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2006 Eastern Region Winter Meeting

Updated 1/18/07

Council Meeting Minutes

1. Call to Order – Meeting was called to order at 8:22 a.m., on Saturday, January 7, 2006. EVP, Doug Robbins welcomed everyone to Middletown, New York, and express thanks to all in attendance and especially to John Corkery for his assistance in securing the meeting site.

2. Announcement of Quorum – EVP announced that we have an official quorum to conduct business of the Eastern Region in accordance with the By Laws.

3. Introduction of Council – In attendance are the following: Doug Milner (Eastern Region Tournament Coordinator), Rob Barney (Council-VA), Ron Kokernak (Council-MA), Roger Hammel (National Director-VA), John Corkery (Council-NJ), Jim Hancock (Council-VA), Doug Robbins (EVP-PA), Jean Giove (Council-MD), Pat Byrne (National Director-CT), Steve Lohr (National Director-VA), Hutch Haines (Council-CT), Dean Rudy (Council-NY), Alan Frederick (Council-NY), Dave Allen (Council-MA), and John Davis (Council-PA).

4. Announcements – EVP announced the morning session is targeted to wrap up between 11:30 a.m. and noon, followed by a one hour break for lunch. The membership meeting will begin this afternoon at 1:00 p.m. The schedule for tomorrow’s clinics will be held in the same room. The speed control clinic begins at 8:00 a.m., and will last approximately one hour. Ralph Hall will conduct the speed control clinic. Immediately following the speed control clinic, the Judges clinic will be held from approximately 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Steve Lohr will conduct the Judges clinic.

5. 2005 Summer Meeting Minutes – EVP apologized that the meeting minutes from the Summer Meeting at Lake Holly were not distributed via e-mail to council prior to the meeting. EVP distributed copies and read minutes for council review. EVP asked for any discussion or questions from council review. None were presented. Motion to approve minutes as presented was made by Pat Byrne, second by Roger Hammel. Council voted unanimously to approve the minutes from the 2005 Eastern Regional Meeting.

6. Treasurer’s Report – Marie Baker was not in attendance but submitted the 2005 Financial Report. Copies were distributed. The Treasurer’s Report showed $8,903.31 in income on 2005. Expenses for the same period were $6,398.57. The net gain for the period was shown as $2,504.74. EVP specified that the $500 contribution to the Leah Worthington Trust Fund that council approved at the 2005 Eastern Regional Meeting in August at the Regionals at Lake Holly, had not yet been paid. So since that item was not paid in 2005 it is included in the 2006 budget. Roger Hammel mentioned that the $1603.31 for the Senior Judge’s clinic was a one time expense.

Eastern Region bank balances as of 12/31/05 are as follows: Checking $6,134.89 / Savings $20,350.62 / Junior Development $6,665.32.

EVP announced that the Reading Water Skiers have donated $10,000.00 to the Eastern Region. The Reading Water Skiers sold their club house, and with the proceeds were making donations to the Keystone State Water Ski Federation, the Eastern Region, and USA Water Ski. The Reading Water Skiers asked that the funds be used for the betterment of the sport of water skiing. The contribution was received in 2006, so it is not reflected on the Treasurer’s Report.

Motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report as presented by Rod Barney, second by Alan Frederick, Council approved.

7. 2006 Budget – EVP presented the 2006 budget. Copies wee distributed. Income for 2006 is projected at $7,680.00. Expense is projected at $7,443.20. A projected net gain for 2006 is $236.80. Line items of the budget were reviewed and discussed. Projected expenses for clinics were revised with council input. Due to planned officials and junior development clinics in various states, the projected expenses were revised from $1,320 to $1,750. Projected expenses for travel offset / reimbursement to the AWSA Executive Committee meeting was revised. Steve Lohr clarified that there is now only one AWSA EC meeting annually not two as budgeted. So the expense for Directors and Committee was reduced to $3,600 from the initially projected $3,900. After revisions were made to the line items in the 2006 budget, income is unchanged and projected at $7,680.00, and expenses are projected at $7,573.20. This leaves the region with a projected net gain of $106.80.

Motion to approve the budget as revised by council was made by Pat Byrne, second by Jean Giove. Council approved the 2006 Eastern Region budget.

