AWSA BOD  (cc HNDs, Co. Chairs, HQ, Nats. CJ  in two mailings):

I was going to wait and give you some "space", but Steve McDermeit has just
sent out an excellent report that is below.  I have enclosed some other
information as well that was being saved.

ELITE TRAINING CAMP:   This USOC-sponsored camp was held April 16-18 at
Wade Cox's newly acquired ski school in Orlando, Florida.  Wade Cox, Ben
Favret, Freddy Krueger, Karen Truelove, Brandi Hunt, Rhoni Barton, Brenda
Baldwin, and Regina Jaquess were the athletes present.  World Team Coach
Mike Meek coached with Chris Prunty handling all the preparations before,
during and after.  Participation was great; and all the skiers felt that
they benefited from training with Mike and each other.  They further
suggested that several one-day camps to take place periodically until
Worlds.  The first one is now scheduled for mid-June at Scot Ellis'.  May's
had to be canceled as there was too much going on.  Our thanks go to the
coaches, camp host Wade and HQ's Chris Prunty who has worked hard the last
two years to get the elite athletes together, no easy task.

NATIONAL JUNIOR TEAM CAMP: The ninth annual edition, again sponsored by the
USOC,  had a change of venue this year.  Cory Pickos was the host at his
skiing center in Destin, Florida on April 29-May 3. It was another
successful event with world class coaches Cory, Rhoni Barton and Jay
Bennett shouldering the coaching duties over three days and ten of the
original twelve team members in attendance plus two alternates.  The skiers
were:  Regina Jaquess, Carly Clifton - alternate, Tarah Benzel, Joy Todd,
Theresa Lamb - alternate,  Danyelle Bennett, Ian Trapp, Justin Seefried,
Clarke Taylor, Tyler Boyd, Cameron Wynne and Justin Allen.  Our thanks go
to the coaches, host Cory Pickos, Craig Macchi for working so hard to make
this happen and Lisa St John for her participation.

SKIER RATING COMMITTEE CHANCE:  SC EVP Bob Mayhew has replaced Anne Bennett
on this committee with himself.
NATIONALS OFFICIALS'  LIST:  Awaited are the selections for Ass't Chiefs
for scoring and driving, to be selected from those on the list, but here it
is as of now.   To date, only one person has "questioned" the schedule
posted on the web and in the May issue of the magazine.

CHIEF JUDGE:            Gail Heieck - W
                        Tom Danford - MW        
                        Sherm Schraft - S 
                        Jeffry Armstrong - SC
ASSIGNMENT JUDGE:        John Reid - W
        appointed -     Jeff Clark &  Stan Switzer - S
                        Glenn Ramey & Dave Clark - MW   
                        Andrea Plough & Brad Hartwell - W
                        Jerry Stansberry & Donna Laskey - E
                        Bob Mayhew  &  Phil Chase - SC
        assigned -      Donna Switzer, Ruth Johnston & Joe Burkhead - S
                        Fred Krueger, Larry Smith & Don Bucher - MW
                        Phil Adams, Mike Hayes &  Jack Hanna - W
                        Steve Lohr, Roger Hammel & Ralph Hall  - E
                        Steve Tyler, Margaret Woodard  & Jerry Woodard- SC 
        alternate               T. Caldwell - SC / Jim Beebe - MW

CHIEF DRIVER:            Jack Daugherty - MW
        appointed -     Gary Mahler - S
                        Dean Chappell - MW      
                        Bob Hardeman - W
                        Dave West - SC
                        Lee Mershon - E
        assigned -      Tommy Harrington - S
                        Scott Wright - MW
                        Wayne Canfield - W
                         Al Rucker - SC
                        Doub Robbins - E
        alternate               Will Bush - W   
CHIEF SCORER:           Eddie Roberts - S
SCORERS:                Leon Larson - S
                        Jim Grew - S            
                        Linda Coss - MW
                        Barbara Miller - MW
                        Barbara Canfield - W
                        Carol Boice - W
                        Terrie West - SC
                        Denise Caldwell - SC
                        Ann Lohr - E
                        Marie Baker - E

