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2006 Eastern Region Summer Meeting

Updated 1/18/07

2006 Eastern Regional Meeting
Friday, 8/4/06
Lake Holly, Sparta, VA

  1. EVP, Doug Robbins called meeting to order at 4:34 p.m. and distributed materials, agenda, treasurers report, winter meeting minutes, committee reports, updated contact lists, etc., to begin meeting.


  1. Introduction of council – Present for meeting were the following: Jerry Stansberry – HND (VA), Marie Baker – Treasurer (PA), Bill Baker – HND (PA), Wick Merchant – alternate Council (VA), Steve Lohr – Director (VA), John Corkery – Council (NJ), Dean Rudy – Council (NY), Dave Robbins – Council (ME), Russ Cole – Council (MA), Gary Noll – Council (PA), Jean Giove – Council (MD),  Hutch Haines – Council (CT), Pat Byrne – Director (CT), Roger Hammel – Director (VA), Rusty Coffin – Council (DE), Rod Barney – Council (VA).  


  1. Agenda was reviewed by council, no additions or changes were brought forth.


  1. Review & approval of 2006 Eastern Region Winter Meeting minutes – EVP distributed via e-mail to council in late June. EVP noted that more were available in hard copy on the table with other materials. No changes made to minutes. Motion to approve 2006 Winter Meeting Minutes by Jerry Stansberry, second by Pat Byrne, none opposed. Minutes were approved by council.


  1. Treasurer’s Report  - Marie Baker summarized the financial report distributed to council. Region checking balance = $9,705.89, savings account balance = $30,595.88 (which includes $10,000 contribution from the Reading Water Skiers), and Junior Development balance is $6,665.32. EVP read thank you note from Yvonne Worthington in appreciation for the $500 contribution the region made to the Leah Worthington Trust Fund. Pat Byrne made motion to accept Treasurer’s Report as presented. Jerry Stansberry seconded. None opposed. Treasurer’s report was approved. Jon Thacher pointed out that no formal approval was required of the financial reports.


  1. EVP Report

                                                               i.      2007 Eastern Regionals / Entry fee poll question – EVP reported that the poll responses were in and the majority favored a low/cost low budget banquet on site at the regionals. That direction has been given to the Twin Lakes Ski Club, hosts of the 2007 Regionals. 6% supported traditional banquet. 12% supported elimination of banquet. Dean Rudy asked if any feedback had been gathered that gave an indication as to whether the skier entry fee should include a banquet ticket, or be an optional purchase. EVP responded that no feedback had been gathered. Discussion ensued. EVP made point that the traditional banquet would require a count to the facility a few days prior to the event. So they had to have some indication of numbers. EVP deferred discussion to John Paulovich who will serve as tournament director of the 2007 Regionals. John reiterated the need for an approximate count for the caterer and to have ample seating on site. EVP and John Paulovich expressed that they know of no other way to attain an approximate count. Marie Baker has served as registrar for numerous regionals and made point that current count is needed, and she has transferred tickets for skiers who will not use them. Hutch Haines made suggestion to hold Junior award presentations at the meeting instead of the Banquet because in the current scheduled format many of the Juniors leave Friday after they are done skiing.

Dean Rudy suggested that the 3 day regionals be held on Friday – Saturday – Sunday rather than Thursday – Friday – Saturday. EVP made point that the former allows no time for make up if we have weather delays.

                                                            ii.      Reading Water Skiers contribution – EVP reported the $10,000 contribution made to the Eastern Region by the Reading Water Skiers was made for the “betterment of the sport” according to Mark David of the RWS. EVP asked for process on how to disburse those funds. Should a formal grant request be put in place? Should the funds from RWS be separated from the main Regional Savings account? Right now they are combined. Marie Baker made a motion that the director and committee travel expense offset / reimbursement be increased from $300 (current amount) to $400. Marie made the point that she receives the receipts and $300 is not coming close to covering the expense for a director or committee rep to attend a meeting. $300 often does not cover air fare, let alone hotel and auto rental. Marie and Bill Baker made point that perhaps that increase would create the needed incentive for folks to get involved and serve on committees and on the AWSA BOD. EVP made point that it was at $400 but was reduced to $300 a few years ago in Avon. At that time Council made determination that this amount was to be an offset to expenses, not a honorarium, stipend, or reimbursement. EVP explained that some committees are required to meet annually or semi annually. Obviously travel expenses are incurred to attend these meetings. Eastern Region Policies and Procedures currently require that committee reps and/or AWSA BOD members submit their travel expense receipts to the Eastern Region Treasurer who will reimburse up to $300 for travel expenses. 100% of these expenses are reimbursed if they do not exceed $300. If expenses exceed $300, the reimbursement is an offset, not 100% reimbursement. Ralph Hall suggested ‘show of hands’ poll of membership to gauge support for the increase. EVP took poll that nearly unanimously favored the increase to $400. EVP then asked if this increase should be taken from the RWS contribution, or from the Region Treasury. Membership response was that it was to be taken from the Region Treasury. Rod Barney seconded the motion Marie Baker made to increase the amount to $400. Motion carried. Dean Rudy made point that perhaps the motion does not attain objective. John Harris asked what the bottom line impact of the increase is, EVP responded that it will be roughly $1100 annually.

