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Jamie Marsh
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JJ Paulovich

taken by Chris Goodhue
APF Photography

at 2009-2011 Eastern Regionals
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Eastern Region Skiers Selected to National Water Ski Teams

Updated 2/19/06

Top junior water ski athletes from across the nation have been selected to the National Junior Water Ski Teams.

The National Junior Team consists of:

Rebecca Bond of Saint Cloud, Fla.
Dana Grubb of Sidney, Ill.
Caroline Hensley of Hixson, Tenn.
Alex Lauretano of Morris, Conn.
Olivia McDonald of Fayetteville, N.C.
Taylor Pavur of Santa Fe, Texas
Dakota Peterson of Martindale, Texas
Adam Pickos of Santa Rosa Beach, Fla.
Storm Selsor of Fremont, Calif.
Danielle Shipe of Orlando, Fla.
Jonathan Travers of Okahumpka, Fla.
Zack Worden of Deltona, Fla.

Official 2006 National Junior Development Team:
1 Alsbury, Scott West
2 Brooks, Courtney West
3 Brooks, Steven West
4 Curmi, Aaron South
5 Guyer, Carli South
6 Horton, Taylor West
7 Hurst, Chelsea South
8 Karempelis, Kyle South
9 Lindy, Alison Midwest
10 McClure, Kayla Midwest
11 McClure, Keri Midwest
12 McDonald, Haywood South
13 Mejia, Alberto South
14 Montavon, Elizabeth Midwest
15 Morris, Robert West
16 Nason, Ryan West
17 Paulovich, Jonathan East
18 Runion, Haley South
19 Schaffer, Dylan South
20 Scott, Tyler Central
21 Sligar, Danielle West
22 Spear, Benjamin East
23 Steffen, Zackary Midwest
24 Windle, Christopher South
2006 Alternates:
1 Ruehl, Samantha Midwest
2 Reed, Adam Midwest
3 Schmitt, Andrew Midwest
4 Morgan, Lauren South
5 Lorenz, Tyler Midwest
6 Hinkle, Ryan West
7 Greenwood, Brittany Central
8 Reyes, Victor South
9 Norwood, Ryan Central
10 Kenerly, John South
11 Reel, John Midwest
12 Waitt, Nikki South


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