1998 Summer Meeting

Summer General Meeting Minutes

July 31, 1998
Council members present:

Steve Lohr, EVP, Marie Baker, Treasurer, Rick Norford, National Director, David Allen (Mass), Paul Allebach, National Director, Bob Morris (MD), Ralph Hall (VA), Barry Sangrey (PA), Mark Dingeman (VT), Bill Harris (VA), Jim Meis (NJ), Doug Robbins (PA), Roger Hammel, Past EVP.

At 8:00 PM Steve Lohr welcomed the Eastern Region members, called the meeting to order, had each of the Council members introduce themselves, and had representatives of each of the Sports Divisions introduce themselves.

Minutes from the winter meeting were distributed and approved as presented.

Marie Baker gave her Treasurer’s Report, which was accepted as read.

Steve, as EVP, recognized the ER volunteers for all their help and briefly discussed membership concerns and AWSA issues.

The National Directors present each gave a brief report of Board activities.

Committee Reports were then given.

Doug Robbins, Chairman of Boat Drivers Committee, presented a proposal that Carlos Maciel be given Driver Emeritus status as recognition for his long time support for water skiing. After discussion this proposal was approved.
Debbie Lamb, Chairman of the Junior Development Committee, reported on the goals for 1999 including better communication to skiers to encourage more young skiers in the sport from the East.
Bill Baker, Chairman of the Judges Qualifications Committee, gave a brief summary of the purpose of the committee.
Rick Norford, Chairman of the National Nominating Committee, reported that Jim Jacquess of the Southern Region will be nominated to the upcoming Chairman of the Board of AWSA.
Ken Roach, Chairman of the Membership Committee, reported on his committee’s ideas to stimulate interest in water-skiing and acquire new members for the Eastern Region.
Doug Robbins of the Regional Sites Committee, reported that the the site for the 1999 Regionals has been approved for Twin Lakes, and that he has received a bid from Lake Holly in Va. for the 2000 Regionals. After some discussion of costs, type of banquet, and other factors affecting both years’ regionals, the Lake Holly bid was accepted for the year 2000.
Jim Meis, of the Twin Lakes Ski Club, discussed possible changes in the 1999 regionals, and informed members of a hotel booking association he is working with to help obtain cheaper hotel rates at regionals and other Eastern Region functions. Jim and Steve Lohr were asked to oversee this project.
Ralph Hall of the National Rules Committee reported on several changes in rules that went into effect this year.
Glenn Jackson, Chairman of the National Safety Committee, gave a summary of the changes being proposed for a new national safety manual, and also proposed criteria for acceptable size of jump sites.
Jennifer Frederick of the Seeding Committee reported no major problems with this year’s seeding for regionals and hopefully nationals.
Jim Meis, Chairman of the Technical Committee, reported on his visit to the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center for a training session on new and proposed technical equipment for future water ski tournaments. He also discussed the severe problem in the Eastern Region of the shortage of Technical Controllers for R Tournaments.
Paul Allebach of the National Towboat Committee, discussed the Boat Trials at Will Bush’s Shortline Lakes in California, and emphasized the need for understanding and experience with speed control.
Several skiers discussed various problems and potential solutions to the increased regulation of public waterways, expecially in Delaware and Pennsylvania, and were encouraged to submit articles for the newsletter for use by other localities and states having similar problems.
Jim Meis, ER Webmaster, encouraged all members to utilize the AWSAEAST webpage for current information. Jim was praised for his outstanding efforts at making our webpage the best for water skiing news.
Debbie Wagner, Guidebook Editor, reminded everyone to submit information for the Guidebook as soon as possible this fall. She was also commended for her outstanding efforts on the Guidebook.
Bill Baker of the IAC Committee reported briefly on the Junior Team Trials and other IAC activities this past year.

Bob Morris, Chairman of the Nominating Committee, nominated Steve Lohr for EVP, Roger Hammel for National Director. Both were elected.

The EVP expressed his and the Region’s thanks to the Timberlake Ski Club for a great regionals. The EVP reminded everyone of the need to volunteer and get involved in the entire sport, not just the skiing part.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 10:00 PM.

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