Pat Byrne – returned discussion to the initial EVP question about what to do with the RWS funds. Pat suggested Junior Development in the form of entry fee subsidies at regionals, technical equipment supply owned by region to help first time tournament hosts and/or regional hosts. Roger Hammel suggested ‘adult development’ / learn to ski clinics. Russ Cole made point that technical support in the way of personnel accompany the equipment to new sites. EVP made point that there are a lot of ideas and ways to put this money to use for the ‘betterment of the sport’. EVP stated that he would like to see the RWS contribution handled separately from our Regional Treasury, and Council promote that the funds are there, and give states / clubs ability to request the funds from Council. Jon Thacher made motion that the EVP appoint a committee to approve disbursements of these funds. Pat Byrne suggested a screening committee to present the requests for uses. Council will approve the disbursement of these funds. Gary Noll suggested query of other regions to see if they have run into this situation and how they have handled it. Bill Baker made motion to separate RWS Contribution from the Regional Treasury. Seconded by Pat Byrne, motion carried. Mare Baker will separate the RWS contribution into an interest bearing account or CD.  

                                                          iii.      Budget update – EVP reported that with the contributions Regional Council made that were not budgeted for, we will run about a $700 deficit if all other budgeted expenses are disbursed.

                                                          iv.      Region leadership & tournament officials – EVP asked Council & Federation Presidents to get more folks involved to fill positions on committees, director positions, etc., as we are a volunteer fueled sport. EVP encouraged Council & Federation Presidents to encourage officials to volunteer as appointed officials for the 2007 Regionals to run 2 events simultaneously.


  1. State Reports
    • CT – Hutch Haines: Great tournaments, ton of kids show for tournaments. 18 kids at last tournament. Tough year for Nationals because not a lot of kids are going this year. Avon been successful running 3 rounds of T&J Saturday, and 3 rounds of S on Sundays. Avon playing around with the idea of a cash prize Eastern Region only tournament.
    • DE – Rusty Coffin: 2 tournaments so far this year, and 2 more scheduled. Upgraded Tom Witkowski to Regular Driver.
    • MA – Russ Cole: 2, 3 event tournaments so far. Some difficulty with equipment at first tournament. Running C & Fun tournament option that has been popular and netted new skiers. T-shirt sales netted $500 for Eastern Region Junior Development. Screen Printer donates shirts.  
    • MD – Jean Giove: 4 tournaments this year, 3 slalom tournaments. 1 fun tournament. Lou Alcomo is hosting a record slalom tournament in August. Lou Alcomo is also hosting a Junior Development (S&T) clinic in August as well.
    • ME – Dave Robbins: Maine doing well individually. Sending a few skiers to Regionals this year. Sanford won’t do any more 3 event skiers. Exclusively show club. Davie Robbins upgraded to Senior in Trick. Kevin Jack (19 year old) upgraded to a Regular 3 event Judge.
    • NH –  No Report
    • NJ – John Corkery: Reported 5 tournaments in 2006. Still have quite a few Juniors. Been successful with getting new skiers at tournaments, and grooming new officials. Reported some skiers who have been inactive in tournaments for a while returning to tournaments now. NJ is supporting the Twin Lakes effort to host the 2006 Regionals. EVP reminded council to keep in mind that there is an official reinstatement process in place to restore former officials ratings to people who have cycled out of our sport who return. NJ hosted a Junior Development clinic with Kristi Overton, 9 kids participated.  
    • NY – Dean Rudy: 12 Tournaments this year on 6 different sites. Interest continues to be predominantly slalom. Held several officials clinics. Suffer from lack of officials and promo boats.
    • PA – Randy Meny / Gary Noll: A 3 event record tournament, PA State Championships, 2, 3 round slalom tournaments so far. 2 tournaments left. Not much happening in Eastern PA. Port Indian and Reading clubs losing their sites. EVP reported that Jon Bickel has discussed bringing the PA States back to Eastern PA to Christman Lake where some of the core skiers from Reading are skiing now. PA Federation looking to do some Junior Development
    • VA – Wick Merchant: Elected Paul Santangelo to Council. Has put a call to Scorers. Holding officials and Safety clinics. 3 Fun tournaments in 2006. Fun tournaments have gained momentum in VA. W3 skiers at Regionals came through Fun tournaments. Timberlake has hosted 3-4 slalom clinics. Enthusiasm coming from both Juniors and adults. 3 Round Trick tournament at Lake Maracossic. Timberlake held the Un Nationals for skiers not competing in Nationals. Getting people in officials pipeline. Wick suggested that USAWS or our committees recommend the dealers take promo boats back.   
    • VT – Written report provided by Darlene McCormick. Green Mountain Water Skiers got the observer law modified for competitive slalom skiing. John Harris reported that they didn’t go through USAWS Waterways Committee, but VA did on the PFD issue that arose in the VA legislature in 2006. VT expressed concern with 5/3/3 methodology and recommended that 3 slalom scores be used for National Ranking and Seeding rather than 5. VT is experiencing declining entries at tournaments (they only host 3 round slalom) as well as the shortage of promo boats that NY has reported. MA expressed the same difficulty. Rod Barney reported that it will be a shortage everywhere eventually. Rod expressed the difficulty in selling promo boats.
    • WV – Sam Ingram: Was at the Regionals but had to leave. WV held a F&C tournament in Terra Alta, WV. The first tournament in the state in years. The Terra Alta site has brought several new enthusiastic skiers into the sport.


