1999 Midwinter Meeting
Eastern Region American Water Ski Association
Proposed Agenda
January 16, 1999
Email comments and additions to Steve Lohr  EVP@awsaeast.org
Winter Council Meeting 
9:00 AM Call to Order 
Roll Call 
Review of Agenda for Meeting 
Minutes of Summer Meeting 
Treasurerís Report 
Budget Presentation 
Junior Development Budget Request 
Policies & Procedures - Review of Draft Document 
    Sec 2-Meetings 
    Sec 3-Tournaments 
    Sec 4-Records 
    Sec 5-Guidebook and Website 
    Sec 6.2-Financial Matters 
Eastern Region Records 
1999 Regionals Regional & National Officials 
Regional Bids-2000 and beyond 
Tournament Schedule - Ralph Hall Approval per P&P 3.2.1 
AWSAEAST Website Report - Jim Meis 
Report from AWSA Athens 2004 
Other Unfinished Business 
New Business 
1:15 PM Adjournment
General Membership Meeting
1:30 PM Call to Order 
Introduction of Council 
Introduction of Membership 
Introduction of Sports Divisions Represented - 
    NSSA - Show 
    ABA - Barefooting 
    WSDA - Disabled 
    NCSWA - Collegiate 
Minutes - Summer Meeting 
Treasurerís Report 
EVPís Report 
Recognition of ER volunteers 
Report of Morning Council Meeting 
Announcement of Officials for Regionals & Nationals 
Announcement of 2000 Regionals Site 
Policies & Procedures Manual 
2:15 PM Committee Workshops and Discussions with AWSA Chairman of the Board - 
        Informal group discussions regarding committee topics and skier concerns 
        Collegiate - Kathy Bagley/ Rusty Richardson 
        Junior Development - Debbie Lamb 
        Membership - Ken Roach 
        Rules - Lee Mershon/ Ralph Hall 
        Speed Control-Guy Haggard/ Ralph Hall 
        Safety - Sue Andrews 
        Skiersí Rating - Gordon Gay 
        Waterways Education - John Wagner 
        AWSA -Mark Crone 
3:15 PM Committee Reports 
    National E & F 
    Junior Development 
    Other Committees 
    Sports Divisions 
3:30 PM New AWSA Building Update 
3:40PM Athens 2004 
3:45PM WOW 
3:50 PM AWSA Report 
4:00 PM Unfinished Business 
4:30 PM New Business 
5:15 PM Adjournment to Dinner Activities 
6:00 PM Dinner - 
Keynote Speaker -Mark Crone-Chairman of the Board- American Water Ski Association, 
former Eastern Region Skier 
Recognition of Records - 1998 Skiing Season