8. 2006 Tournament Schedule - Doug Milner presented the updated list of tournaments as he has it for 2006. Council made revisions and updates. EVP announced that no geographic conflicts seem to exist. EVP asked council how on line sanctioning process was working. Council reported no problems encountered with the exception of payment of sanction fees to USAWS. EVP strongly encourages USAWS Five Star Program for tournaments in order to create fun and interest at events as well as welcoming newcomers.

Pat Byrne reported that the club in Avon has been offering incentives including free entries for first time entrants to deep discounts for junior skiers. They have seen some positive results. ACTION ITEM: EVP suggested their format be posted on web site for other clubs to consider.

Roger Hammel reported that Virgina was planning on reviving the Junior Development clinics to be held sometime in June or July. He described the adult (or child) development clinics that Timberlake has been hosting for $15 per round. Roger mentioned that it is worthwhile, but a slow migration from the NSL level to class C & above tournament level.

Motion to approve the 2006 Tournament Schedule as revised was made by John Davis, and seconded by Pat Byrne. Council approved the motion.

9. Official selection for 2006 Eastern Regionals – The following officials were selected for the 2006 Eastern Regionals at Lake Holly, in Sparta, VA.
· John Harris (VA) – Chief Judge
· Bill Baker (PA) – Assistant Chief Judge
· Jean Giove (MD) – Appointed Judge
· Gary Noll (PA) – Appointed Judge
· Sara Roach (VA) - Appointed Judge
· Dave Robbins (ME) - Appointed Judge
· Roger Hammel (VA) - Appointed Judge
· Steve Lohr (VA) - Appointed Judge
· Jerry Stansberry (VA) - Appointed Judge
· Mark Dingeman (VT) – Chief Scorer
· Ron Ramsey (VA) – Assistant Chief Scorer
· Ann Lohr (VA) - Appointed Scorer
· Jennifer Frederick-Kelly (NY) - Appointed Scorer
· Jon Thacher (VA) – Chief Driver
· Rusty Coffin (DE) – Assistant Chief Driver
· Marie Fields (VA) - Appointed Driver
· Ralph Hall (VA) - Appointed Driver
· Al Stokes (MA) - Appointed Driver
· Rick Stansberry (VA) – Chief Announcer
· Bill Mahan (VA) – Assistant Chief Announcer
· Kathy Roach (VA) – Safety Director
· Chip Shand (VA) – Technical Controller
· Ron Ramsey (VA) – Assistant TC

10. Official selection for 2006 Nationals – The following officials were selected for the 2006 Nationals from the Eastern Region.
· Dave Robbins (ME) – Assistant Chief Judge
· Jerry Stansberry (VA) – Assigned Judge
· Bill Cooper (NJ) – Appointed Judge
· Ed Nichols (DE) – Appointed Judge
· Rusty Coffin (DE) – Appointed Driver
· Jon Thacher (VA) – Appointed Driver

EVP noted that we did not have enough officials to send to the Nationals. One more Judge and two scorers were needed. Steve Lohr made a motion to approve the Regionals and Nationals officials as appointed and selected, and that council direct the EVP to appoint any willing and qualified officials to send in the vacant positions between now and the AWSA Winter Meeting. Roger Hammel seconded, council approved the motion.

11. USAWS BOD Term – EVP announced a house cleaning issue. When Roger Hammel was elected to his current USAWS BOD seat from the Eastern Region, according to the minutes it was for a three (3) year term. Upon e-mail exchange between EVP & AWSA President Jim Grew, it was discovered that USAWS BOD terms are for two years according to USAWS By Laws. In other words Roger’s term expired December 31, 2005, although according to membership vote 2003 he was elected to continue for another year. Roger agreed to extend his term one year, in order to align with terms as specified in USAWS By Laws and complete the erroneous 3 year term in its entirety. EVP requested a motion and vote to extend the USAWS BOD term to expire December 31, 2007. So moved by Roger Hammel. Second by Jim Hancock. Council approved the motion to extend the USAWS BOD term.