*** A break was taken for dinner at 5:57 p.m. Lake Holly Ski Club provided the food, and club member, Dave Glazer grilled the fare for the region. ***


  1. Committee Reports
    • Nominating Committee Report & Officer elections – Jean Giove reported that 2 positions are up for election tonight. Nomination for EVP was opened up to the floor. Incumbent EVP, Doug Robbins, agreed to run again. No nominations from the floor were presented. Marie Baker mover that nominations be closed. Rod Barney seconded, the motion carried. Doug Robbins was re-elected EVP. Steve Lohr has decided after 10 years on the AWSA BOD, to not run for re-election. So two candidates have been nominated to become National Director – Tom Hinman (CT), and Jon Thacher (VA). Ballots were distributed to the AWSA members present. Jon Thacher (VA), was elected to the AWSA BOD. Jean Giove also stated that Roger Hammel was unable to attend the AWSA BOD meeting at the upcoming Nationals at Bakersfield. Jerry Stansberry, HND from VA, agreed to attend as an alternate Director for Roger. Bill Baker made a motion to elect Jerry Stansberry alternate Director, Rod Barney seconded. The motion carried unopposed.
    • Regional Search & Site Committee report – John Davis

2006 Regionals – EVP thanked Lake Holly for a terrific tournament sp far.

2007 Regionals – John Davis was ot in attendance, but reported to EVP that everything was in order for 2007 Regionals. John Paulovich reported that a $15 Junior division entry fee discount would be offered. Twin Lakes asks the Region continue the subsidy by matching the $15 discount that Twin Lakes was offering. John Paulovich made motion for the Region to contribute $15 per entry for each Junior entry for the 2007 Regionals. Steve Vincent seconded the motion, the motion carried. John Paulovich welcomed everyone to come ski. He wants the 2007 Regionals to have as many skiers as they can host.  

2008 & Beyond – Intent to bid from Dave’s Pond for 2008, and George Vosburg in Canajoharie, NY., for 2009. These are intents, not bids.

·         Executive Committee – Steve Lohr had no report at this time.

·         Junior Development – Hutch Haines reported that Junior participation at the Regionals is up from 2005. Appreciate the support for Eastern Region Junior Development from Lake Holly. VA has clinics, and NJ had clinics in 2005. Avon offers Juniors to ski free at their first tournament, and $20 entry fees for Junior divisions at tournaments. Hutch reported that he is still building the e-mail list. He asks that interested parents please register on the awsaeast web site so he can continue to build the Junior Development Database.    

