May 31 - June 3, 2001


The 2001 Junior U. S. Open Water Ski Championships will be a two-day/two-round World Record Capability competition with a Preliminary and a Final Round. All qualifying athletes will compete in the Junior U. S. Open Preliminary Round on Thursday, May 31, 2001. Top finishers from this Preliminary Round event will advance to the Final Round on Sunday. This event is sanctioned by USA Water Ski, an affiliate of the USOC and IWSF.

IWSF rules apply in all cases, except as listed herein.

Elite and junior athletes may elect to ski in either the Junior U.S. Open or the U.S. Open for elite skiers, but not both.

Preliminary Round Event Qualifications and Seeding

Each athlete must submit two scores per event that were performed at an L or R Tournament between April 1, 2000 and May 6, 2001. The average of these two performances will be used to obtain a list of competitors in each event of the Preliminary Round. The following performances may be used: (1) 2000 World Junior Rankings List dated November 1, 1999 to October 31, 2001 or a later ranking list if available (as long as the date of the tournament falls within the time period listed above); (2) documentation with a Chief Judge’s signature, performance, date and location; or (3) a copy of an AWSA Official Seeding Record. Please submit proof of performance with entry form. Entries submitted without proof of performance will be returned and will not be considered.

Number of competitors in each event of the Preliminary Round

Slalom Tricks Jump

Boys 8 8 8

Girls 8 8 8

These numbers do not include "the third event" of overall skiers dragging their third event.

Method of filling the list:

  1. Automatic invitations will be filled first.
  2. From the submitted scores, the remaining positions will be filled.
  3. The list of competitors will then be seeded according to the average of the two scores submitted.
  4. Where there are ties, the skier’s highest single performance submitted will break the tie for seeding positions. If a tie still exists, the most current published Rankings List will be used to further break the tie for seeding positions. If a tie still exists, the position will be determined by random draw.
  5. Where there are two athletes tied for the last qualifying position, the highest submitted single performance will be used to break the tie, followed by the most current published Rankings list score. If a tie still exists, both will be entered.
  6. Where there are more than two tied for a position involving the last qualifying position, the same procedure will apply with the exception that if, after applying the highest single submitted score and the most current published Rankings list score, there is still a tie involving the last qualifying position between three or more athletes, the position will be dropped completely. If two are then tied, both will be entered.

Automatic Invitations

Automatic invitations to the Thursday Preliminary Round will be extended to athletes meeting the following requirements (presuming they fall within the allowable age limits of IWSF):

Current World Champions: Boys & Girls: Slalom, Tricks, Jump and Overall

For seeding purposes only, athletes still need to submit their highest scores for the period (April 1, 2000-May 6, 2001)




Overall skiers who are accepted in two events may drag the third event as long as they meet the minima listed below. Proof of that rating must also accompany entry form. Two scores are required.

If the event qualification process does not produce at least three (3) Boys and Girls Overall competitors for the Preliminary Round, additional Boys and Girls Overall Competitors will be invited to compete in all three disciplines of the Preliminary Round. Overall competitors will be selected according to the highest Overall score, second highest, etc., until three competitors are confirmed. The average of the applicant’s two best submitted slalom, tricks, and jump scores will be used in calculating said overall using the 1000-point system between overall athletes.

Overall skiers will only ski the Final Round if they make the cut for that round. The Overall skier’s highest event score from any round in each discipline will be used in calculations for Overall placement.

Final Round

The following number of skiers from the Thursday Preliminary Round will advance to the Final Round held on Sunday. Ties for the last qualifying position in the Final Round will be run off. Placement ties in the Final Round will be resolved according to IWSF rules.

Slalom Tricks Jump

Boys 3 3 3

Girls 3 3 3

Seeding for Sunday’s Final Round will be based on Thursday’s Preliminary Round results with the skier with the best score skiing last. Ties in seeding will be based on the competitor with the higher seeded position of the preceding round.


All skiers must submit a completed Official Junior U. S. Open Entry Form to: USA Water Ski Headquarters, 1251 Holy Cow Road, Polk City, Florida 33868 by 5:00 p.m., May 11, 2001. Proof of performance must accompany entry form. Entry fees are $75 for one event and $100 for two or more events. Please include a fax number for confirmation on entry forms. Only entries through the U.S Mail will be accepted. There will be no registration at the site. It will take place at the Headquarters Hotel.

Additional Notes

1. Practice will not be available on site.

2. Skiing for press will be the decision of the Tournament Director and the Chief Judge

3. IWSF Rules will apply, other than any exceptions listed above.

4. Minimum slalom speeds in all rounds will be: Boys-58kph/16m and Girls-55kph/16m

5. Declared Trick Lists should be turned in with entry and can be changed until one hour before the event.

6. The official towboat will be MasterCraft.

Minimum Score Required to Enter Per Event and Overall

After the entry and score submission process is complete, the minimum scores for entry level in each event and as the third event for Overall must meet the following:

Slalom Tricks Jump

Boys 6@13m 4500Pts. 40m

Girls 6@14.25m 3500Pts. 30m

All skiers skiing in the Junior U.S. Open will have achieved at least the level of the above in each event whether skiing in one, two, or three events.


Awards will be given to first, second, and third in each event and first in overall.