AWSAEAST Midwinter Meeting 2000


Committee Reports
National Speed Control
National Technical
1999 Tournaments Report


Since being appointed to this committee, I have had little correspondence. I did receive an e-mail from Jim Meis to address some questions the Technical Controller Committee had with reference to speed control.

Be advised that for R and L Tournaments in 1999, boats with approved speed control are required.

The USAWS/AWSA Towboat Committee tests specific boats for powerplant, transmission, and propeller configurations in an attempt to qualify predictable performance for an individual boat model. Speed Control performs somewhat differently in each boat configuration. As per George Lindy, Chair of the Towboat Committee and Speed Control Committee member, the rationale in testing boat/speed control configurations is to attempt to assure selected systems will work in selected boats. There are 21 USAWS/AWSA approved towboats. There are 20 approved for record capability tournaments. Those 20 boats can pull class E tournaments. It is ultimately incumbent on the manufacturer to decide whether or not to test a boat model with speed control and thus qualify those "approved " models for use in R and L record tournaments.
The software versions tested by the Speed Control Committee at the 1999 USAWS/AWSA towboat test are updated and improved versions which differ in performance and "user friendliness" from older versions (i.e. Perfect Pass 3.xx and Accuski 5.xx). The newer Approved versions have much improved jump and slalom characteristics and thus are not interchangeable with older versions. The upgrades run approximately $50.00.
A boat manufacturer may choose not to promote one of itís models for use in class L or R tournaments which require speed control. The boat is still acceptable for use in Novice, Class C and Class E tournaments.
Attached is a list of the 1999 Speed Control Systems Approved List with software versions.

Ralph Hall - National Speed Control Committee Member.

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National Technical Committee Report

From: Gene Davis, Technical Committee Chairman
Date: Mid-Winter Board Meeting, January 22, 2000

Issues for Board Consideration

Jump Timing . The IWSF at the athletes request are increasing the boat speed in the second segment. The recommended increase was 4km at 57km (35mph) and 3km at all other speeds. We will adopt the same Timing chart from the IWSF Recommendations. There is some concern that this will not pass the IWSF TC Committee, If it does not it will not be recommended to the Board.

2. Ramp Height . Last year the IWSF changed the rampís length out of water from 6.40m(21í) 6.70m(22í) to 6.40m(21í) to 6.8(22í3. 75") with a recommendation of 6.75(22í1.75") to 6.80m(22í3.75") and lowered the length under water from 60cm(24") to 50cm(20"). They also changed the ramp ratio from .275 to .271.

This year they are going to lengthen the ramp at all settings (.255 & .235) but not change the ramp ratio. IE. At 5 the Max height will be 6.8 * 2.35 = 1.598m(63") and for 5 Ĺ 6.8 * .255 = 1.734m(68.25") I have asked Bob Corson if they were going to lower the ramp ratio and he stated that they were not.

3. Optional Boat Guide gate in the jump course. The athletes have asked for an optional boat guide gate 300m(984ft) from the top takeoff point of the ramp. The color of the buoys shall be green and have the same tolerance as the 210m, 180m & 150m buoys of 1%.

4. Trick Course . In the appendix the officials trick course drawing place an optional 50m buoy (green) to supplement the language of rule 11.06.

5. Slalom Judges . The IWSF has decided that in an effort to lower the number of required judges working a slalom event that it will be possible to place a single centrally located judges tower and place 2 judges in the tower. There must be cameras placed at the current tower locations (44 degrees) and the signal sent to the centrally located tower for the judges to each view the entrance gates and make their judgment. We will need to change the wording in 10.16 (a) & 15.07 (d (4)). The wording the IWSF has published is:

17.03: Optional Slalom Judging Method
a) As an option, 2 judges may be used in slalom on a centrally located tower rather than using two towers. In this case, the tower will be located between buoy 3 and 4 with the same height requirements. Additionally, there will be video feeds from cameras placed at the required angle to the gates at each end. These camera feeds will be displayed on a monitor and taped. Each judge will independently call the entrance gate by observing the monitor. If one or both judges did not observe the entrance gate then the judge would replay the video at normal speed to make the call. If both judges disagree, the boat judge will cast the deciding vote. The exit gate will be viewed directly, but the video may be used by one or both judges to resolve any questions.
b) Additionally, a boat video may be used. If a skier/Team Representative believes that there was an error in the score, he may challenge it by notifying the Chief Judge before the next skier goes out and by putting up SF250. The Chief Judge and a designated review judge will review the video. If they both agree on a score, that will be the given score. If they disagree or agree that the video does not clearly overrule the score given by the judges, then that score will stand. The SF250 will only be returned if the original score was changed.