12. AWSA / USAWS BOD Expense offset / reimbursement issue – EVP brought before council another house cleaning issue. According to minutes from the 2004 Eastern Region Winter Meeting, council approved the following in regards to the expense offset of the directors & committee meeting attendees.
· Amount was reduced from $400 to $300 per meeting, per attendee.
· Reimbursement is for out of pocket travel expenses.
· Copies of receipts or other hard copy verification to be submitted to the Eastern Region Treasurer to receive reimbursement.
· The $300 amount is a “not to exceed” amount. Expenses up to $300 will be reimbursed 100%. Expenses in excess of $300 are the responsibility of the director or committee member.

According to the policy as outlined in the minutes, Eastern Region Treasurer, Marie Baker, asked for clarification. Roger Hammel serves as both AWSA Director and USAWS Director. In January, although combined in one trip, he attends two meetings. According to the minutes from the meeting, he should receive two reimbursement amounts for the two board meetings he attends ($300 X 2 meetings = $600). Technically, this is a departure from past procedure.

Steve Lohr made a motion that the policy be clarified to state that the expense offset reimbursement amount be amended to apply to meetings necessitating a separate trip. Pat Byrne seconded the motion. Council approved the motion to amend the policy.

13. Competition Task Force – In the interest of time, Steve Lohr suggested this item be tabled to the afternoon meeting instead of discussing the matter twice. Council agreed.

14. 2006 Eastern Regionals (Lake Holly Ski Club) – Ralph Hall serving as Tournament Director of the 2006 Eastern Regionals provided a report on preparations for upcoming Regionals. Ralph reported that due to the high cost of fuel and availability & cost of lodging, entry numbers were down for the 2005 Regionals as was income for the tournament. The 2006 Regionals will not be a schedule conflict with the Boy Scout Jamboree at Fort A.P. Hill. Lodging will be more available. LHSC has secured the Ramada Inn at the Massaponax Exit off I-95 as the headquarters hotel. Lodging will be available to skiers at a group rate in the range of $64-$68 per night. The IWSF officially conformed to AWSA buoy size, so Ralph stated that the buoys won’t be an issue in 2006. The Junior Development party will be held once again at Pitt’s Pond. LHSC will provide food. The Eastern Region Council meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m., on Friday Night at the pavilion. IWSF events will be run as have in past years. Banquet will be held at the Ramada Inn, and banquet tickets will be included in entry fee for skiers. Entry fees for the tournament will be the same as 2005.

Hutch Haines and Pat Byrne asked questions regarding Junior Development. Ralph responded that Al & Peggy Harris have volunteered to assist with the Junior Development auction. Hutch & Pat followed up by asking who will be handling the local JD fund raising efforts. Ralph responded that the LHSC involvement in fund raising would be the same as 2005. Discussion ensued regarding who is responsible for JD fund raising at the Regionals, the committee or the Regional sponsor. In past years, actual fund raising organization and performance has alternated depending on the Regional tournament sponsor. Some years the committee handled the fund raising, and some years the tournament sponsor did it. Although he was not sure of the source (perhaps National JD Committee), Hutch had copies of guidelines that stated it was the responsibility of the Regional sponsor. Ralph Hall expressed that LHSC had no one to head that up internally. Steve Lohr and Roger Hammel stated that it was never the responsibility of the Regional sponsor to do the fund raising, that they simply assisted the ER JD Committee in their efforts at the Regionals. Steve stated that they have their own checking account independent of the Region, their own budget, etc.

Steve Lohr made a motion to clarify the document Hutch Haines referenced from the National JD program, that any and all Junior Development fund raising efforts are the responsibility of the Eastern Region Junior Development committee not the sponsor of the Regional tournament.

15. 2007 Eastern Regionals – John Davis who chairs the Eastern Region Search & Site committee announced that a bid for the 2007 Eastern Regionals had been received in November 2005, and was distributed to council by EVP. Without any other bids presented within the 30 days after distribution, the bid is to be voted on at this meeting. Jim Meis, John Paulovich, and John Corkery from Twin Lakes Water Ski Club in Monroe, NY., presented and reviewed the bid with council. Notable in the bid is the option to run dual events simultaneously, and shorten the duration of the tournament. Twin Lakes is beginning improvements to the site, and will continue to make various improvements for the 2007 Regionals.

