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Updated 1/18/07

2005 Eastern Region Winter Meeting Minutes
Council Meeting – 8:30 a.m., Saturday 1/8/05

  1. Call to Order – meeting called to order 8:36 am
  1. Announcement of Quorum
  1. Introduction of Council - Roger Hammel (VA), John Davis (PA), Pat Byrne (CT), Sam Ingram (WV), Rod Barney (VA), Steve Lohr (VA), Randy & Russell Cole (for Dave Allen & Ron Kokernak - MA), Jennifer Frederick-Kelly(NY), Doug Robbins (PA), Marie Baker(PA), Darrell DeBey (for Dean Rudy - NY), Gary Noll (PA), Clarence Swift (DE), Alan Frederick (NY), Ed Nichols (DE), Jean Giove (MD), Kathy Roach (for Ed Spear - VA), John Corkery (NJ).
  1. Announcements
    • Lunch on own (buffet) in hotel restaurant
    • Dan Baumgart taking donations for Ed Brazil hip fund if anyone has room in their giving budgets. Ed requires hip replacement surgery.
    • Dean Rudy cancer update – doing well – wk. 9 of 12. His tumor is shrinking. Looking forward to ski season.
    • E-mail Leslie Carr w/any updates for guidebook.
    • Jr. Dev. Reps – Under new leadership & direction, reps needed from each state
  1. 2004 Summer Meeting Minutes
    • Review & discussion – reimbursement for meetings, etc. to not exceed $300 for directors & committee meetings
    • Approval – motion by Pat Byrne second by Russ Cole
  1. Treasurer’s Report – Marie Baker
    • bal. checking $3,630.15 / savings $20,160.50 / jr. dev. $6,795.32
    • Marie suggested communicating to national committee members, the meeting reimbursement budget amounts & how to submit them
    • Doug questioned about clinic’s that were held in the fall. Instructors didn’t submit anything to Marie. Could be $90.00 in addition to clinics.
    • Approved by Ed Nichols second by Gary Noll
  1. 2005 Tournament Schedule - Doug Milner
    • On Line Sanctioning – some changes were made w/dates, etc.
    • Sanction Fee Payment – ER & AWSA payments could be made via credit card to AWSA. We were told hqtrs. could accept all payments on-line but it was NOT available as of yet. Checks will be issued quarterly to ERAWSA.
    • Novice/Fun tournaments sanction fee – all should be listed in the guidebook calendar. No charge for Eastern Region Sanction fee but there is a $65.00 fee for guidebook advertisement for page. Final review date by ?
    • Five Star Program – To add interest to tournaments, improve tournaments, attract new skiers & make them friendly to newcomers
    • NSL Program – AWSA President issued directive that all states include NSL events at their state championships
    • Review & discussion
    • Approval – motion by Alan Frederick – second by Pat Byrne
  1. 2005 National Judges & Scorers Clinic – Roger Hammel
    • Herndon, VA near D.C. area on 2/25-27/05
    • A good area – near airport, cheaper airline fares, restaurants & shopping plentiful & within walking distance
    • It will not be a “book” clinic but a variety of items from Perfect Pass to hi-end tricks. Please encourage all senior/regular officials to attend. It will really promote the E.R. and be of benefit for all that participate.
    • Clinic budget details presented & discussed
    • Issue for council is reimbursement amount for clinic attendees $0 / $10 (normal clinic fee) / full $40 fee or somewhere in between
    • Council approved full clinic fee will be reimbursed for each attendee from the Eastern Region
  1. 2005 Budget Review & Discussion
  • AC attend 2 meetings yearly. Proposed budget to change directors to $600 & IAC to $1200. Subtotal stays the same.
  • Web site expense is eliminated. Marie pays 7 yrs. In advance.
  • Guidebook is $1400 income more than 2004.
  • Tournament ads budgeted same as 2004.
  • More than likely the commercial and state ads will stay the same.
  • The USAWS printing & mailing projection will be $993.85 to E.R.
  • Add Jr. Dev. Clinic budget will be $1000 for $10 per participant / per day ER contribution. Same as previous year.
  • Net loss for clinics will be $2700.
  • The projected total net loss for the year is $1923.56
  • All E.R. attendees to the National clinic in Herndon will be reimbursed $45 – motion by Pat Byrne second by Jean Goive. Marie has to have a request by the official who wants to be reimbursed. It is not automatic. This is just for this year and will be voted on for each year.
  • Approval – motion by Pat Byrne second by Roger Hammel.
  1. Eastern Region Records – Dan Baumgart / Roger Hammel
    • Lots of discussion in 2004 especially regarding G2 (34 vs. 32 mph).
    • ER will begin to list slalom as buoy count, speed & line lengths. Each individual state should start doing this – not to just list buoy counts only.
    • Roger made a motion to retire current slalom records where new minimum speeds will be instituted until a new record exceeds the existing record
    • second by Pat Byrne
    • Approved
  1. Official selection for 2005 Eastern Regionals
  • Chief Driver – Rusty Coffin (DE)
  • Asst. Chief – Ralph Hall (VA)
  • Drivers – Jon Thacher (VA), Marie Fields (VA), Tom Hinman (CT)
  • Chief Judge – Jerry Stansberry (VA)
  • Asst. Chief – Sara Roach (VA)
  • Judges – Dave Robbins (ME), Ed Nichols (DE), Roger Hammel (VA), Jean Goive (MD), Bill Baker (PA), Bill Cooper (NJ)
  • Chief Scorer – Ann Lohr (VA)
  • Asst. Chief – Mark Dingeman (VT)
  • Scorers – Rebecca Bartlett (NH), Leslie Carr (MD)
  • Chief Safety – Kathy Roach (VA)
  • Safety – Dave Knight (CT)
  • Alternate Driver position was discussed. Alternate has been required by rule to be on site for the Regional tournament. Years ago (early 1990’s) policy began to use and assign the Alternate as any other appointed driver because they had to be there. Since then the Eastern Regionals has been staffed with five (5) appointed drivers for all intents and purposes. Last year the regional guidebook ad for the Eastern Regionals did not even designate an Alternate Driver which in the past has historically been the driver receiving the least amount of council votes for approval to driver the Regionals. EVP posed question if the Alternate designation / vote was necessary. Steve Lohr made a motion to eliminate the position of Alternate Driver. Seconded by Russ Cole. Motion approved. In the event a driver is unable to drive the tournament after council approval at the annual winter meeting, the EVP is responsible to find a willing and available replacement.
  1. Official selection for 2005 Nationals
  • Chief Judge – Steve Lohr (VA) as appointed by AWSA President
  • Appointed – Roger Hammel (VA), Ed Nichols (DE)
  • Assigned - Dave Robbins (ME), Bill Cooper (NJ), Bill Baker (PA)
  • Appointed Drivers – Rusty Coffin (DE), Doug Robbins (PA)
  • Appointed Scorers – Ann Lohr (VA)
  1. Amendments to P & P Manual and By Laws – Gary Noll

