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2007 Eastern Region Summer Meeting Minutes

Updated 12/27/07


1. Opening and call to order – EVP called meeting to order at 5:53 p.m.

2. Introduction of council – Council present was introduced. Gary Noll (council – PA), Roger Hammel (National Director – VA), Dave Robbins (council – ME), Sam Ingram (council – WV), Dave Satterfield (council – VA), Rod Barney (council – VA), Jerry Stansberry (HND – VA), Steve Lohr (HND – VA), Jean Giove (council – MD), Darlene McCormick (President – VT & reporting for MA), Bruce Epstien (council – VT), Pat Garase (for Troy Stork – President – PA), John Paulovich (President – NJ), Lee Mershon (HND – VA), John Corkery (council – NJ), Pat Byrne (National Director – CT), and Doug Robbins (EVP – PA) were in attendance.

3. Introduction of membership – Membership present were introduced as well.

4. Agenda review – Agenda was reviewed with no changes.

5. Review & approval of 2007 Eastern Region Winter Meeting minutes – EVP reported that minutes were distributed Monday via e-mail. No corrections, changes, or additions were received via e-mail or presented by council at the meeting. Motion made by Pat Byrne to approve the Winter Meeting minutes. Steve Lohr seconded the motion. Motion carried. 2007 Eastern Region Winter Meeting minutes approved as presented to council.

6. Treasurer’s Report – Eastern Region Treasurer Marie Baker presented treasurer’s report. Council & membership reviewed. Marie Baker responded to questions. July 31, 2007 Treasurer’s report shows Checking account balance of $8,397.64, Wachovia Savings balance of $20,764.53, and CD value of $10,455.63. Junior Development balance is $6,246.23.

7. EVP Report

  1. Budget update – Doug Robbins reported that with several meetings coming up in the fall that will result in committee travel expenses for the region, that the region is operating within budget as approved at the Winter Meeting in January. There have been no separate un budgeted funding requests to date.
  2. USAWS ED search update – Roger Hammel reported that the Executive Director search is back on. The search committee came down to three candidates. One withdrew. An offer was extended to another, who did not accept. So the effort has been resumed.
  3. 2008 Eastern Regionals Qualification – Steve Lohr recommended that the Eastern Region allow qualification via the current ratings, AND the National Rankings List for 2008. At the 2008 Regional Meeting, the SRC rep for the East make recommendation to council for future years. Steve Lohr recommended the SRC rep for the Eastern Region carry this torch forward for future years. Lee Mershon (VA) made a motion to accept the committee recommendation for 2008 regional qualification. Bill Baker seconded the motion. The motion carried.

8. Nominating Committee Report & Elections – Jean Giove reported that three positions are open for nomination and election. Doug Robbins will not run again for EVP. Roger Hammel will not run again for AWSA National Director, or USAWS National Director. Doug Robbins was nominated for the AWSA National Director position. Doug Robbins was nominated for the USAWS National Director position to begin in January. Pat Byrne was nominated for the EVP position. Nominations were opened to the floor. Jon Thacher made a motion that the nominations be closed and the nominees be elected as presented. Dan Baumgart (PA) seconded the motion. Motion carried. Jean Giove then reported that the election of Pat Byrne to EVP, leaves a vacant AWSA National Director position for the remaining one year on his term. Ed Nichols was nominated to serve that one year term as director. Nominations were opened to the floor. Marie Baker moved that nominations be closed, and nominee be elected as presented. Steve Lohr seconded the motion. The motion carried.

9. Newly elected EVP, Pat Byrne recognized Roger Hammel and Doug Robbins for their contributions to the region and for representing the Eastern Region on the boards. Roger served four years as USAWS National Director, and 13 years on the AWSA BOD as Eastern Region EVP, and National Director.

