juniors at the Massachusetts State Championship Tournament from proceeds of T-Shirt sales at that event.

9. The Eastern Region Junior Development Committee would like to provide financial assistance to ski clubs and groups that host clinics for Junior Skiers. Funding is available up to $500 for clinics that benefit Junior Skiers.

10. With an alarmingly low number of Junior Skiers competing at the 2005 Eastern Regional Tournament, everyone is encouraged to find ways to promote Junior participation in competitive skiing.

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