6. The IWSF has made some changes to the Jump event we need to look at:
When Video Jump measurement is used, two test buoys must be placed at approximately 40m and 60m jump distances and their exact location as measured by survey and by the video jump system must be recorded on the dossier. The buoys must be independent of the video jump system (i.e. not used as reference buoys by the system).
Dimension Range Tolerance10m 9.8m-10.2m 2%
This will change the tolerance form +/- 1m to +/- .2m

The Committee would like to propose that we remove the requirement that the 5 judges be required to look at the video before it is sent to the TC committee to review. As TC Chairman I take each video and review the pass to see that it qualifies under the second section of the rule that states the max. deviation of the boat at each buoy. It doesnít matter what the judges comments are. They do not factor into the approval process.

Current Rule:
For a Slalom record to be considered, video of the boat path is required (see Rule 15.07(d) below) for all passes. The five Event Judges will examine the video for compliance with the rules governing "boat path." In the review process, each judge will review the tape individually and independently. The video tape (on standard size VHS cassette) shall accompany the record application

Our current Record Form has the Statement:
All IWSF records and AWSA records on the towline of 12 meters or less require end course video to evaluate the towboat path.
We feel that all National records should go under the same requirements no matter what line length they are set at. We currently have 6 divisions that have records that are on lines longer than 12 meters. I would like to remove this statement from our record form.

Committee Activities

We have received 47 Records applications this year. 31 have been approved, 16 denied With this report you should find the Final pending list of record and a copy of both the American Water Ski Assocation National Record Summary for both Female & Male as of Dec 22, 1999

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The 2000 Towboat test was held September 12-16th at Short Line Lake in Sacramento, Ca.
There was a total of 8 boat and two 3 event speed control manufactures represented. Twelve boat models were approved with various speed control systems. Please refer to Speed Control Report for model with speed control approved listing.

Recommended changes to the Towboat Policy Manual:
1.) Page 3, Participation in Regionals, Nationals and U. S. Open Paragraph 3 change to read:
A boat manufacturer which is qualified ( delete "boat model") 2.) Page 4, New of Modified Towboat
Change : (f) There is a change in propeller size, blade number or material(i.e.: bronze to stainless).
Add: (i) A change in speed control software or hardware that impacts the skiers" pull in slalom , trick or jump.
3.) Page 6, and 7, Other Guidelines and Policies
3. Towboat use: Model Year
a. U. S. Nationals must be a current year approved model
b. Regional Tournaments may use a current year approved model or a previous year approved, unchanged model towboat.
c. Record capability ( Class R,E,L) tournaments may use 2000 or1999 approved towboats
d. Class C, I, N: Tournaments other than Record Capability may use 2000, 1999 or 1998 approved towboats ( two years prior).
e. In all instances where a boat older than the current model year is used, the manufacturer must also have a boat on the approved list for 2000.
f. In cases where two boats are required, both boats must be the same model year.
1.) Page 8
Add 14. Speed Control: Regionals
A manufacturer may use all approved towboat/speed control combinations in sanction tournaments. If the towboat qualifies for Regionals with more than one speed control system, the boat manufacturer must designate by July 15 a single speed control system to be used in all Regionals.
15. Speed Control: Updating hardware and software
A manufacturer can use approved hardware and software from a currently approved model on a prior year approved model with the approval of the Speed Control Committee. The manufacturer shall make such request in writing to the Speed Control Committee.
1.) Page 8, Quantitative requirements
It is required that each towboat model/speed control combination pull 20 per cent or the events in a particular region to be considered to tow the Regional Championships.
2.) Page 8 & 9
Update actual credit requirements for each region for 2000
3.) Page 1, item 7, Test fees
Add: A manufacturer can test multiple speed control systems on a specific towboat model with test fees to be determined by E and F.
(Towboat Committee recommends $2500.00 for second speed control system).

This was my first year at the test and I am pleased to say the program is well organized, professional and dedicated to having the best boats available to skiers that are AWSA/USAWS APPROVED.

Ralph Hall - Towboat Committee

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Eastern Region
American Water Ski Association
Agenda - Winter Council Meeting
January 15, 2000

9:00 AM Call to Order

  Roll Call

  Review of Agenda for Meeting

  Minutes of Summer Meeting

  Treasurerís Report
   Budget Presentation

  Policies & Procedures - Review of Draft Document
   Sec 2-Meetings
   Sec 3-Tournaments
   Sec 4-Records
   Sec 5-Guidebook and Website
   Sec 6.2-Financial Matters