Roger Hammel asked about control over the water level at Twin Lakes. Jim Meis responded and explained that the water level was governed by the state governmental agencies. The question was specifically raised about the 1999 Regionals in which the slalom lake did not have enough water until heavy rain immediately before the tournament made it usable. Jim replied that there was no guarantee something of a similar nature could not reoccur.

Roger Hammel asked Jim Meis what role he envisioned taking in the 2007 Regional effort at Twin Lakes. Jim responded that he would be available in technical capacity or TC role.

EVP asked about the anticipated entry fee. John Paulovich replied that they anticipated it being consistent with 2005 and 2006 levels, specifically approximately $80 to the club with $25 toward the banquet ticket on an adult entry fee worst case. EVP posed the question whether the possibility existed to hold the council meeting and the banquet on site instead of at a hotel. Twin Lakes is planning at this point a hotel banquet. Jim Meis told council & the region to tell Twin Lakes what is desired and they will explore options. Discussion ensued regarding entry fees and the decline of entries at the Regionals. Suggestions were made to combine the Junior Development party and the banquet. Other suggestions were to do the awards presentations throughout the tournament all in order to reduce costs to skiers. Twin Lakes in their bid is offering a 20% discount on entry fees for Junior skiers. The suggestion was made that the Eastern Region match the 20% discount in the form of a subsidy. Steve Lohr asked why wait until 2007, why not try it this year? Pat Byrne responded that entry numbers with a centrally located Regionals may be better than one in the Southern end of the region. EVP pointed out that the entry discounts offered by LHSC for the 2006 Regionals per their bid were different (family) than what Twin Lakes was proposing. Pat Byrne made a motion that the Eastern Region match the 20% discount to junior skiers that Twin Lakes was offering on 2007 entry fees. Roger Hammel seconded the motion. Discussion ensued. ACTION ITEM: Council voted to table the issue for the 2006 Summer Meeting and suggested a regional poll question be posted on the web site for membership to weigh in on their preferences. Roger Hammel made a motion to offer the 20% subsidy in 2006 to junior skiers. Dean Rudy seconded the motion. Discussion ensued. The motion carried, council approved the 20% subsidy to the entry fees of junior skiers for the 2006 Eastern Regionals at Lake Holly.

John Davis made a motion to accept the 2007 Regional bid from Twin Lakes as presented. Pat Byrne seconded the motion. The motion carried. Council awarded the 2007 Eastern Regionals to Twin Lakes Water Ski Park in Monroe, NY.

Jim Meis expressed surprise at the ease in the approval process.

EVP asked Regional Search & Site Committee Chair, John Davis if there was any other interest from clubs to host future regionals , or intent to bid for any future Regionals beyond 2007. John Davis reported that Dave’s Pond in Edinboro, PA., intends to bid on the 2008 Eastern Regionals. Immediately following, George Vosburg stated intent to bid on 2009 Regionals at his 2 lake site in Canajoharie, NY.

EVP announced at this point that is was almost noon and polled the attendees as to whether we should break for lunch or have a short break with a working lunch and keep rolling along into the afternoon meeting agenda. With the NFL playoff games scheduled to take place this afternoon, the latter was decided. Pizza was ordered in.

16. New Business
· State records issue – Jean Giove expressed an issue of skiers from Maryland who ski in Virginia (and/or vice versa) holding state records. The question was presented to council of which state the record should apply. Collective thinking of council is that this is an issue with state records to be handled within the state(s). Council does not maintain state records, each state maintains their own records.

· Nominating Committee – EVP asked for volunteers or suggestions for individuals to serve on the regional nominating committee. Absent any, in accordance with the ER By Laws, the EVP will appoint individuals to the committee.

· Senior Judges clinic – EVP stated how beneficial the Senior Judges Clinic in February 2005 was to the region as a whole. The idea was floated to include one attendee at the director and committee reimbursement expense offset rate to attend out of region Senior Judges clinics in return for their funneling of knowledge and or related issues back to ER officials through a regional clinic(s). Steve Lohr and Roger Hammel expressed that in the past Senior Judges attended those clinics at their own expense to better themselves as officials. No formal action was taken.