Changes/proposals to the Eastern Region By Laws were reviewed as per Gary’s by law report. Procedure is that it must be voted on & approved by National By Laws Committee & approved by AWSA BOD. The council vote will be at the summer meeting/Nationals.

P&P Manual – amendment issues

Proposal to add 3.1.3 to Regional Bid Requirements – the banquet is a necessary component of Regionals. Should the cost to the Regional skier be able to exceed the Nationals expense? The consensus is to vote yearly for each year bid and be mindful to the cost of the skier. Proposed amendment did not pass council vote.

3.2.2 – these were listed to replace the entire section that’s already in affect. 2nd bullet (change to) …..regional requirements being considered 3rd bullet (change to) …..regional requirements prior to the annual guidebook printing deadline to replace “annual Eastern Region Winter Meeting”. Motion by Gary Noll seconded by Roger Hammel. Council approved.

  1. Competition Task Force / “Sub Regionals” – Steve Lohr

A test case was to have perhaps 2 regionals in E.R. in 2007. One in the North the other in the South. The task force wants us to have a discussion during the general meeting. Ed Nichols suggested a 15 min. discussion limit. All agreed.

  1. 2005 Eastern Regionals – Lake Holly Ski Club

Jon Thacher (tournament director) – Thursday Jr. Dev. At Pitt’s Pond, Friday ER meeting, and Saturday Skier banquet will be held at a public golf course 6 -7 miles away from the site. Comfort Inn in Ruther Glenn is the Regional Headquarters.

  1. 2006 Eastern Regionals –
    • Two bids received for vote at the Winter meeting. Avon Old Farms & Lake Holly Ski Club
    • Bid Review & Discussion – John Davis prepared & presented a comparative report

1.  Banquet costs for Lake Holly included in entry $20-25 extra ticket unsure about junior tickets / Avon included in entry $25 adult/$15 kids

2.  Schedule - Holly Thursday – Sunday / Avon Friday-Monday

3.  Awards - Avon includes an overall trophy

4.  Safety – Lake Holly will have shore swimmers for tricks & slalom and boat for jump. Avon will have shore swimmers & rope handler for slalom & tricks, boat for jump. Avon will do the same as last year but are flexible with the requirements of the board.

5.  Late fees – Lake Holly $25/Avon will have a progression of $25/$50/$75

    • Council discussion closed, vote took place. Council awarded 2006 Nationals to Lake Holly Ski Club.
  1. Other Old Business

Lee Mershon Emeritus request is to be presented at the January 2005 BOD Meeting

  1. New Business
  • National Date Poll Results
  • Emeritus request – Rege Mahoney
  1. Adjourn

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