TECH CONTROLLERS:        Phil Yastrow - W
                        Tom Dusin - SC
                        Don Strategier - W

CHIEF SAFETY DIRECTOR:          Rick Bergstrom - W
SAFETY DIRECTORS:       David Bethune - S
                        Larry Parker - W
                        Dean Cherry - W
                        Gary Delano -  W

CHIEF ANNOUNCER:        Peter Baurer - W        
ANNOUNCERS:             Jim Lang - W
                                        Hank Longo - S
                                        Tony Lightfoot - SC
                                                Mike Parsons - W

STEVE'S MAY UPDATE TO THE USA-WS BOD (with some notes from me and
Our thanks go to Steve for this excellent and comprehensive report)

Membership:  I am pleased to report that both active and supporting
membership numbers are up.  The April YTD report reflects an increase over
2000 in active membership by 3.3%.  Supporting is up 17% and total
membership is up 7.3%.   All SDs except NWSRA are showing increases.  Ski
Race is only down 14 members YTD from last year. May and June are usually
very large months for membership in all sport disciplines.

Membership Renewal Solicitation:  To date, we have conducted two primary
renewal mailings, an e-mail (ListBot) renewal mailing, Guest Member
as well as a special mailing to collegiate insurance-only members,
encouraging them to become Active Members and participate in USA Water Ski
programs.  We are tracking the results, but it is still a little early to
assess the effectiveness of these efforts.  It is our hope that the added
emphasis on upgrading to active status is why we are slightly ahead of
For 2002, the first renewal mailing will take place October 1, 2001.  The
second renewal mailing will be sent December 1, 2001.  This will require HQ
staff to have all benefits and membership materials ready no later than mid

New Member Solicitation: Steve Upp has been successful in securing over
130,000 qualified names and addresses of potential members.  HQ is in the
process of sending direct mailings to a large # of these prospects. A
mailing to more than 12,000 prospective members in Texas will be sent on
Monday, May 14. This is one of three or more large mailings that will be
sent to regions of the U.S. in which a large portion of the 130,000 names
reside ... and, where we also have numerous USA-WS programs.  Our mailings
list all of the events for all sport disciplines, clubs, skis schools, etc.
in their area and invite them to join USA Water Ski, get involved in
on-water programs and, of course, take advantage of all the member
We are also trying to secure a large e-mail database for the purpose of
promoting the sport and  bringing in new members.

Financial:  Given the added expenses and loss of our licensing arrangement
for the US Open, it appears as though we will not likely meet our year-end
budget of $30,000.  All other income (membership, competition, towboat,
sponsorship, etc.) is coming in as expected.  HQ is working very hard to
contain costs without eliminating or dropping important programs.  Barring
no big surprises with our national events or towboat tests, it is my
projection that we will end up under budget by approximately $50,000 (Jim's
note, meaning that we will be $50,000 from meeting our budget).

2001 International Events: 3 AWSA, 3 ABC and 2 AWA U.S. athletes will be
competing in the World Games in Akita, Japan in August.  Brita Schipner,
owner of a cable park in Ft. Lauderdale, has agreed to fund the travel for
two U.S. athletes to compete in the 2001 Cable Wakeboard World
in Duisburg, Germany, August 3-5.  She is also committed to working with
Water Ski in encouraging her cable wakeboard customers to become members of
our association.  AWA has taken on cable wakeboarding as a part of its
organization and it will oversee the selection of the U.S. athletes
competing in the Cable Wakeboard Worlds.  Teams will also be selected this
summer for the 2001 World Championships, Americas' Challenge, Wakeboard
Worlds and Ski Race Worlds.  

2002 and Beyond International Events: Information is posted on informing all clubs of the process for submitting bids to
host IWSF  World Titled events.  I have received interest from 3 clubs that
would like to host the 2002 17-21 World Championships.  All bids must be
received at HQ by July 16.  They will then be taken to the AWSA board for
review prior to discussion and selection at the August 13 summer board
meeting.   Pending USA-WS's approval, we will then submit AWSA's choice bid
to the IWSF for approval.  All clubs submitting bids will be made aware of
their financial obligations for hosting the event.  As we have with several
world titled events held in the U.S. throughout the past 5 years, each club
will be informed of the terms for which USA Water Ski will agree to submit
its bid to the IWSF -- that USA-WS will not take on any financial
responsibilities for hosting the event.