Membership Meeting Minutes – 1:00 p.m. Saturday 1/7/06

1. Call to Order – Meeting was called to order at 1:38 p.m.

2. Council & Membership were introduced.

3. USA Water Ski Q & A / NSL Program – USA Water Ski Grassroots coordinator, Derek Koch was present at the meeting. He reported that NSL tournaments in the Eastern Region increased to 15 in 2005 from 9 in 2004, and NSL clinics increased to 20 in 2005 from 8 in 2004. He thanked us for our enthusiasm and participation in this grassroots program to grow the sport of water skiing. Derek reported that goody bags are available from USAWS headquarters for NSL events. Additionally merchandise like can coolers, t-shirts, towels, etc., can be purchased at cost for NSL events. Digital photos from any NSL events can be sent to him at USAWS for posting on the on the NSL page. He suggested photos of new participants and/or children. Derek also explained the annual NSL Pro Am that has been held on the final day of the Nationals at the Nationals site. NSL tournament participants can score and attain subsidies to attend the Pro Am. Pro (Open) skiers ski with NSL skiers at this event which he reports has created a lot of excitement.

Derek reported that 2006 Water Ski calendars are available from USAWS. Members may purchase for $10 per calendar. Clubs may purchase them for $500 per case of 50. They have been sold as successful fund raisers by clubs around the country in the past.

Derek reported that the recently constructed lake at USAWS headquarters was officially named Lake Grew. Six (6) events were held there in 2005 including the WSDA Nationals, and the Rocketman Jump tournament at which Freddy Krueger established a new World Record of 240’. Memberships are available for use of the lake for $1200 annually. USA Water Ski Members are also welcome to use the lake for $20 per ski set. Arrangements can be made by contacting USA Water Ski lake director Roger Skalko.

Derek reported that USA Water Ski has a new club contest in which the winning club will be awarded with a new MasterCraft. The contest is based on among other things the number of new USAWS memberships.

Questions regarding the insurance through Global Inamar were asked of Derek. Council and membership feedback was that the boat insurance met needs and expectations, however the lake insurance did not. Most sites are not participating in the lake insurance through USAWS and the Global / Inamar alliance.

Roger Hammel questioned marketing of the grassroots programs. Derek responded that USAWS promotes their grassroots programs to those in their membership database. Discussion followed suggesting e-mail blasts to clubs, event sponsors, Overton’s mailing list, ski equipment, and boat manufactures and/or dealers, and MMA. Roger Hammel recommended that grassroots e-mail blasts be done to the aforementioned. (This was refined and made a regional recommendation at the AWSA BOD meeting in January 2006).

Roger Hammel recommended that USAWS headquarters study the local land use issue with the USAWS Waterways Committee.

Steve Lohr expressed problems encountered in NSL events including scoring, score reporting, and the issue of guest memberships. He recommended that USAWS study and simplify the fee structure for NSL events.

ACTION ITEM: EVP requested that council forward the contact information of any NSL event organizers in their states to serve as state coordinators for our regional NSL committee effort. AWSA President Jim Grew has directed the regional EVP’s to form NSL committees within the regions similar to the regional junior development programs.

Derek’s last order of business was to present the proposed change of the organizations name from USA Water Ski to USA Water Sports. Materials were presented that detailed the evolution of this concept. EVP polled council and membership to gauge support for the name change. After discussion and feedback, council directed our region’s directors to oppose any name change to USA Water Ski at the AWSA BOD meeting coming up.

EVP thanked Derek for his attendance and presentation to regional council.

4. Eastern Region Junior Development Committee Report – Hutch Haines reported that council approved discounts to juniors as deep as 40% for Regional entries. Hutch also described the incentives the Avon Old Farms Skiers have given to Juniors and first time tournament attendees the past few years that have resulted in new blood. Hutch asked that any states, clubs, sites, or individuals interested in hosting Junior Development instructional clinics contact him and he will assist. Contact info can be found on or in the guidebook.

5. Summary of morning Council Meeting was given to membership by EVP including:
· 2005 Summer Meeting Minutes
· Treasurers Report
· 2006 Tournament Schedule
· Announcement of Officials for 2006 Eastern Regionals
· Announcement of Officials for 2006 Nationals
· 2006 Eastern Regionals Review – Ralph Hall (LHSC)
· 2007 Eastern Regionals awarded to Twin Lakes and intent to bid from Dave’s Pond on 2008 and George Vosburg in 2009.