·         By Laws – Gary Noll has no report at this time.

·         NSL Tournament – Ron Ramsey reported that NSL is growing the sport. Ron encouraged the Region to hold NSL tournaments because they are really easy to hold. He has found that NSL skiers will travel to C tournament sites.

·         Announcers Committee

·         AWSA President’s NSL Committee – Steve Lohr

·         Rules – Lee Mershon reported that not much activity this time of year. A few rules exceptions. Lee reported that the RC last year recommended that the AWSA BOD adopt the IWSF gate rules for slalom, and the board wisely rejected the recommendation. Lee cautioned the Directors that the elite athletes (AAC) have their own agenda and are pushing to have the gate rule revised to be the same as IWSF for AWSA class C & E tournaments. Lee said it is not good for our sport in the East. EVP asked if Trick skiers are able to change KD setting in Perfect Pass between Trick passes in a tournament.

·          IAC – Jon Thacher passed out the IAC report to the AWSA BOD. Jon encouraged any officials to submit their names for consideration to work as appointed officials at the Team Trials and International tournaments like the Worlds, Junior Worlds, Pan American Championships. They are great events. Jon reported that the USA Team took second in France last week.

·         Safety – Pat Byrne reported that he is pleased that there have been very few injuries including the Regionals. Pat is also pleased to report that there have ben several Safety clinics around the region. This year clinics have been held in VA, CT, MA, and NY. Pat asked that any safety questions and/or concerns be directed to him.

·         Drivers Committee – Bill Swaffield submitted a written report. EVP reminded members that Bill will coordinate any upgrade testing, and is the Eastern Region Rep on the AWSA Drivers committee and should receive all record tournament end course video tapes as well. Paul Meyers (NH) upgraded to 3 event Senior Driver. Mike Sturdevant (MD) passed his 3 event assistant driver test. Bill recommends checking rating status with Traci Baylon at USAWS headquarters. EVP reports that USAWS has a new officials database and status reports are readily available by contacting Traci. Lee Mershon recommended that the status report automatically be generated annually for each official and e-mailed to them. 

·         Judges & Scorers Rating – Gary Noll no actions to report at this time. The committee is working on the clinic materials for Judges and Scorers. The are in the process of updating the manuals and videos. Gary reported that Dave Robbins, Jean Giove, and Sara Roach were among those who have upgraded their Judges ratings in 2006. Gary asked that any officials who do test and upgrade report that to Gary. Steve Lohr expressed the materials he received for the Judges clinic at the Winter Meeting were sub standard and recommended that someone on the committee review it and update it. Gary Noll reported that some media of the video tests that were distributed without audio.  Roger Hammel asked if the Senior trick test had been updated. Gary said the committee was working on that as well.

·         National Coaching Advisory – Tom Hinman had no report.

·         Seeding – Jennifer Fredereick – Kelly reported that the new National Rankings List enables skiers to view scores and rankings. The critical element to the NRL is that all tournament scores need to be submitted on Monday after the tournament for inclusion that week on the list.

·         Skiers Rating – Dana Hinman recommended the following

1.      Annual Eastern Region Rankings list awards be given annually with certificates. Bill Harris asked the question about the Regional Standings being eliminated from the Regional Guidebook. EVP responded that Jennifer Frederick Kelly, Mark Crone, and the other individuals involved would make every effort to get them in the 2007 Guidebook. The Regional standings list was unable to appear in the 2006 Guidebook because the two databases simply would not work together by the deadline. Rod Barney expressed concern that Dana’s recommendation may discourage skiers from participating in the Regionals. Roger Hammel asked why USAWS could not create the certificates and send them out. Pat Byrne moved the Eastern Region accept the recommendation and implement the Regional Rankings list champions for 2006. Rod Barney seconded the motion. The motion carried.

2.      Regional qualifications be revised to include two additional qualification mechanisms.

·         Any skier who places in the top 5 in their state championships in any event.

·         All level 5 and higher rated skiers on the National Rankings list automatically qualify.

Discussion ensued. Steve Vincent asked why not eliminate the minimum qualifications all together and allow any skier to ski Regionals. EVP responded that traditionally minimum qualifications were established to keep the Regionals from being basically a class F tournament. Steve responded that if getting 250 skiers at the Regionals is the goal, why not open it up?