  Eastern Region Records

  2000 Regionals

  Regional & National Officials

  Regional Bids-2001 and beyond

  Tournament Schedule ĖDonna Laskey
   Approval per P&P 3.2.1

  AWSAEAST Website Report - Jim Meis

  Report from AWSA

  Unfinished and New Business

1:15 PM Adjournment

1:30 PM Call to Order
  Introduction of Council
  Introduction of Membership
  Introduction of Sports Divisions Represented -
   NSSA - Show
   ABA - Barefooting
   WSDA - Disabled
   NCSWA - Collegiate
  Minutes - Summer Meeting
  Treasurerís Report/Budget
  EVPís Report
   Recognition of ER volunteers
   Report of Morning Council Meeting
   Announcement of Officials for Regionals & Nationals
   Announcement of 2001 Regionals Site
   Policies & Procedures Manual
2:30 PM Committee Reports
   National E & F
   Junior Development
   Sports Divisions
   Other committees
3:15 PM      Committee Workshops and Discussions - Informal group
discussion regarding committee topics  and skier concerns
   Collegiate - Kathy Bagley
   Junior Development - Debbie Lamb
   Membership - Ken Roach
   NSL-Ron Ramsey
   Rules - Lee Mershon/ Ralph Hall
   Speed Control- Jack Mills/ Ralph Hall
   Safety - Sue Andrews
   Skiersí Rating - Gordon Gay
   Waterways Education - John Wagner
3:30 PM New AWSA Building Update
3:40 PM Athens 2004
3:50 PM AWSA Report
4:00 PM Unfinished Business
4:30 PM New Business
5:00 PM Recognition of Records - 1999 Skiing Season

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Tournaments held in 1999 and how they were scored
45 Total tournaments
30 scored with WSTIMS
15 scored manually
				1999 Tournament Schedule
Sanction #Date	Name			Location	WSTIMS	Man.
99E058C	6/12/99	Spartafest '99		Sparta, VA	  X
99E030C	6/12/99	John's Lake #60		Wantage, NJ	  X
99E032C	6/19/99	Dubes Slalom Fest 	Hooksett, NH		X	
99E033C	6/19/99	Harkie's NWL P&C	Stykersville, NY	X
99E031C	6/19/99	Lake Lou 3 rd.		Vienna, MD	  X
99E057C	6/19/99	S. Jersey Slalom Champs	Winslow, NJ	  X
99E034C	6/20/99	11th Ann. NH Open	Wolfeboro, NH		X
99E062C	6/26/99	Burns 3 rd. Slalom	Crabtree, PA		X
99E035C	6/26/99	Vermont Slalom Derby	Montpelier, VT		X
99E038C	6/26/99	VA State Fed. Champs	Spotsylvania, VA	X
99E036C	6/26/99	Pangaea Puddle # 7	Canajoharie, NY	  X
99E037C	6/26/99	Twin Lakes 3 Event	Monroe, NY	  X
99E059C	6/26/99	Yankee Open		Oakham, MA		X
99E040C	7/9/99	Reservoir Dogs Classic	Waterbury, VT		X
99E039C	7/9/99	Peck's Pond # 20	Cato, NY		X
99E054C	7/10/99	Pine Tree State Champs	Sanford, ME		X
99E041C	7/10/99	Avon Invitational	Avon, CT		X
99E045C	7/17/99	VA State Champs		Sparta, VA	  X
99E042C	7/17/99	John's Lake # 61	Wantage, NJ	  X
99E043C	7/17/99	Panngaea Puddle # 8	Canajoharie, NY	  X
99E044C	7/17/99	PA State Champs		Edinboro, PA	  X
99E061L	7/24/99	Timberlake XVI 		Sparta, VA	  X
99E049C	7/24/99	NY State Champs		Stykersville, NY	X
99E060C	7/24/99	MA State Champs		Oakham, MA		X
99E048C	7/24/99	19th Lakes Reg. Open	Wolfeboro, NH		X
99E046C	7/24/99	Diamond State S/J	Middletown DE		X
99E047C	7/24/99	MD State Champs		Vienna, MD	  X
99E056B	7/30/99	Eastern Regionals	Monroe, NY	  X
99E063C	8/7/99	CT State Champs		Avon, CT		X
99E051C	8/7/99	Goldenn Triangle Pick 3	Edinboro, PA		X
99E050C	8/7/99	8th Annual NH Champs	Wolfeboro, NH		X
99E052C	8/7/99	Pangaea Puddle # 9	Canajoharie, NY	  X
00E002C	8/21/99	Dube's Pond Classic	Hookset, NH		X
00E003C	8/21/99	Kogut's @ Bowen's # 2	Port Byron, NY	  X
00E016C	8/21/99	Burns 3 rd. slalom	Crabtree, PA	  X
00E001C	8/21/99	Shore Slalomfest - CANCELLED
00E004C	8/21/99	Ken Ruis Memorial	Monroe, NY	  X
00E006R	8/28/99	Ken Mead Memorial	Sparta, VA	  X
00E007C	9/4/99	Dave's Labor Day	Edinboro, PA	  X
00E017C	9/11/99	NE Slalom Champs	Natick, MA		X
00E011C	9/11/99	WV Slalom Slam		Morgantown, WV	  X
00E008C	9/11/99	September Slalom Slam	Cato, NY		X
00E010C	9/11/99	John's Lake # 62	Wantage, NJ	  X
00E012C	9/11/99	Lee's Lake S&T		Williamsburg, VA	X
00E018C	9/12/99	Line Off Slalom		Ludt's Lake, OH	  X
00E022C	9/25/99	VA Tech Fall Collegiate	Sparta, VA	  X