6. State Reports

  • CT – Pat Byrne reports that 4 tournaments are scheduled in CT in 2006 including a junior tournament in early July. Avon intends to hold an instructional clinic as well.
  • DE – Doug Milner reported that 4 tournaments are scheduled in Delaware in 2006. Two tournaments at Diamond State, and two at Givens Pond including a 3 round slalom shoot out.
  • ME – No report
  • MD – Jean Giove reports that their two sites (Eagle Lake & Lou Alcomo’s lake) are holding tournaments including back to back in a slalom shoot out format.
  • MA – Dave Allen & Ron Kokernak report that Oakham is the only tournament site in state. Their state reports increase in members, tournament attendees, and junior skiers. Oakham will host C & F tournaments in 2006. The F tournament is run with a 2 fall slalom and NOPS head to head format.
  • NH – No report.
  • NJ – John Corkery reports that 5 tournaments are scheduled in 2006 in NJ. Two at South Jersey, and three at John’s Lake in Wayne, NJ. Twin Lakes will host two events.
  • NY – Alan Frederick & Dean Rudy reported that 8 sites throughout New York will hold tournaments in 2006 including back to back 3 round slalom tournaments. New York state is experiencing a shortage of promotional boats, resulting in great difficulty at tournaments.
  • PA – John Davis reported that six tournaments are scheduled to take place in PA in 2006, at four tournament sites – Smith’s Pond in Bentleyville, Big Rock Pond in Perryopolis, Lago De Vita, in Greensurg, and Dave’s Pond in Edinboro. The Keystone State Federation is once again thriving. The 2005 State Championships brought back the return of the Governor’s cup competition among clubs in the state. A PA Slalom Grand Prix series also added fun and interest in 2005. Boys 1 slalom skier Chad Meny won the 2005 award.
  • VT – No report.
  • VA – Jim Hancock & Rod Barney reported two Fun / NSL tournaments are scheduled for 2006, one at Bear Lake and one at Maracossic lake. The Virginia State Championships will be held at Timberlake, the Regionals at Lake Holly, and 3 round back to back slalom tournaments at Bear Lake and Jennings Pond. Virginia also will hold a Junior Development clinic in 2006. Timberlake will also be holding a Fun / NSL clinic. Also among the activity scheduled for 2006 will be the James River Festival, as well as trained Driver clinic at Timberlake.
  • WV – Sam Ingram submitted a written report. The state of West Virginia has a new water ski site in Terra Alta. They have a scheduled combination F & C tournament in June 2006.

7. Committee Reports
· Executive – Steve Lohr

· Judges & Scorers – Gary Noll submitted the Judges & Scorer’s Committee Report to the AWSA BOD as well as a written report to council.

The list of test administrators and clinic instructors is currently being updated for 2006. The new list will include both Judges and Socrers able to conduct clinics and testing. Test administration material will be sent from USAWS headquarters to improve timeliness of testing.

Any official ready to upgrade must contact Traci Baylon at USAWS to confirm they have met the requirements. Traci will contact Gary Noll and direct them to a test administrator in their area. Gary must approve and issue materials to the test administrator(s).

Anyone needing assistance with upgrading, please contact Gary Noll. Contact info can be found on or in the guidebook.

· Regional Guidebook – Judi Stevens reported that 15 letters to patrons and/or potential advertisers were mailed in November 2005. To date one ad and payment has been received.

Deadline for submission of any information in the 2006 Guidebook is 1/15/06.

· Regional Web Site – No report

· Regional Records – Dan Baumgart updated and submitted the Eastern Region Records. Copies were distributed.

· Rules – Ken Crofton submitted a written report. Copies were distributed. Two issues are on the agenda at the AWSA BOD meeting for vote.
i. The Rules Committee is recommending that AWSA align their rule on entry gates in slalom with IWSF for uniformity. EVP polled attendees of meeting. The membership directed the ER directors to oppose the change.
ii. The RC is recommending eliminating the option for mixed class administration at Regionals and Nationals. Mixed class administration has never been done at Nationals, and it is unlikely it would be. The Eastern and South Central Regionals have run mixed class events with no problems or protests. EVP polled membership on the issue and membership directed the ER director to oppose elimination of the option to administer mixed class Regionals.