HQ Staff:  Receptionist Diane Hilbert has accepted a new position with a
retirement community in Haines City, FL.  Diane's commute to HQ was the
furthest among all staff.  Diane and her husband will relocate to Haines
City and her commute will be reduced to 1 block.  We wish her well and we
pass on our sincere appreciation to Diane for doing such a great job as
receptionist these past three years.  Joining us is Diane's replacement,
Debbie Thompson, from Lakeland, FL.  If you get chance, please take the
to call and welcome Debbie to the staff.

Waterways: We have received more requests for waterways assistance this
spring than any previous years that I can remember.  We have received a
$10,000 grant from WSIA to be applied towards the development of new
materials and to maintain a greater presence and involvement in
organizations that lobby on our behalf.  Lisa and other staff members have
devoted a tremendous amount of time and effort to this project.  If you
of any proposed legislative actions that will potentially limit water
-- recreationally or competitively -- please let us know.

U.S. Open:  With only 3 weeks remaining, the operational items seem to be
falling into place.  Financially, it has been a huge struggle for HQ to
raise the sponsorship revenue required for making the event a success.  We
are fortunate to have Overtons step forward as title sponsor of the US
And, MasterCraft Boats has signed on as exclusive towboat through its
"Platinum Partnership" with USA Water Ski.  New for this year is the Junior
U.S. Open.  We have had a great response from juniors who will compete in
this year's inaugural event.  I would like to thank the HQ staff and U.S.
Open steering committee for devoting so much time and effort to the
and organizing of this event.  I can assure you, however, that for 2002 we
will be working very hard towards the establishment of a licensing
as we've had the past two years.

Media Guide: The new media guide being produced by our Communications
Department should be available next week.  It will include a historical
background on water skiing, USA Water Ski and all of our sport divisions,
well as bios on top athletes in all eight sport divisions.  We will
distribute them in all of our media kits for the U.S. Open and Nationals
events, as well as to all water sports media.

Website:  Web Trends Report for in April 2001 saw an 85%
increase in user sessions over April 2000. Enhancements to the web site
such as ListBot, Quick Poll and "On-line Exclusive" news and training
articles are helping.  We have signed on with the internet collaborative --
along with 35 other NGBs. It is my hope that we will be able to begin
receiving some very valuable services prior to the end of this year.

Hall of Fame: I would like to thank Carole and C.W. Lowe, AWSEF, Sea World
of Orlando and everyone else having a role in hosting such a successful
of Fame Induction ceremony.  Congratulations again to HOF Inductee, Sammy
Duvall as well as the five recipients of the Award of Distinction.  Jim's
notes:  Having the banquet at Sea World for the first time was a very
successful change as Sea World did an excellent job.  There were over 300
persons in attendance and the induction was followed by a special ski show
just for us.

USA Water Ski Award of Merit: It was my pleasure to present the Award of
Merit on behalf of USA-WS to Stew McDonald at the HOF social, April 20.
Stew is certainly deserving of this prestigious award.  Again, Stew thank
you very much for all you have contributed to our organization and this
great sport. 

Building Report:  For the most part, we are all settled in.  Everyone seems
to be enjoying a very comfortable working environment.  On the financial
side, we've experienced some unforeseen costs during the first several
months -- mainly in utilities as a result of the outside lighting and
irrigation.  We now have a well in place and the lights are on a timer.
We've received word from the state that plans are moving forward for the
widening of I-4 which will require the Texaco billboard to be removed --
what a shame.   Progress continues with the development of the Hall of Fame
museum.  We all join Carole in voicing our our appreciation to MasterCraft
its generous donation of $100,000, the anonymous donation of $50,000, as
well as everyone who has contributed in any way to the construction of the
building.  However, funds are still needed to complete the interior of the
museum.  Any ideas you my have for raising these funds, please pass them on
to Carole. Thanks. 
Calendar of Events: see latest Master Calendar of Events.