Bill Harris pointed out that we have skiers qualified under the current mechanism who do not attend the Regionals. Dave Robbins stated that he is opposed to the Regionals being a class F tournament. Russ Cole pointed out that our Region already has qualification levels below the other four regions. Any further decrease in qualification levels would result in a greater disparity of performances at the Nationals. Wick Merchant pointed out that entry fee levels were reduced and participation increased. He believes there should still be a high quality of skiing  at the Regionals and be a goal for skier to shoot for and achieve. Pat Byrne recommended that the Regional qualification mechanism mirror the National qualification process, and give last chance qualifier opportunities. Steve Lohr pointed out that he has watched the AWSA BOD reduce standards for 9 years and it has not resulted in improvements to the sport, and in many instances has resulted in failures. Steve cited that we have reduced ratings for Juniors over the last 10 years, only to see our number of US Junior Team level Juniors diminish. We need to concentrate on programs to improve our numbers, not lower our standards. We need a committee of people to study this issue and see where there is a disparity of # of skiers in the region and the level they are skiing because the SRC has missed that. Study each division. John Paulovich agrees with Steve Lohr, goals need to be high and worth attaining. Steve Vincent would like to ski regionals but was unable to get a first calss rating, and believes there are other skiers out there like him particularly Juniors. Julie Harris would love to be on this committee but has concern that the CTF proposal is a moving target and does not want to see that at the Regional level also. Dean Rudy wants to operate 100% off the database and eliminate the paper requirement. Steve Lohr asked if it would be too late to bring a recommendation to the Winter (2007) Meeting or is it necessary to have a decision tonight. John Harris recommended that in light of the regional participation in M1, M2, W1, & W2, that we reduce the qualification levels to first class in those events. Roger Hammel suggested that we table to winter meeting in agreement with Steve Lohr. Pat Byrne cautioned against a piece meal recommendation, and recommended a more global recommendation across all divisions, rather than M1, M2, W1, & W2. Sara Roach believes if we studied the W1 & W2 skiers we would not gain any more skiers at the Regionals regardless of what is done with the ratings. Dave Robbins stated that one issue is that we have a lot of good qualified skiers in the region who are not competing at the 2006 Regionals, and the other issue is how we grow the numbers issue. Dave also asked what is the right or ideal number per division & event. EVP reported that he did an analysis of skiers who ski in the Eastern Region in comparison to how many skiers compete in the Regionals. The result is that we actually drew 41% in 2005, which is actually better than what we draw to the Nationals. The SRC reported to the AWSA BOD that we typically have 1/3 or 33% of the skiers who qualify for the Nationals, actually enter the tournament. Bill Baker reiterated the point that Pat Byrne made. EVP created a task force headed by Steve Lohr, and including Julie Harris, Steve Vincent, John Harris, Dana Hinman, and Jennifer Frederick Kelly to study the issue and make a recommendation to council. Bill Baker made a motion that action on this recommendation be tabled to the Winter Meeting.

·         Technical Committee – Dan Baumgart  was at the Regionals and did a TC clinic here at the 2006 Eastern Regionals. Dan also did a TC clinic for Bill Cooper in July at Dave’s Pond. EVP recommended anyone interested in a TC clinic contact Dan.