· By Laws – No report.

· NSL – Ron Ramsey distributed basic Fun / NSL tournament rules / guidelines. Anyone needing guidance on preparation and/or administration of those tournaments can contact Ron Ramsey. Contact info is in Eastern Region Guidebook, and on

· Skiers Rating – No report.

· Technical – Dan Baumgart will be holding a clinic at the 2006 Regionals as well as Dave’s Pond record tournament in July 2006. Anyone interested needs to contact Dan Baumgart. Contact information can be found in the guidebook and on

· Nominating – Jean Giove reported that two positions are up for election in 2006. Steve Lohr will not run for re-election to the AWSA BOD. EVP position is up for election in 2006 as well. Any interested candidates or suggestions, please contact Jean Giove. Contact information can be found in the guidebook or on
· Drivers – No report.

· Towboat – Doug Robbins reported that the Towboat and Speed Control committees have been combined as of 1/1/06. Each region now appoints one rep to serve on Towboat committee. The committee will be co-chaired with one responsible for Towboat and one responsible for speed control.

Towboat policy has been amended to shift the responsibility of providing back up speed control displays in towboats from the tournament sponsor to the promotional boat owner.

Towboat policy (at the request of manufacturers) has been changed to allow one Jump specific towboat for use at Regionals and Nationals without a back up.
Towboat tests were held in October at Lake Grew at USAWS Headquarters. The list of approved towboats can be found on for 2006 tournament use.

The Towboat committee is designing a checklist for promotional boat owners and manufacturers for tournament use.

· Speed Control – Ralph Hall reported that the Speed Control and Towboat committees have been combined, so this is his last official report. The Perfect Pass display head has been modified for 2006. Ralph has two demo heads to play with at the meeting of anyone wants to. He will conduct the Speed Control clinic in the morning and have materials and new manuals available for distribution to all attendees.

· International Activities (IAC) – Ralph Hall & Jon Thacher reported that the USA Water Ski Teams swept the international competitions in 2006 including the 2006 World Senior Trophy. Officials are needed for Team Trials and International Competition in 2006.

· Coaches – No report

· Competition Task Force – Steve Lohr reported on the latest CTF proposal to the AWSA BOD. Upon conclusion of the report a question and answer session was held. Feedback was negative on the proposal from membership. John Harris made a motion to direct the ER directors to strongly oppose the CTF proposal at the AWSA BOD meeting. Rod Barney seconded the motion. The motion carried.

· Safety – Pat Byrne reported that 108 injuries were reported nation wide in 2005 at USAWS sanctioned events. 77 Injuries were reported nation wide in AWSA events. Injuries occurred in 2005 at a rate of 0.017% of events. 2004 was a busy year for Safety clinics. Safety clinics are planned for 2006 in New Jersey and Connecticut. Any individuals interested in holding or attending a Safety Clinic, please contact Pat Byrne. Contact info can be found in the guidebook or on

· Seeding – Jennifer Frederick-Kelly reported that now that the National Rankings list is in place and on line, scorers need to be diligent in submitting tournament scorebooks promptly.

8. Other Old Business

· EVP reported that the American Water Ski Educational Foundation (AWSEF) is looking for another Eastern Region representative.

9. New Business
· Calling trick from TC point of view – Ron Ramsey discussed the issues and different options from a technical standpoint in record trick events. Video trick timing was discussed, as was the advantages and disadvantages of using 3 vs. 5 judges.

· Roger Hammel announced some disheartening news. Long time active competitive skier & official, Richard Love was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. Membership is asked to keep him in our thoughts & prayers.

· Roger Hammel made a motion that EVP submit expense of the meeting lunch for reimbursement from the Eastern Region. Second by Rod Barney. Motion carried.

10. Regional Recommendations for AWSA BOD Meeting

· Ron Ramsey recommended that the AWSA Technical Committee explore the use of the video feed from the boat for trick timing rather than from shore.

11. Meeting was adjourned at 5:42 p.m.

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