10. State Reports

  • CT – Pat Byrne reported for Hutch Haines who was attending the Junior Development outing. CT has held 3 events. Pat reported that CT has and he will as EVP focus on officials development. CT has also begun a summer slalom league.
  • DE – Ed Nichols reported they have 4 tournaments this season in DE. 2 at Silver Lake and 2 at Hunter Phillips site.
  • MA – Darlene McCormick reported for Dave Allen & Russ Cole that MA is holding tournaments in Oakham. Their junior divisions are showing strong numbers at those tournaments. Once again MA did the t-shirt sales through Caliedescope Imprints to benefit Eastern Region Junior Development.
  • MD – Jean Giove reported that MD has held 3 tournaments so far.
  • ME – Dave Robbins reported that ME will have 3-5 skiers attending Nationals this year. Some 3 event skiing has begun again at the Pond in Sanford, ME.
  • NH – Bill Swaffield provided a written report. NH tournaments have been well attended. NH’s Jamie Beauschesne has broken the world slalom record.
  • NJ – John Corkery had no report. Bill Fosbenner reported that South Jersey has had successful tournaments.
  • NY – George Vosburg reported for Dean Rudy and Alan Frederick that NY is in desparate need of officials for tournaments.
  • PA – Pat Garase reported for Troy Stork that PA has held 4 tournaments so far. Smiths Pond, Big Rock, Dave’s Pond record, and the PA States at Dave’s Pond. Two more tournaments are scheduled for 2007 in PA – the Scott Worthington Memorial tournament in Williamsport, and Dave’s Labor Day Record. PA also held an instructional slalom clinic at Big Rock Pond with Jeff Rogers. The PA slalom series is in its third year, and Chad Meny (Boys 1) won it the first two years. The Governors Cup competition between clubs at the State Championships was again hotly contested and won by Dave’s Pond. The PA federation will host a Junior Development clinic around the state championships in 2008.
  • VA – Rod Barney reported that VA has held 5 tournaments and 2 junior development clinics with 20+ juniors at each.
  • VT – Darlene McCormick and Bruce Epstien reported that they hold 2 tournaments in VT. The skiers in VT and NH will begin an annual award in the memory of Alan Rossi who took his own life in April. Alan suffered from depression. The group who is undertaking this effort has decided to award this to a New England state official who represents the values Alan lived by. Alan Rossi’s family has also decided to contribute to this award as well. There is discussion about making annual contributions to the Eastern Region Junior Development program, or establish some sort of scholarship. Nothing definitive has been decided in terms of that or amounts.
  • WV – Sam Ingram reported that WV hosted a tournament in Terra Alta, WV in June. The tournament was well attended and Terra Alta, and Deep Creek, MD., sites are highly active ski sites with several skiers funneling into the regional and national competitive ranks.

11. Committee Reports

  • Regional Search & Site Committee report – Doug Robbins reported for John Davis that Dave’s Pond will host the 2008 Regionals in Erie, PA. The formal bid detail has yet to be solidified, however Dave’s Pond will hold the regional tournament pending council approval. 2009 has been discussed by a few sites – Pangea Puddle and Hidden Pass. Steve Lohr recommended that Dave’s Pond have the bid submitted to the EVP within the next 30-45 days. Doug Robbins agreed and assured that expectation would be met.
  • Executive Committee – Doug Robbins reported that other than rules exceptions for cash prize events, no other activity had taken place. The committee meets in Early December.
  • Junior Development – Hutch Haines was in attendance at the Junior Development event held simultaneously. Pat Byrne reported that we had 60 Juniors at the regionals this year. Awards will be given at the banquet on site tomorrow night. The Junior Development Committee is looking for help from each state to build junior programs in the East on local levels on up to the National level.
  • By Laws – Steve Vincent reported that the only activity was the split regionals discussions and ballots for the Western Region which their membership did not approve by a 2/3 vote so it became a moot issue.]
  • NSL Tournament – Ron Ramsey reported that AWSA needs to actively recruit skiers, Juniors and adults alike for tournaments.
  • AWSEF – Steve Lohr reported that the lake needs funding for necessary improvements made and the building also is still in need of funding.
  • Announcers Committee – No representative
  • Rules – Lee Mershon / Gary Noll reported that the committee has been busy discussing use of older towboats in sanctioned tournaments, Zero Off and its uses and timing method, rules compliance issues at Trophy Lakes, and the National Rankings list.
  • IAC – Jon Thacher / Ralph Hall reported that it has been a busy year with the Team Trials, Under 21 Team Trials, and Junior Team Trials. Every region is allotted 2 officials slots. The East annually surrenders one of our two positions. They ask that officials consider working these events as they are really beneficial experiences.
  • Safety – Pat Byrne reported little national level activity, but a lot of local level clinic activity.
  • Drivers Committee – Bill Swaffield provided a written report. Local clinic activity has taken place around the region. The committee had discussions about posting of driver timing data.
  • Judges & Scorers Rating – Gary Noll reported that upgrade clinics have taken place throughout the region. Anyone in need of a maintenance clinic before year end needs to contact Gary. Lee Mershon recommended that the committee look at the requirements for cross over officials. Officials who drive and judge, or TC and judge, should have lesser annual requirements that those focused on one single official role, or credits should apply to both. Kevin Jack recommended that the regular trick test videos be updated because they include few flips. Kevin also recommended that the slalom tests be updated to reflect the new slalom rule changes. Dave Robbins recommended that the CVJ jump measurement be included on the practical tests for judges.
  • National Coaching Advisory – Tom Hinman had no report.
  • Seeding – Jennifer Fredereick Kelly had no report.
  • Skiers Rating – Dana Hinman had no report. Steve Lohr recommended that the EVP encourage a report from that very vital committee that affects all of us.
  • Technical Committee – Dan Baumgart reported that much of what is contained in the Technical Committee report to the AWSA BOD he has not seen. Anyone in need of clinics should see Dan. The committee is recommending the board adopt timing parameters for records. Lee Mershon and Rod Barney recommended that the directors vehemently oppose the report. It establishes new timing tolerances unofficially. It also states that the record submission form has been changed and does not require board approval. According to AWSA By Laws all committees are advisory committees to the AWSA BOD, and need to function as such with the AWSA BOD having final say / approval.
  • Towboat – Doug Robbins reported that Zero Off is approved with an experimental X class designation and must have secondary timing system(s) in place to verify the times ZO delivers. The policy on weighting of towboats has not changed. Towboat tests are scheduled for mid October.
  • Waterways – John Harris had no report.