·         Towboat – Doug Robbins reported that the Correct Craft Hydrogate was tested and approved for use in either position in slalom & jump, but just the trick setting in trick. The SVfara was tested and approved for tournament use. MasterCraft tested the Nightmare MasterCraft  and was approved for tournament use. Promo boat guidelines were developed and are available on A Jump speed working group has been formed to gather data and look at the Speed Control systems performance in the Jump event to ensure it is delivering fair pulls across events and meets future objectives. This working group was an IWSF directive. Adjustable Speed Control parameters were posted for regionals & nationals by the June deadline. Towboat Test dates will be earlier than the 10/7-8 dates in this report. Weighting the bow of boats in the slalom event to enhance drivability and skiability in tournaments is not in accordance to AWSA Towboat Policy because the manufacturers do not test the boats that way for tournament use. Doug Milner asked if Towboat Committee tests the boats with towers or without. Doug Robbins responded that the manufacturers test the boats with the towers on them as they would run them in tournaments. Ralph Hall pointed out that weight in the boats affects power & acceleration. Randy Meny asked about the ballast tank in the MasterCraft. MasterCraft tests the ballast tank in their boat and it is for side to side balance in accordance with AWSA rules, not fore and aft balance as has been experimented with in the Southern Region. Rod Barney asked about the Promo programs. The Towboat Committee requested feedback of areas of shortage. EVP provided feedback of shortage areas in the East. Dean Rudy asked for approval for earlier than the two previous mode year allows in Towboat Policy. The Towboat Committee discussed it, and made no change to the policy but USAWS risk management did not want any more year added to previous model years. Rusty Coffin stated that MasterCraft is going to modify their promo program and anticipate losing 5-7% of their promo team. Russ Cole suggested the USAWS database be used to help promo boat buyers & sellers, and manufacturers to create promo teams in shortage areas. Rod Barney suggested that USAWS announcers committee distribute in their materials to announce reminders that the boats on the lakes at tournaments are all for sale, and to contact the promo boat owners for details or more information. Bill Baker asked for clarification on if sanction is upheld if an older boat is used. Lee Mershon recommends that Towboat Committee needs to address the issue so older boats can be used without loss of sanction. Jon Thacher pointed out that annually the AWSA Towboat Committee approves boats that never appear in tournaments. Jon recommends that a minimum number of tournaments be required for that status. Ron Ramsey pointed out that USAWS is creating their own problem. His club used to hold AWSA 3 event tournaments, but they are no longer interested because of the increasing requirements. Russ Cole suggested that USAWS help promo reps sell their boats. Roger Hammel suggested that policy be exempted for age of boats used in problem areas. Doug Robbins stated that the response he got from USAWS was to sanction the tournament F instead of C if they want to use an older boat.

·         Waterways – John Harris reported that VT was successful in getting state approval for skiing without an observer. VA was successful in getting PFD exception.  EVP recommended that any issues that arise locally within states with waterways regulations, consult John Harris and use the USAWS resources available as well.

·         Competition Task Force – EVP circulated hard copies of the CTF proposal to the AWSA BOD. EVP pointed out that that the CTF us getting credit for the National Rankings List which was in development within the Seeding Committee and thanks to the efforts of Mark Crone. The National Qualification is what is proposed to change. The CTF identified the EP rating as a deterrent to competition and a problem in our sport. The CTF proposal freezes the National Rankings List 3 weeks prior to Nationals. Any Level 8 skiers (EP Rating percentage methodology) at the cut off date, qualify for Nationals. Any skier who achieves the cut off score between the cut off date and the nationals at the regionals or any record event, qualifies for the nationals. Skiers who place in top 5 at regionals qualify for Nationals. No Masters rating required. Discussion ensued, feedback was gathered. Dave Robbins pointed out that there is no distinction between class C and class R scores. Dave supports the weighting (2 to 1) for record tournament scores. EVP responded that as a skier and tournament sponsor he agreed, but as EVP he doesn’t because Eastern skiers simply do not have many record tournaments or opportunities for those weighted scores. EVP pointed out that Dave Clark has done statistical analysis over the last several years and the disparity in scores between C and E/L/R is not nearly as significant as it once was when it justified the 2 to 1 weight of C vs. record tournament scores. CTF voted 10 to 1, not to recommend weighting tournament scores at this time. Lee Mershon asked what the motivation of the CTF was, and what was broken with the EP system. EVP responded that the CTF sees the rating qualification system as skiing against the TC instead of against the other skier on the dock. CTF feels that eliminating the rating qualification system and replacing it with National Rankings List qualification makes local tournaments more competitive. Steve Lohr responded that placement qualification was initially proposed. Gene Leviens pointed out that if there is no differentiation between C & E tournaments officials abilities and skier performances will go down. Steve Lohr stated that he was strongly in favor of increasing the competitive nature of our sport but sees this CTF as a runaway freight train. Steve asked if we should support the CTF proposal and also asked if the region supports the reduction of 5/3/3 to 3/3/3. Steve stated several concerns, like that we need to get newcomers to our sport enthusiastic about our sport and a moving target EP is a decline from the fixed target EP we currently have. The proposal could result in the elimination of singe round tournaments because of the risk. It deters a single event skier form competing in a 3 event tournament.  The proposal discourages marginal sites from having tournaments. Further discussion ensued. EVP took straw polls on several issues. The membership directed the directors to strongly oppose the CTF recommendation. The membership directed the directors to support a reduction in the 5/3/3 methodology. The majority of the membership was in favor of weighting record tournament scores on the NRL.


  1. Pat Byrne made motion to adjourn. Rod Barney seconded. Motion carried. Meeting was adjourned at 8:16 p.m.


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