12. Unfinished Business

  • Lex Carroll Memorial Scholarship Fund – Mike Sturdevant made a motion to table to the Winter Meeting. Motion seconded by Ron Ramsey. Motion carried.
  • Alternate Director - Steve Lohr accepted nomination to serve as alternate AWSA National Director to serve in Doug Robbins place for the upcoming AWSA BOD meeting at the 2007 Nationals in Bakersfield. Motion by Doug Robbins to close nominations and elect as presented. Motion seconded by Steve Vincent. Motion carried.

13. New Business

  • Eastern Region Records – Dan Baumgart will present to EVP for Banquet. The time has come that the G2 slalom record had been eclipsed by 4+ buoys, and from prior meeting and council direction the record should be retired. Motion to retire the G2 34 MPH slalom record made by Rod Barney. Roger Hammel seconded. Motion carried.
  • NSL – Ron Ramsey’s recommendation at the Winter Meeting to waive the $65 guidebook ad fee for class F tournaments was tabled to this summer meeting. Discussion took place. Nothing decided.

14. Regional Recommendations to the AWSA BOD

  • Lee Mershon recommended that officials holding multiple ratings have lesser annual requirements, or that credits or partial credits cross over. For instance from driver – judge, TC – judge, etc. For Judges & Scorers Committee / Driver Committee / TC / Safety
  • Kevin Jack recommended the Judges & Scorers Rating Committee.update the regular trick test videos because they include few filps.
  • Kevin Jack recommended the Judges & Scorers Rating Committee update the slalom tests to reflect the new slalom rule changes for full buoy score.
  • Dave Robbins recommended the Judges & Scorers Rating Committee include CVJ jump measurement on the practical tests for judges.
  • Lee Meshon recommended that the AWSA President direct the committees to begin conducting themselves in accordance to the AWSA By Laws. . According to AWSA By Laws all committees are advisory committees to the AWSA BOD, and need to function as such with the AWSA BOD having final say / approval on all actions.
  • Ed Nichols recommended that the Rules Committee standardize the trick judge process because 3-5 judges calling runs from elevated shore towers is different in perspective from 3-5 judges calling trick runs from elevated camera views placed in the boat. This is unfair to skiers to ski under one method all tournament season long, then be judged by another at the Nationals.
  • The Towboat Committee require GPS based speed control systems to work off of a minimum of 4 satellites at any one time.
  • The Towboat Committee require GPS speed control systems to begin engagement of the speed control from pre gate to pre gate, rather than entrance to exit gate.

15. Adjourn – Motion to adjourn made by Steve Lohr. Second by Dave Knight. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 9:16.


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